Happiness is…

Dear wanter of Happiness, dear all of mankind,

Happiness is all you can really strive for- of course it is everything, even when you think it is not. But happiness likes to hide… so find it, hold it, kiss is but give it room to breathe, let it beat to the rhythm of life but always keep following it and never let it hide for too long.

Happiness is usually found in life’s little things but incase you forget where to look here’s a few places where I can ALWAYS it.

Happiness is…*


*Each week I’ll be sharing a snippet from my ‘Happiness is…’ Diary. Something little and lovely in the hope you too can find happiness in life’s simple pleasures and observations, because there is So much wonder in this world, sometimes we’re just too blind to see it!

Newest Nibbles (November)


Happy month before Christmas! he he he

Daylesford Organic Cacao & Coconut Porridge 450g, £2.79 (currently on offer) I knew I’d love this, with this chilly days sometimes all I want for dinner is a big bowl of oats and berries, this is not sweet (a good sign is it not!) so I like to add honey. The cacao nibs and coconut, combine beautiful with the dates, so warming and comforting.

Waitrose Duchy Organic Dates 250g, £2.19 There’s something about dried fruit in winter just makes me so excited for… CHRISTMAS, yes!

CRAZY JACK ORGANIC AGAVE NECTAR 250ML, £2.25 (CURRENTLY ON OFFER) If you haven’t already jumped on the agave (cactus) nectar, which is not as sugary as honey and tastes divine, then jump aboard, it’s delicious!

DRAGONFLY GLUTEN FREE ORGANIC WALNUT & ALMOND BURGERS 200G, £1.75 What a wonderful surprise these were. And loved by the husband, amazingly, as he is totally nuts for meat, but now he’s nuts for nut burgers! They keep you full too and are super for days when there’s no time for proper cooking, these with a bowl full of spinach and mango chutney, yes!

Willie’s Cacao Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut & Raisin 50g, £1.35 (CURRENTLY ON OFFER) Such a deal on these at the moment, a brilliant stocking filler. A real top quality chocolate, this is what REAL chocolate tastes like.

Have you found any Organic delights this month? Let me know!!! Love your comments, happy eating (:

John Masters- The Master Of Taming Frizz


I have troll hair, there I said it, please don’t tell my hair, it will probably just make things worst.

So what does it mean to have ‘troll’ hair, well, it means frizz, and frizz that doesn’t go away. And it’s not even self inflicted frizz, I never dye my hair or use curlers/ straightens, what can I say, I just got the frizz gene. And of course both my parents have beautiful curly mains, but mine is that feral kind of hair, not straight, not curly, just a wild mess, and not in the sexy way, no no, hell no.

Anyway, it’s been a long quest, believe me when I say I’ve tried everything! From homemade remedies to the creme de la creme of Organic haircare, because it’s got to be natural, baby I was born this way and chemicals on you hair are no joke.

So I’ve finally found something that makes my hair less ‘Stig of the dump’ and more ‘glossy bedhead’, I can live with that.  John Master Rose & Apricot Hair Milk is a pretty special potion, with the faint aroma of Turkish delight, it rests lightly on your hair, yet nourishes deep into each tress, the perfect combination for easily to get greasy, frizzy hair.

And yes, the £25 price tag might be a little hefty but in my opinion it’s worth it and (in the words of some very none Organic sillies) ‘I’m worth it’!

Do you have annoying troll hair? How do you wrestle your untamed lion main? Love to hear from you!

Life is Perfect. But here’s what you didn’t see…

what-you-didnt-see-petite-words-inspireI’ve recently been writing an article, about how we’re seen in the eyes of others, asking people to choose one positive and one negative to describe me. And a woman I know  gave me a negative that really haunted me…and inspired this post.

She said “I’d say that maybe your positivity and energy sometimes could make people think… your life looks way too perfect.” I was astounded that someone thought that way about me! Had I been flaunting my happiness in other peoples faces…. no, not that I was aware of. So it got me wondering, what gives someone the right to judge our happiness. To assume that it was so easily obtained, like happiness comes easy to me!

And so I wrote this post…..because it’s important. It’s important that people know: NO ONE has a perfect life, even if it looks perfect or things are perfect at times, you never see the behind the scenes, you never see the work that goes into another persons life, no one ever does. We judge, because we compare only fragments of our lives but we have no idea the demons people are fighting.

So, here’s what you see:  A happy life. Married to a man she loves. Travel and adventures. Her family are her soul mates and she owns a business that she’s passionate about. BUT….

Here’s what you didn’t see….

You didn’t see me leave my family behind, when I moved thousands of miles away to China.  Because I was so desperate to make myself and my family proud,  and England was a jobless, hopeless pit for me.

You didn’t see me hold my head up in Chongqing and what it took to make a new life. You didn’t see the first weeks, with no internet, no phone, jumping on a train for an hour and half to reach Starbucks, just to hear my families voices muffed over Skype. You didn’t see when I fell down the escalator and no one helped. And  you didn’t see the months of waiting for my infected wounds to heal in the 40′ Chongqing summer.

You didn’t see the cockroaches that infested our apartment, or the untroubled landlord that refused to help.

You did’t see me, when I couldn’t take it anymore,  amongst the grey clouds of smog, which seemed to soak up my hopes of home. You didn’t see how I was torn between the man  I’d fallen in love with and my precious family, thousands of miles away.

You didn’t feel the guilt of taking someone from their country and changing their dreams… Sometimes I would cry at night… caught in limbo, I had so much love, but felt so very lonely. You didn’t see that.

You didn’t see the months in Italy, when we lived on a single part time salary, when we ate fish finger pasta and cut a pork chop into 4 pieces. You didn’t see how happy I was going to buy a €2 bar of Milka chocolate and  you didn’t see me breaking it off row by row, so I could have a treat each day.

You didn’t see the months of struggle, wrestling every week, waking up at 6am, hustling though the Milan commuters,  queuing up outside the Immigration centre, like lepers. You didn’t see the waiting, hoping and praying that this would be the week, the week my husbands gets his papers…You didn’t see the look on my face when we hit another brick wall and how it felt like we’d never get home.

You didn’t see the nights of fierce arguments and rings thrown across the room, of days exhausted and feeling the wrong choice had been made. The days when I wanted to give up, when I packed my life into my suitcase, then unpacked it all again.

You didn’t see the forest of paperwork that had to be lovingly filled out, the years of evidence that had to be carefully complied: utility bills, library cards, photos, letters it was the ultimate monument to our love.

You didn’t see me working all night, staying up until 4 am, eating and typing, juggling a new business, learning from 0 and feeling hopeless.  You didn’t see my doubtful face, you didn’t see the pressure, the stress. You didn’t see me answering emails throughout dinners, during holidays, on the bus, feeling sick, typing and holding it together.

You didn’t see the puffy eyes from last nights tears and the threadbare patches on our marriage.  You didn’t see that. You didn’t see any of it.

So there you have it, now you see.

Can we not just rejoice when there are triumphs and for god sake saviour the sweetness. Let’s stop feeling bad about good things happening, about being a success,  about hard work paying off, about earning the credit you finally deserve, about finding love,  because heaven knows we worked hard enough for it!

So here’s to you and your happiness and shining like a star whenever you blooming well feel like it!

And to the lovely lady who highlighted that negative point, thank you and I’m sorry you didn’t see, maybe I just didn’t show you….

Bake Yourself A £500 Wedding Cake

petite-words-homemade-wedding-cake-uniqueI love cake. So I was quite excited about getting married… I mean it’s not the reason I got married ,but it was high on the list of reasons, he he he. Jokes aside, to many people the Wedding cake is the centre piece of their wedding, and can come at quite a price.

A simple 3 tier wedding cake costs around £250 and when you start customising, those sugary little details could double the price! And I had my heart set on something a bit special.

So what’s a girl to do… “Hey mama why don’t we make the cake?!” How cunning I thought we were being and what a grand design we set out to bake! I wanted a 3 tier wedding cake, totally covered with sugar leaves and flowers of all different types, sizes and colours. Easy peasy. And we’d spend the money saved on more champagne! Win win.

wedding-cake-decorations-petite-wordsHowever, we are not wizard bakers and this was our first attempt at sugar flowers. And aside from 1 YouTube tutorial mama had watched, we had no bloody idea what we were doing! But we made a start: I bought a whole collection of edible paints and a truck load of roll out icing and we dyed it ball by ball. This was actually much more time consuming than  you’d imagine as you really have to kneed the colour in. Think major hand cramps, and wow is it a messy job!

Then we began making the sugar flowers and leaves, how lovely we thought. I bought a little pack of tools and we have an experiment. I was bored after the first 10! And believe me when I say, IT TAKES TIME. We clocked up about 20 hours on flowers and leaves alone. And you cannot leave it to the last minute as they need days, preferably weeks to dry out nicely.sugar-flowers-homemade-wedding-cake-petite-words

We had to guess the number of flowers to make, since we had no way of knowing how many we’d need to cover the cake. But really, once you reach the point, where you’re consuming more flowers than your saving for the cake you know you need to stop. We made a few hundred then called it a day/ fell asleep under the table. BIG WORK to say the least but wow do they look pretty all lined up in a row…. ahhh we thought, almost finished, well just need to make, ice ad marzipan 3 cakes, then stick all these flowers on, OMG, how much was bought cake again, can we do this!?

Yes we can! And on we ploughed… a relative had made a gorgeous genoa for the bottom tier and mama super star had made a 2nd tier fruit cake and the top tier was a rainbow sponge for added quirkiness. After the cakes were made we inserted ‘cake rods’ which can only be described as filled in cardboard straws (though much more expensive!) and they kept the tiers just separated enough, making for easy cutting on the day. On to the icing….


This is probably the trickiest bit and where not being professional cake makers really got the better of us. Do you know how hard it is to ice cakes? It feels like rolling silk to lay on chippings! And you’re thinking “Where did all those lumps and bumps come from!” and “OMG my cake has cellulite” and “Is it too late just to buy a cake” and yes it was… but did is matter? NO! because the genius thing about this cake is no matter how messy the icing looks it’s all going to be covered with beautiful little flowers, carefully hiding all the flaws!

With all the cakes marzipaned and iced we could finally we could piece it together. But oops, minor set back, we’d made the top tier the same size as the 2nd, I mean the other tier was right there, we could clearly see they were identical! A moment of madness, I think by this point we were so desperate to eat the cake mum had purposely sabotaged the top tier knowing it would need to be trimmed (sneaky wedding cake bites taste amazing by the way). And so a little snip snip here and there, and a few bites of cake later, we were back on track.

homemade-wedding-cake-diy-petite-wordsNext we sealed all the ugly edges and gaps. We used piped icing to tidy it up, although it really wouldn’t have show, but mama chief was having a meltdown at the cakes imperfections, so we did it. Now the finish line was sight, so wine was poured and out came the edible super glue for the final (and most fun) stage. Let the flowertastic fun begin! Of course mama, being the loveliest mama in the world allowed me the honour of sticking all flowers and leaves on the cake.

It took about 2 and half hours to do, and big shout out to the edible glue. When you first use it, it’s like water, and I had serious doubts it would be up for the job, but it was.  Apparently icing just isn’t sticky enough, especially to hold anything of weight, so I highly recommend the glue.

flower-icing-decoration-wedding-cake-petite-wordsAnd the final touch a finally a sprinkling of golden glitter dust and a little creative piping round the back, because it turned out 200 flowers wasn’t enough to cover the whole cake! I went for an Indian pattern style, using the edible glitter dust and white icing, it turned out really lovely.

 And so there you have it one garden fairy princess wedding cake…. Mama and I both agree it was our biggest life achievement to date. And would we do it again, a million times over, because yes, we saves hundred of pounds but more importantly we made something totally unique that was so special money couldn’t by… and the look on your guests face when you unveil it at the wedding… priceless!


Now for the serious stuff….Below if a breakdown of the cake costings (so you KNOW it can be done!):

Roll out icing 1KG X 8 =£17.60

Marzipan = £5.22

Edible glue =£2.99

Colours (pack of 12) = £12.99

Gold glitter dust = £1.99

Flower making tools = £0.99

Cake rods = £2.00

Cake boards = £6.99

Genoa: = £12.00

Fruit cake = £8.00

Rainbow sponge cake=  £3.99

Cake box (essential)= £12.00

TOTAL= £86.76 (WOW!)

Newest Nibbles (October)


Happy October! I’m immensely enjoying these first crisp mornings, when you feel snuggly yet refreshed, isn’t this time of year lovely!!? Ask me again next month when I’ll probably be sick of soggy boots and lemsip, but for the moment autumn is my bestie. Anyway, Organic tastes good in any season and I’ve got some super organic goodies to warm your autumn chops, enjoy!

Grove Organic Fruit Co. Premium Apple & Pomegranate Juice, 1L £1.96

An apple juice with a twist. Sometimes I find apple juice just a little too sweet, this one is the perfect combination of sweet and sour, with hints of berry. And of course we all know how great pomegranates are for you. Groove Organic also do all kinds of lovely juices, check them out!

Doisy & Dam Ginger, Chilli Flakes & Hempseed Chocolate, 40G, £3.00

So so moorish and what a kick. I’m a big fan of spicy chocolate and I really love D & D’s whole collection.


I love coconut milk, but it’s gotta be organic and this one is really nice. It is thick and creamy, but not intensely coconutty, so I find it’s really perfect for cooking.


Super yum, not as sugary as you’d imagine ans it has really subtle flavours. It’s a refreshing combination, with a fiery kick. Isn’t this just a time of year for warming soups and hot buttered bread!


How lovely this is, feels especially nice for winter. It’s already sliced which is such a luxury with rye bread and the pumpkin seeds add a little sweetness, my favourite rye bread to date!

So that’s if for this month, pop by again next month for more organic loveliness! And of course my ears are open to hear about new organic treats you’ve been sambling !

Croatia: The Place To Reboot

I love travelling. I know a lot of people say that but I really mean it.  I NEED travel, I was made for it and I’m exceptionally lucky to have explored a great deal of the world.

And what a world it is! Full of wondrous cities and special sites to see, but sometimes, and this is quite rare, but sometimes you go to a place and are so astounded by it’s unspoilt wonder and true loveliness that you know you’ve found a new love, a place that will never be matched. And Šolta, a tiny Croatian Island is one such love.

But, shhhhh! For this is a secret post that I’m only sharing with my loveliest readers, because I really do feel like I’ve stumbled upon a hidden gem.

Šolta, an island fit to mend even the weariest of traveler and how did I find such a place,  well I’d heard Croatia was lovely, but given it was mid August, squashing onto a Croatian island didn’t sound like the best idea. But then I found an article talking about a ‘slavic secret’ pronounced shh-ol-ta, even the name sounded calming! The article spoke of a isolated island just 12miles long and a 40 minute ferry ride from Split (Croatia’s 2nd largest city). By this point my husband and I were so desperate to find solitude we booked, packed and off we trotted, to mend our frazzled minds.

August at Split Ferry Port is a bit like fighting your way through a bee hive, maybe more painful. In fact it’s so NOT fun that you just want to jump back on the plane! Especially when you realise the ferry to paradise isn’t due for another 4 hours! Ferries can be few and far between even in peak season, so we passed the time sipping (cheap cheap) Croatian beer at a plastic chairs, umbrellas bar and basked in the Croatian sunshine.

solta-island-croatia-petite-wordsWelcome to Šolta:  arriving you’ll be astounded by how untouched and rich it all is. I was expecting a dry land of heat and olives but instead we were greeted by great clusters of fir trees, pomegranates voluptuously bursting off their branches, mountainscapes of astounding beauty and secret coves tucked neatly away at every turn.

And pretty soon you realise just how magic it all is, because it has the best of everything. It’s luxurious but not in a Caribbean-cocktails- in- pineapples way, it’s luxurious in a simple, humble way, that’s quite quite beautiful, you’ll see what I mean.. Needless to say it is the definition of loveliness and here’s why…6 things I love about Croatia/Šolta:

The FOOD. Quite a feast isn’t it! And it cost about £12 (including wine)! The seafood is divine, but that’s no surprise given it’s a country primary made of islands! But seafood really is so reasonable that you return to England feeling cheated that you can’t continue you new diet of fried calamari and and squid, mussel pasta. Gutted.  But it’s not all fish and seafood, the salads are a true delight, and the island has loads of sweet treats like the local lavender honey and the most divine fig jam to ever cross your lips.


The APERITIFS.  “Isn’t that like something you have before dinner?” Yes it is, or in this case before during and after dinner! And the Croatian’s make a pretty a serious sport of it and of course they know how to make a wide variety of magical liquor, like some kind of aperitif wizards. My favourite was ORAHOVICA (walnut brandy) but the lovely list is endless; honey mead, plum brandy, herbal liquor, carob brandy, to name but a few. Only trick is getting a few bottles home when you can only take 100ml bottles in your transparent liquids bag! Goodbye makeup…. hello nectar.


The PEBBLED BEACHES. Yes you heard correct, Šolta and Croatian in general have almost zero sandy beaches, which you may be put off by, don’t be. There is something quite divine about transparent waters, pebbles in the sparkling sunshine that just makes it incomparable to other beaches. And it’s a snorkelers dream! What a world awaits you under that perfectly transparent waters, gorgeous sites to see. And armed with your reef shoes you soon become accustomed to the rocky underfoot and almost forget about sandy beaches and their dusty annoyance. By the way, swimming/ reef shoes are totally essential, don’t even think about not wearing them, biggest mistake ever. And Saltwater make the most chic pair you’ll ever own.

The UNSPOILT TOWNS. Šolta is an island built by the hands of man, and everywhere you look it’s apparent just how untouched the island is. The dry stone walls, the rustic slanting doorways and narrow pebbled streets. Thinking about it I’d struggle to list many places (particularly in Europe) that are yet to be molded or butchered by developers hands. Šolta has 6 little towns each with their own unique architecture and quirks… I bet you’ll fall in love with all 6 of them!

The NATURE. I found these husk cherries on our first day and was so delighted at finding something so exotic growing wild (didn’t care that they tasted like bitter as bitter can be). But really you on’t believe how fertile and rich the soil is, so there’s all manner of lovely things growing. And it’s not just plants, one of my favouite days was spent visiting  Tvrdic bee farm, what kind and wonderful people they were and wow do they know about honey. I so so recommend it!solta-croatia-nature-holiday-petite-words

The PEOPLE. Cold, rude, unwelcoming. These are just a few words used to describe Croatians in the reviews  I read prior to our visit. Couldn’t. Be. Further. From. The. Truth. Lovely, helpful, frank, sincere, are some of the words I’d use. Croatian’s won’t flatter you with fake courtesy, maybe why so many American’s don’t like them, instead they speak (mostly great English) and aim to be honest and helpful, often going out of their way to help you. And we found when we were warm towards they they radiated the same feelings back.


So what do you think? Please don’t all rush there at once…It goes without saying that Šolta is an island of peace, aside from the odd little bar (with a spattering of people) there is no nightlife. Don’t go there looking for parties and big  island atmosphere, it just ain’t that kind town. To me it will always feel like you’re in a secret place that the tourists missed, a place hidden, far from the maddening crowds and I really do hope it stays that way.

Šolta: our little piece of pebbled paradise.

8 Perks Of Working From Home

perks-of-working-from-home-petite-wordsWorking from home can be tricky, you’ve got to be disciplined and focused. I mean it’s no easy task creating your own little bubble, so you can work you business lady magic. However working from home does have some truly wonderful perks that it does us ‘homeworkers’ good to remember when we’re feeling infuriated or lonesome in our little makeshift offices.

  • Working in your pyjamas. Of course that had to be no.1! There’s something rather liberating about sitting there at your computer, getting stuff done in your fluffy slippers and unicorn pjs, talk about living the dream.
  • Always being in for parcels.  I never realised before what random times parcels get delivered! 7am a faint little knock at the door, because they almost never ring the bell and how annoying when you miss something (especially shoes, or cosmetics, or presents, or anything really, can you tell I love parcels!) but, no more! You even become a parcel messiah for all your worker neighbours.
  • Mondays are you friend NOT your foe. No early morning dread, the stomach flip, Monday blues… it’s just another day at the office/ your little paradise.
  • The GOOD coffee. I know there’s plenty of super coffee shops out there but mostly drinking over priced coffee from a takeaway cup tastes pants. Working from home you can have that magical first sip with your favourite coffee and served in your favourite mug. I even like to grind my own beans, serve myself a slice of cake and pretend I’m at “La Petite Cafe”. Just kidding (not).
  • Flexibility. Mama’s popped over for coffee, hubby’s got the week off, the sun is shining so time for a picnic. Whatever life throws at you, you can be free! Of course there’s always work to be made up, at some point, but that time is not now.
  • No Commuting! Farewell queasy bus rides, see ya stuffy tube trips, goodbye traffic jams, the only jam I’m having is in my sandwich, while I work from the comfort of my  own sofa.
  • No Office Politics. I hate gossip and I detest small talk even more. So I could never concentrate surrounded by a room full of suits. Solitude really does make me work better.
  • A Beautiful Office. And of my own choosing! The smells, the feelings, the scattered pictures and trinkets, your special pens and cosy chair, you can make a mini heaven totally for you, safe in the knowledge that no one can change it/ steal your space!

A NOTE TO ALL YOU NON HOME-WORKERS: There are of course SO many perks of physically going to work, so please don’t think I’m a smug little pumpkin working from home. Sometimes I do truly miss being part of the morning ‘dash’ and the hubbub that goes with it!

Cleaner Teeth The Organic Way


Teeth are important, aren’t they. It’s your smile, the first thing people usually notice and the gateway to the rest of your body. So if you’re teeth aren’t healthy they could be causing your body all kinds of problems!

And we’d all love to have a gleaming white smile, but that doesn’t always mean healthy teeth and gums. Chemical pastes, abrasive whiting, and nasties like bleach may give you white teeth but could do major, often irreparable damage to your nashers.

So first things first here’s a little list highlighting the toxics to look out for, because chances are your toothpaste has at least 1 of them, even your kid’s toothpaste!

Fluoride a truly horrendous chemical that’s been linked to all kinds of mental health issues and problems with brain function, seriously toxic stuff. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) many reasons not to use this but for a start it’s a pesticide, used to kill insects and plants (put it in my mouth, uh no thanks) and its corrosive (on my teeth! Hell no!).  Aspartame yes the nasty little sweeter which has been band in so many soft drinks due to links with Alzheimer’s disease and birth defects, not exactly something you’d want in your toothpaste! Microbeads which are essentially teeny tiny plastic beads, mostly used in body scrubs and whitening pastes, as the beads exfoliate and then go directly into your body, yes that’s right, you have plastic in you body! It goes down the drain as well and because the beads are so small they can’t be filtered out so those beads end up in the ocean, and you know that juicy piece of fish you’re about to eat, yes, that’s probably where the microbeads have ended up. Green Peace are working really hard to band them, with our helpDiethanolamine (DEA) is another horrible toxin that goes directly into skin and causes bladder, esophagus, liver and stomach cancer, hard to believe it’s in a toothpaste, but it is, just check the packet of most big brands. Propylene Glycol is a mineral oil (which in itself has huge links to premature ageing) and can be found in paint enamel, antifreeze and other products you wouldn’t dream of using on your skin, let alone in your mouth, also links to organ system toxicity.

Yuck right, so what to do, well luckily there are loads to amazing organic and chemical free toothpastes out there and you could even try making your own! Here’s a super simple recipe from Food Renegade if you fancy giving it a whirl.

No on to my personal dental routine. My teeth may not be pearly white, but they’re pretty good and I’ve had more compliments from my dentist that EVER before, which is something to be proud of. I’ve also banished my tooth sensitivity, definitely something to smile about!

My Dental Regime:

Lanes Sarakan Original Salvadora Toothpaste £2.85

My fav natural toothpaste and I’ve tried a lot, it’s also one of the cheapest! It uses extract of Salvadora persica a.k.a the toothbrush tree, which has been naturally cleaning teeth for centuries. I’ve never had a cleaner teeth feeling. Really is wonderful stuff and although it doesn’t have the regular mint taste, it really is pleasant and you quickly get used to it. Mint pastes feel sickly to me now!

Weleda Salt Toothpaste, £3.98

I used to get a lot of mouth ulcers, so I started using this paste every other day, as an extra, because salt is naturally antibacterial and leaves my gums feeling really healthy.

Groovy Food Virgin Coconut Oil, £4.99

I use this as a mouthwash, a teaspoon in my mouth quickly turns to a liquid and you can swish it around, after a few minutes your teeth are super clean and shiny. And used everyday you can definitely see a whiting effect. It also seals gums, which is a big WIN for dental hygiene!

I hope you’ve been inspired to to change your dental regime to a safer and cleaner one! If you’d like to learn more this site was really helpful. I’d also love to hear about any new organic products you’re loving, get in touch below and happy smiling…