Last updated at 12:26 11 April 2005

A flight to the Cote d'Azur can now be yours for as little as 1p - plus the inevitable taxes. Spectacular scenery set against a turquoise sea, picturesque villages, glamorous people and shopping make it a great destination.

Well, OK it was the glamorous people and shopping that sold it to this 40-something mum with 16 year old daughter.

We headed out of Nice airport for Cannes on board one of the double-decker trains that travel along this stunning coastline. The Croisette had to be our favourite part of Cannes.

We aspired to be elegant ladies who glide effortlessly; marvelled at the majestic hotels and wished daughter was still young enough for a ride on the ornate children's carousel.

We took the ferry to the nearby Ile St Marguerite. This wooded island with its fortress that once held the Man in the Iron Mask is beautiful and tranquil.

Part of the fortress is now a museum and appeared to offer accommodation for conservation volunteers. Daughter looked at the basic conditions and worried that mum might suggest staying.

The return to Cannes was more like it, with daughter sauntering alongside sleek expensive yachts and mum following a few respectful paces behind.

So, for us the Cote d'Azur was a success - great scenery, sun, easy travel and style.

And if you're shocked by the designer prices, make the short train journey over the Italian border to Ventimiglia. The weekly Friday market is one teenage fashion princess's idea of heaven.

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