Blur bassist Alex James admits he has not washed his hair for an entire DECADE

  • Alex James admitted he washed his hair for first time in a decade last week
  • The Blur bassist would get locks cut but was never 'fussed' about his 'do
  • He only washed it because his daughters sprayed it grey for Halloween 

Rockstar-turned-cheesemaker Alex James has admitted he went an entire decade without washing his hair.

The Blur bassist, 47, who runs a 200-acre farm in the Cotswolds, said he only changed this pattern last week when he let his daughters spray his locks grey for Halloween.

He said he previously travelled 80 miles to London to get his hair cut, but never had it washed professionally or at home.

Alex James, pictured, admitted he had not washed his hair for a decade until last week

Blur bassist James, pictured far right in the band's heyday, said he was not 'fussed' about his locks

The musician told Living magazine: ‘My hair isn’t really something I’ve ever particularly thought about or fussed over.

‘Other than this week when both my daughters were keen to give me a Halloween makeover and emptied a whole can of grey-coloured hairspray into it and it set solid, I haven’t washed it for 10 years.’

Some health experts claim not washing your hair is actually beneficial for your locks and will make them thicker and more luscious.

As previously reported, mother Lucy Aitken Read, 33, from Camberwell, south London, cracks an egg on her tresses or pours vinegar over her head every ten days for cleanliness.

And she claims that her DIY methods have left her with a 'different head of hair' since she decided to ditch shampoo.

Mrs Read said people were so impressed with how she looked they too had banished shampoo.

The musician was one addicted to drugs but now runs a cheese farm in the Cotswolds

Her gardener husband Tim, 35, and even her neighbours have stopped using it.

She also does not wash her children Ramona, five, and three-year-old Juno's hair.

Mrs Read says that her mane has become thicker and fuller and she has been able to enjoy experimenting with new styles. 

She said: 'I always thought I'd used organic, healthy shampoo but when I went upstairs and grabbed the bottle I was using I realised the ingredients were full of synthetic chemicals I'd never heard of.

'I was a new mum at the time. My first daughter Ramona was just a few months old and looking at her, she seemed so tiny and vulnerable.

'I think that made me even more determined not to use chemicals any more.' 


There are several reasons why some experts believe not washing your hair can actually be better for your locks.

One is the chemicals contained in shampoos, including sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which causes it to foam up but has been linked to skin irritation and is also claimed to remove natural oils that aid healthy hair growth.

Another worry comes from using too much water on your hair, with the combination of heat and minerals said to strip hair of its colour.

Scientists also say that hair that is not washed frequently leads to the production of more natural scalp oil, known as sebum, which has been called 'nature's conditioner' because it helps develop shiny, moist and healthy' locks.

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