‘They chopped away a negative part of my life’: Josie Gibson speaks about the emotional scars of recent tummy tuck surgery to remove 6lbs of excess skin

She says she 'chopped away a negative part of [her] life' when 6lbs of excess skin was removed in a cosmetic procedure.

But Josie Gibson says she was overwhelmed with guilt after her tummy tuck procedure nine weeks ago, and couldn't stop herself crying.

Speaking to the Loose Women on Monday, the slimmed down Big Brother winner proudly showed off the scars on her lower abdomen, as well as digging deep for long-lasting, emotional scars.

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Tummy tuck surgery: Josie Gibson has spoken about the emotional effects of her recent tummy tuck sugery

‘I felt guilty wanting it done,' she said, turning to panelist Andrea McLean who made her first TV appearance since her hysterectomy procedure in the summer.

'I felt guilty especially what you’ve been through Andrea,' Josie continued. 'But then I thought if I want to make improvements then I will.'

Josie keeps a picture on her phone of the excess skin removed - which weighs the same as she did as a baby - to show her friends. 

Feeling happier: Though she is now bouncing back, Josie says she was plagued by a depression after her surgery

Overwhelmed: She admits that she felt guilt over having such invasive cosmetic surgery

Tucked: Josie had her 'birth weight' in skin removed from her lower abdomen

Josie's dream body has been a long time coming because she famously shrunk from 16st 7lb to 10st 2lb at her lowest in 2013. 

But the staggering seven stone weight loss came at a price when it left her with so much excess skin. 

She went on: ‘They chopped away a negative part of my life. [After the surgery] I couldn’t stop crying. I should have been happy but I think it was the antibiotics.'

Still shocked: Josie grappled with the weight that she had lost in the last three years

Hard to comprehend: The star has reinvented herself as a nutritionist now, to avoid it happening to other people

A new woman: Josie has previously admitted to turning to Botox to correct her 'turkey neck'

After the surgery, Josie told New magazine that even though she was delighted to be able to see her 'bits' again, she'd been plagued by a depression caused by her lack of exercise. 

'I was literally having a panic attack... I was so nervous... then I woke up and I looked down and could see flatness. I was like, 'Whoa! I can see my vagina in full vision!'"

'The [effects] have been a nightmare. I've been so depressed... I didn't realise how depressed I'd be without exercise. I am so happy I've had the surgery, but I'm definitely a people's person.' 

Slimmed down: Josie's extreme weight loss (left, in October and right, in June 2011) has come at a price, because she has been left with the extra skin

Slimmed down: She says that she felt depressed when she wasn't able to exercise

On the show, Josie confirmed that she was able to return to exercise eight weeks after the surgery. 

Previously, Josie has admitted to turning to Botox to correct her 'turkey neck,' similarly caused by the extreme weight change. 

The results of the recent surgery were made very obvious in her cropped turtle neck and miniskirt combination.

She was all-too pleased to flash a glimpse of her flat stomach when she stuck two thumbs in the air, outside ITV Studios on the way home. 

Thumbs up: As she left the studio, she was pleased to flash a glimpse at her tummy

Not feeling blue: She was dressed for winter in a skirt and jumper combination

Feeling happier: She covered up for her arrival, earlier that afternoon

Bouncing back: Josie was obviously excited about debuting her new look

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