Customized reports

Contact: Nancy Schwartz, +1 617 984-7450

In addition to the statistical reports and packages, NFPA's One-Stop Data Shop offers customized reports, incident searches and custom narratives.

Customized reports
If an existing report does not cover all of the issues of interest to you and our data bases are applicable, we can develop a Custom Report of the size, characteristics, or trends of the fire problem tailored for your needs. This report will contain statistical table(s) and explanatory text when needed. The Fire Analysis and Research Division encourages you to obtain a free consultation regarding the match between the questions you have and the statistics we can analyze. Here are some of the factors we can examine:

  • Property use
  • Area of fire origin
  • Equipment involved in ignition
  • Heat source
  • Material first ignited
  • Factors contributing to ignition
  • Extent of flame damage
  • Performance of detection or suppression equipment
  • Victim characteristics
  • Victim proximity to fire at ignition

Cost: $200 per table; NFPA members receive a 25% discount.

After we agree on the report you want and its cost and schedule, work will begin upon receipt of written confirmation and payment from you. 

Incident searches
Our Incident Searches are searches of individual fire incident fires, specifically our Fire Incident Data Organization (FIDO) data base. FIDO keywords and codes cover many topics not coded in the data base we use for statistical analysis, so even when we cannot give you precise statistics on a specific topic, we often can provide illustrative fire incidents. Once relevant incidents are identified, we hand screen the incidents to confirm their match with your request. The documentation provided may consist of published articles from NFPA publications and/or NFPA Fire Investigation Reports.

Cost: $200 per search; NFPA members receive a 25% discount. 

Custom narratives
In addition to providing published information on specific incidents, One-Stop Data Shop analysts can also supply custom narratives based on the information in the files. These narratives provide details about the incident that the published information many not include. A consultation with an analyst will tell you whether or not this service is beneficial to your needs.

Cost: $800 per staff-day; NFPA members recieve a 25% discount.