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The purpose of the Liberty Index is to allow the user to find out how his or her Senator and Representative voted and to give the user our evaluation of his or her performance. Because the Liberty Index advances an agenda of Limited Government and Economic Freedom, we have rated legislation whether or not it advances that goal. The scoring is sophisticated and you can find an explanation here at About Ratings .

Year  General Acts Appropriations Vetoes Special Session
2013 1 0 0 0
2012 88 14 1 0
2011 134 14 1 0
2010 126 14 5 0
2009 55 31 0 0
2008 136 38 4 2
2007 77 39 0 0
2006 189 39 13 0
2005 96 40 2 0
2004 239 39 11 0
2003 67 40 2 0


By going to the Members, the user can find how his or her legislator voted and the Liberty Index rating for that legislator and for House in total and Senate in total as well as the Governor. The Liberty Index rating is our assessment of whether a piece of legislation advances or restrains individual liberty, particularly, economic freedom to spend your money the way you think best. The Liberty Index is intended to be a Voterís Guide and not intended to be final word.

In order to find your State Representative or State Senator or the House or Senate districts in which you reside you must know your 9 digit postal code.

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We are open to ideas to make the Liberty Index more user friendly as well as to questions, comments and sympathetic, supportive, analytical criticisms.

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