As a general rule, it's pretty much accepted that accountants - and, indeed, accountancy - are boring. I mean, no one ever died of over-excitement during a year-end audit, did they?

Of all the elders of pop, Paul Simon is the most open to new ideas - in the studio, that is. On tour, he has been putting on much the same show ever since Graceland, 30 years ago.

Over the past year, there's been a sudden surge in tiny, posh speakers that should never be bought for children under any circumstances.
Dali's Katch is one of these.

Peter Hall's original staging of Peter Shaffer's play about the bitter rivalry between Salieri and Mozart deliberately muted the music. But Michael Longhurst's revival has a very different emphasis.

Tracey Emin can get attention and in this strange joint show of Emin and Blake (combined at Emin's suggestion), her 1998 work My Bed attracted by far the most comments when I went.

Did you know Mozart once proposed marriage to Marie Antoinette? He was six, and they probably ate cake. But nothing came of it. Nor did his attempt, aged seven, to kiss Madame Pompadour.

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If you like travel and adventure, the most spectacular thing is probably what we did in the desert in California,' says James May, beaming as he describes his lavish new motoring series.

The author is pictured on the cover, slogans pinned all over her dress, rather like the gent who used to stand on Oxford Street wearing a sandwich-board warning that protein increases libido.

There's no doubting who's the boss at The Greyhound, near Henley, Oxon. His portrait looks down to the right of the door, while his books, and there are many, sit just above the whisky.

Earlier this year, I had my photo taken next to Sir Roger Moore's butt. Of sherry. It's a beauty.
These butts are giant 600-litre barrels of maturing sherry, which evolves during fractional blending.