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    With in Michigan, which is now in play for 11/8! Energizing time, focused on engaging millennials for change.

  2. Marina Abramovic, woman at the center of scandal, has a Twitter handle that ends in 666. You can't make this stuff up.

  3. President of the Coalition of African American Pastors: "ABANDON THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY"

  4. Well-thought-out, well-researched debunking of claims that is racist:

  5. I'm live on Bold in a few minutes! Discussing the future of millennials & politics.

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  6. Today in MI, Benghazi veteran spoke & introduced , noting doesn't pass Marines leadership standards.

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      NYTimes #1 bestselling author, film producer, ex-rock drummer. Freedomize our Future!

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  8. Wow. Vs. 2012, black turnout in FL down 1/3, millennials down half, bad for . Over 65 DOUBLE 2012, good for .

  9. Discussing voter fraud, and . Sign up & get trained w/ your state party to be a Poll Challenger.

  10. Imagine how painful it must have been for them to write this. Will only get worse as momentum builds & emails come out.

  11. "Don't mind these extra 1 MILLION ballots" - Signed, Edgardo Cortés, VA Dept of Elections Head

  12. Sounds like read my article on voter fraud! Citing stats & data on invalid registrations.

  13. "I will end the theft of American prosperity, believe me." - in Michigan

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