US election 2016: Trump boasts it's 'gonna be Brexit plus plus plus'

Calling on voters to 'reject a media and political elite that has bled our country dry', he added: 'It's going to be amazing. We're going to drain the swamp,' speaking in vital swing state North Carolina. Mr Trump's best chance of snatching victory was hampered by the FBI's decision to drop its investigation into Mrs Clinton's emails, but the billionaire used the bureau's 11th-hour intervention to revive his claims that the election is rigged and that his opponent has been reckless with state secrets. And amid accusations that he has been the most Machiavellian FBI boss since the notorious J Edgar Hoover, under-fire Mr Comey faces serving one of two candidates, both of whom have publicly effectively accused him of political bias.

Ann Maguire's death report says Will Cornick's actions could not have been predicted 

A schoolboy stabbed his teacher to death in the classroom after he was told he couldn't drop her subject, a report reveals today. The parents of Will Cornick felt they weren't 'listened to' when they met Spanish teacher Ann Maguire and their son's head of year to say his relationship with her had 'broken down' and reiterated his wish to stop having lessons. Two months later, the 15-year-old GCSE pupil walked up to Mrs Maguire, 61, during class and stabbed her seven times in the back and neck with a knife he had brought to school. He then calmly sat down and said 'good times'.

A study shows that three quarters of GPs are unaware of NHS guidelines telling them to offer tamoxifen to higher-risk patients and half to not know about its preventative quality.

Later this week we will be commemorating the sacrifice of those who fought for Britain. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.

Dolmio pasta sauce sales have plummeted by 6million jars in one year, after the company warned many of its products should be consumed only once a week.

Jeremy Clarkson said that the BBC should be trusted to decide how much its staff get paid, and criticised an 'obsession' with what others earn.


On 26th October we published an article headed, "The 92-year-old Scotswoman taking on Trump: Grandmother forced to drink stream water she collects in wheelbarrow after workers building candidate's gold course cut off her mains after she refused to move" which followed a report online elsewhere.

An article on August 8 about expenses claimed by top police officers said that Chief Constable Phil Gormley was living rent-free at Tulliallan Castle.

Trump promises 'the American working class will strike back' and tells Pennsylvanians that

Donald Trump campaigned in a five-state barnstorm on Monday with stops in Florida, North Carolina and Pennsylvania - and a laugh at one of his own Halloween masks. 'This is it,' the Republican nominee said, reflecting on his nearly 17 months of intense campaigning and five more months of teasing his run beforehand. Thousands chanted 'President Trump! President Trump!' after waiting in hours-long lines that snaked around carnival-like parking lots. He didn't disappoint. The billionaire Republican delivered his closing argument Monday in the same way he has captivated people at hundreds of rallies - with bullish energy and positive thinking, and a twist of the knife in Hillary Clinton's ribs. The result has been a nonstop slugfest, under the radar of a battle to captivate Americans' more positive aspirations, making for a conflict that's train-wreck impossible not to watch.

Hillary Clinton's campaign has called off its planned election night firework display over Manhattan, it emerged Monday, the day before America goes to the polls.

Things couldn't be tighter in 'Florida, Florida, Florida,' as the late Tim Russert coined it in 2000, with the Sunshine State looking to be the make-or-break it state for Republican Donald Trump.

On Friday, a lawsuit filed against Donald Trump by 'Katie Johnson' was dramatically dropped.
The suit was not dropped because of threats or a pay-off by Trump.

Thousands of police are to flood the streets of New York on Tuesday night over fears of violence in the wake of the presidential election results.

FILE - In this Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, file photo, U.S. astronaut Shane Kimbrough, a member of the main crew to the International Space Station (ISS), talks to his relatives prior to the launch of the Soyuz MS-02 space ship, in Russian leased Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. NASA said Monday, Nov. 7, that astronaut Kimbrough filed his ballot from the International Space Station sometime over the past few days.  (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev, Pool, File)

Astronauts orbit the Earth but thanks to a bill passed by Texas legislatures in 1997 that put in place technical voting procedure for astronauts they also have the ability to vote from space.

Muslim-Americans were questioned in California, Washington State, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Florida, according to a civil rights group.

Sir Jimmy Young has died 'peacefully at home' at the age of 95 

Sir Jimmy Young, one of the most renowned voices on BBC radio, died 'peacefully at home' on Monday afternoon with his wife Alicia (together right) by his side, his spokesman said today. The long-serving DJ spent almost three decades at BBC Radio 2, where he became known for his on-air banter with friend and colleague Sir Terry Wogan (together left). Fans today paid tribute to Sir Jimmy (inset as a schoolboy), saying he would be 'reunited on Heaven FM' with Sir Terry, who died aged 77 in January this year after a short illness.

It was an astrologer who saved Sir Jimmy Young's career when the arrival of rock 'n' roll spelled the end of his life as a singer, writes CHRISTOPHER STEPHENS.

Actress Jill Gascoine, 79, rose to fame as Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes in the ITV series, The Gentle Touch. Her husband, actor Alfred Molina, revealed her personal battle.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Ben Fogle, pictured, is said to have been paid an eye-popping £25,000 to tell tales of his privileged upbringing at a charity event in Liverpool.

These include Woolwich barracks in south-east London, Brecon barracks in Wales and Fort George in the Highlands - an 18th century fort used to train personnel for the D-day landings.

Walkers, whose crisps are made at a Leicester factory with British potatoes, has been slammed for the rise - with many angry crisp fans promising to boycott the brand.

The technology aims to protect children from grooming by extremists or accessing adult websites, but it is sometimes installed without the knowledge of families.

According to estimates, Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero, Pret a Manger and the like dish out seven million single-use paper and plastic coffee cups a day. That's 2.5 billion a year in Britain alone.

There is speculation the move is designed to protect the brand from breaking EU rules after the Brexit vote. There are concerns that when the UK leaves the EU, other countries will block sales.

The measures are being rolled out in response to the Daily Mail's End The Sepsis Scandal campaign, which repeatedly exposed how the 'silent killer' is claiming thousands of lives a year.

MPs stun Mike Ashley's Sports Direct with unannounced visit to check working conditions

A group of MPs claim to have found a recording device (circled) during private discussions after an unannounced visit to Sports Direct's controversial warehouse in Derbyshire. Members of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee travelled to Shirebrook for an on-the-spot inspection on Monday afternoon and were taken on a three-hour tour of the premises. After the visit, the six MPs headed for a private room to discuss their impressions when they said a recording device was found, with one MP posting pictures on Twitter. Anna Turley, MP for Redcar (left inset), revealed the camera was planted by a woman dropping off coronation chicken sandwiches. Another MP revealed that he had 'not a particularly pleasant conversation' with company owner Mike Ashley (right inset) following the visit.

Met chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe offered to see Diana Brittan shortly before Tuesday's long-awaited publication of a damning report into the investigation.

In a gloomy analysis, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) says ministers could be forced to extend austerity measures into the 2020s as a result of falling growth forecasts and tax receipts.

Through much of David Davis's (pictured) speech Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry - London lawyer - maintained a low murmur of heckles, writes QUENTIN LETTS.

The bank will today admit that mistakes were made by its global restructuring group - an operation which was meant to be a crack rescue unit for struggling companies during the recession.

Research shows that the number of days workers are taking off for coughs, cold and flu has fallen once again, as concerns over job security, Brexit and letting colleagues down have combined.

Yesterday Ryanair revealed plans to cut fares by up to 15 per cent this winter. Experts predicted the move would spark a price war with other airlines.

Fraudsters in Brazil and Spain hit more than a quarter of Tesco's current-account customers in the biggest ever raid on a British bank. Pictured, Tesco Bank boss Benny Higgins.

Two prisoners are on the run after escaping from Pentonville prison

Matthew Baker, 28, top, and James Anthony Whitlock, 31, below, believed to be cell mates, escaped HMP Pentonville (main), in north London, in an audacious Alcatraz-style break out after leaving mannequins in their cell beds in a bid to avoid detection. Baker had been awaiting sentencing after he was found guilty of attempted murder. Whitlock was on remand charged with attempted burglary. A prison source claims the men used diamond-tipped cutting equipment to break out of the cell they shared within the category B prison before they scaled the perimeter wall. The bid has echoes of the notorious 1962 Alcatraz prison break (inset), when US inmates created mannequin heads out of paper, paint and hair purloined from the prison barber shop and left them in their beds while they escaped.

A study showed that 76 per cent of women went to their GP with a lump but only 17 per cent with other symptoms, and they typically waited twice as long to do so.

Researchers, worried about the high fat content of Atkins-style diets, hope the key ingredient of protein could be made into a pill or supplement.

Those who had a baby after 35 had better verbal memory, and having two babies was found to be better than one for the brain, researchers from the University of Southern Carolina found.

A survey of 2,000 adults found more than half bluff their way through current affairs conversations, while four in 10 attempt to steer discussions away from hot topics to avoid being left red-faced.

ITV reporter Libby Wiener asked the Labour leader if he backed an early general election to end debate over Theresa May's power to start Brexit talks.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the message as Mrs May arrived in Delhi and unveiled plans to help wealthy businessmen travel to the UK.

Dorset family appeal for Labrador puppy's life-saving op to be done by heart surgeon

A little boy and his family have launched an appeal to raise £7,500 for a life-saving op for their beloved puppy - which needs to be done by a human heart surgeon. Golden Labrador Tess (left) suffers from a fatal heart condition which means she could have a heart attack at any moment. The 16-month-old pooch needs complex surgery that has to be carried out by an expert heart surgeon,  which costs £7,500 and is only offered at one centre in England. Tess's heartbroken owner, six-year-old Joseph Foster, (bottom right) said he and his cousin Layla White, three, (top right) and pal Louise Smith, five, (top right) are all desperate to save the lovable pooch. With the help of father James Foster, 44, mother, Rachael Rogers, 42, big sister Ellie, 17, and family friends, they've launched an appeal to raise the cash. Little Joseph, who lives with his family in Bridport, Dorset, said: 'I love her because she's my dog.

Scott Diver disappeared from his home in Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, on September 17, sparking large-scale efforts to trace him, but his body has now been found.

Atty Hussein, of Gillingham, Kent, travelled across Britain, camped out overnight and launched a Twitter campaign #GetGarytoAttys40th in a bid to meet the star.

Joshua Gardner (pictured), was told he could either let the Leeds Bradford Airport staff carry him up the steps or miss out on his family holiday to Disneyland Paris.

Stacie Adamson, 22, was working in lost property at Asda in Leigh, Greater Manchester, when she found the 70-year-old letter addressed to LAC H Hughes, 13 MSU (Torps), Royal Air Force.

Two Hartlepool children spent night naked after mother died while bathing them

Jamie Leigh Twidale, 24, was bathing her children Harley, four, and Skyelar, three, at their home in Hartlepool, County Durham. As she was emptying the water, she suffered an epileptic fit, collapsed and died last Sunday night. Little Harley and Skyelar (pictured with their mother) thought she had fallen asleep and spent the night naked, putting themselves to bed. It wasn't until the children failed to turn up for school the next day, that alarms were raised. Jamie Leigh's mother Elizabeth was phoned by their school and when she went to check on her family she found her daughter's body slumped over the bath tub.

Roberta Jackson, 34, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, took on the authorities to adopt pit bulls Mimi, three, and two-year-old Tia after they were seized by police as dangerous dogs and sentenced to death.

Olivia Christopher, 18, was found dead by her boyfriend Dan Holmes in the tent they shared at the controversial BoomTown Fair festival in Winchester, Hampshire, after she took class A drugs.

Alex Keel, 29, from Cheltenham, has been told that she is unlikely to be offered a fourth liver transplant if another liver fails again. But without one doctors have said she will die.

Paul Chanbers, originally from Lincolnshire, used to specialise in building military flight simulators and was inspired to create the unique house his wife, Sarah, did not enjoy living near noisy neighbours.

Sharon Wells, from Fort William, Scotland, was pleased when her fiance Colin Robertson got a job at the store - but then discovered he was arranging meetings with other women.

Tottenham Hotspur's David Buchler punched Harrod's shopper'

David Buchler, who ran Spurs in the early 90s and oversaw Sir Alan Sugar's takeover of the north-London club, is accused of punching a shopper after getting into a dispute with his wife at the till. The spat, On New Year's Eve, kicked off after Buchler pushed to the front of the queue to pay for two croissants in the top store's food hall, the court was told. Buchler, 54 claims that either James Birrane or his wife Rosaria, called him a 'dirty Jew'. But Isleworth Crown Court heard that he pushed to the front of the queue and when Mrs Birrane remonstrated he told her to 'f*** off' before punching her husband who stepped in.

Manna Begum, 25, subjected both the 12-year-old and its seven-year-old sibling to four years of physical cruelty. Begum, from Spencer, Northampton, was arrested in April 2016.

Depraved ex-pat Brit Richard Chapman who travelled hundreds of miles to the UK from his home in France in the sick hope of sexually abusing twin girls has been jailed.

David Davies, 25, from Clynnog, near Caernarfon, has admitted murdering Emma Baum, 22, but does not accept the full prosecution case.

Jade Jackson, 21, of Paisley, Renfrewshire, who is the niece of serial killer Peter Tobin, had originally avoided prison despite telling the girl that she would slash her during an argument.

June Entecott, 80, and her half-sister Brenda Ball, 71, both of Kent, lied to prevent Entecott's husband, PC John Hudson, from being prosecuted for sexually abusing two young girls they adopted in the 1960s,

Derby mother who starved pet SNAKES to death is banned from keeping animals for life

Fiona Simpson (pictured left) didn't feed four snakes and kept them in an unheated tank in one of the worst cases of neglect experts had ever seen (pictured bottom right). RSPCA inspectors found a corn snake 'lying in stinking yellow liquid' with its nostrils 'crusted over' when they raided her home following a tip-off. A boa constrictor had rotting skin in its jaws that left it 'wheezing and blowing bubbles from its mouth' (shown top right) and two more were 'neglected to the point of emaciation'. Simpson, of Alvaston, Derby, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the animals and was handed a 12-month community order. She was also ordered to pay £700 costs and banned from keeping animals for life at South Derbyshire Magistrates Court on Friday.

Former helicopter pilot Peter Elliott, 49, transformed the £500,000 property in Appleby, Cumbria, into a fortress and surrounded it with barbed wire, tree branches and fitted CCTV cameras.

Simon Buckden, 44, of Bramley, Leeds, received more than £8,000 in cash, goods and services after lying about his traumatic experiences in the Army and claiming he was battling cancer.

Gloucestershire Police are searching for three people caught on CCTV in Coleford town centre around the time of the theft of the ornamental poppies from a war memorial.

Royal Mail festive stamps have simple pictures of a robin, snowman and a stocking

They look like images that a child might dream up about Christmas. And this year festive scenes captured after photographing paper sculptures feature on the Royal Mail's special set of stamps this year. Most people will be seeing a robin redbreast and a snowman in a blue scarf on the envelopes of cards they receive this year as they are the first and second class stamps. The set is completed with a bauble-heavy Christmas tree for £1.05; a stocking filled with presents at £1.52 and a Christmas pudding at £2.25. They were created by Manchester-based artist Helen Musselwhite, who made the festive scenes by photographing paper sculptures.

The Red planet makeover in London's Trafalgar Square came complete with the robot rover British astronaut Tim Peake remotely controlled from space in April.

X Factor fans have claimed the show is 'fixed' as the phone voting app 'stopped working' during Sunday's eviction show, which saw Four of Diamonds leave the competition.

Peter Dazeley photographs Battersea Power Station before it becomes Apple's London HQ

Five years from now this landmark Grade II-listed building will become the new home to 1,400 Apple workers. But before Battersea Power Station is transformed, stunning photographs have shown what it looks like today. Peter Dazeley took the fascinating pictures inside the historic 1930s building on the River Thames in London. And this is the final glimpse of the iconic building before it becomes Apple's state-of-the-art UK headquarters. The technology giant will occupy six floors in the central boiler house of the former coal-fired power station. The £9billion development will be home to some 1,400 Apple workers but with room for more than double that.

Nicholas Hall, 53, who was a teacher at Soar Valley College in Leicester for 15 years and attended Britain First marches at least once, resigned earlier this year after being suspended by the school.

Six granddaughters of John Hugh Smyth-Pigott, 'beloved' leader of the Agapemonites movement, want a share of the sale of the Church of the Arc of the Covenant in east London.

Playwright and poet Ben Jonson owned the 15th century property near Reigate, Surrey, between 1598 and 1611 and wrote many of his finest works there.

Asda was hit by the hefty fine after admitting breaching the Food Safety Act over the vermin infestation at its branch in Park Royal, west London, where mouse droppings were found in the bakery.

Six people were inside the terraced home and a 16-month-old baby is among four family members fighting for their lives following the devastating blaze at the home in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Private tenants paid more for their accommodation in 57 per cent of districts during the third quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2015, Experian research found.

Giant tornado leaves two dead in Ladispoli, on coast north of Rome,

A giant tornado in Italy has left two people dead in the latest nature disaster to hit the country. The whirlwind uprooted trees, overturned cars and damaged buildings when it lashed Ladispoli on the coast north of Rome. An Indian national, identified in media reports as farmer Surinder Singh, died after being struck by a piece of masonry blown off the edge of an apartment building. The other victim was a pensioner who was hit by a falling tree in the small town of Cesano, north of the capital.

German police say the increase is mostly due to violations of immigration rules, with nearly 40 percent of all crimes relating to residency, asylum and freedom of movement laws.

The AWOL player, who reportedly fled the scene (pictured) in Mexico, was named locally as Ruben Rivera Vazquez. Hours before, Guarani's Antonio Ferreira pushed over the official in his game.

The complex in western Poland's town of Legnica was built in the 1930s for the needs of the German army and was effectively operational as of 1937. But it closed in 1993 and has not been used since.

Gay marriage supporters march during a rally in Sydney on June 25, 2016 ©Saeed Khan (AFP/File)

Australia's parliament late Monday rejected the government's proposal for a national vote on whether to legalise same-sex marriage.

Experts fear the secretive state will launch the Masudan or BM-35 rocket, both of which could hit targets in the US Pacific territory of Guam that is 1,800 miles away.

A science commentator has claimed that a recent experiment using the Large Hadron Collider could have been responsible for a recent string of earthquakes in Italy since August.

One of the founding fathers of the eurozone - German economist Otmar Issing - has admitted it is in great jeopardy because too many weak economies were allowed to join.



ISIS-style video reveals the REAL reasons people turn to jihadism 

A hard-hitting video (pictured) has been launched, in which men dressed as ISIS fighters give some of the reasons they ended up as jihadists, including having no friends and being unsuccessful with women. In one scene a dressed as an ISIS fighter says simply 'If only someone had stopped me' (inset). The video has been released in the run-up to a conference in Tunis, the largest ever gathering of charities dedicated towards stopping young people becoming radicalised and joining extremist groups like ISIS, or Daesh, as they refer to themselves.

The gruesome scene was discovered by Iraqi officers as they swept through Hamam al-Alil, having wrestled back control of the town south of Mosul.

More than a million pupils living under ISIS in Iraq have either been out of school or forced to learn from the terror group's warped curriculum in the last two years, it has emerged.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Russia played a decisive role in pushing back against the jihadist terrorists

Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad also praised Russia and Iran for helping him to turn the tide in the fight against ISIS, saying Vladimir Putin had provided the 'firepower' needed.

Ako Aburrahman used the German-made car as an ambulance to transfer 70 injured victims to hospital in southern Kirkuk, Iraq - despite ISIS snipers repeatedly shooting at the vehicle.

The German TV show featured a man who had lost his daughter to ISIS, a politician, an expert on Islam and an imam discussing 'why young people are being radicalised.'

A 13-year-old boy in India whose head was hanging at a 180-degree angle has died just eight months after life-changing operation following a suspected heart attack unrelated to his surgery.

Eight years ago, I stood among thousands of cheering Americans in a Kansas City park and witnessed history being made with the creation of President Barack Obama.

Depositing money in an internet bank is nothing less than an act of faith. People do it only because of an absolute assurance that their account is safe in the bank's virtual hands.