BREAKING NEWS - British banker Rurik Jutting is GUILTY of murder: £350,000-year trader

NEW British banker Rurik Jutting was today found guilty of the sadistic murder of two prostitutes at his Hong Kong flat. The 31-year-old Cambridge University graduate faces a mandatory life sentence after being convicted at a trial that featured horrific video evidence of rape and torture. Jurors had watched as one of the women begged for her life as she was forced to lick a toilet bowl before Jutting savagely slit her throat. He also made a video showing off his 'torture kit' that included a blowtorch and sex toy wrapped in sandpaper which he intended to use on his second victim. The depraved banker, earning £350,000-a-year as a trader with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, had chillingly described how he would go hunting for his next 'prey' after killing his first victim and stuffing her mutilated body in a suitcase on the balcony of his luxury flat in Hong Kong's red light district.

Marks & Spencer announces plans to close 60 stores as profits plunge to £25.1m

NEW Chief executive Steve Rowe - who took over from Dutchman Marc Bolland in April - has been forced to announce its biggest shake-up for years. Some of the retailer's clothing stores will be replaced by its more successful food offerings. The move comes amid reports that high street shops are closing at a rate of 15 a day, with fashion outlets particularly hard hit.

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Bath researchers found that a small number of people may have extraordinary face recognition skills, outperforming typical people on a range of face recognition tasks.

While Betty Russell consults Dr Martin Scurr about his son's "lemon-on-a-cocktail-stick" appearance, Nancy Joyce from Northants asks why she has bad bouts of hives with no apparent cause.

US election 2016: Trump boasts it's 'gonna be Brexit plus plus plus'

Calling on voters to 'reject a media and political elite that has bled our country dry', he added: 'It's going to be amazing. We're going to drain the swamp,' speaking in vital swing state North Carolina. Mr Trump's best chance of snatching victory was hampered by the FBI's decision to drop its investigation into Mrs Clinton's emails, but the billionaire used the bureau's 11th-hour intervention to revive his claims that the election is rigged and that his opponent has been reckless with state secrets. And amid accusations that he has been the most Machiavellian FBI boss since the notorious J Edgar Hoover, under-fire Mr Comey faces serving one of two candidates, both of whom have publicly effectively accused him of political bias.

The day before the election and the presidential race is on a knife edge. Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in most polls by three or four points, according to data published Monday.

US election 2016: Hillary Clinton ends campaign in Pennsylvania with Bruce Springsteen

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump reunited with their families on the campaign trail Monday evening at a pair of swing-state rallies that marked the beginning of the end of their respective presidential campaigns. President Obama delivered a stirring defense of Hillary Clinton at a large outdoor rally in Philadelphia, one of the last events of her campaign. Clinton took the stage after Obama and hailed him and his family's 'grace, strength, brilliance, and a whole lot of cool.' Trump, his adult children - Tiffany, Eric, Don Jr. and Ivanka - their spouses - Lara, Vanessa and Jared - and his VP pick, Mike Pence, campaigned in Manchester, New Hampshire. The White House candidate's wife Melania and young son Barron were noticeably absent from the family portrait.

How the Somme's boy soldiers shame today's 'child' migrants writes RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

Later this week we will be commemorating the sacrifice of those who fought for Britain. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. On the first day alone, British forces suffered 57,000 casualties. Many of the dead and wounded soldiers were teenagers, some as young as 16. Hundreds of thousands of young men crossed the Channel to join the bloody fray because it was considered the patriotic thing to do. These days the passage of men of military age is all in the opposite direction as 'refugees' flood across Europe trying to enter Britain. Plenty of them succeed, too, even though they really should have no legal right to come here. We're all well aware of the racket which has allowed male migrants in their 20s to be given sanctuary by pretending to be 16 or under. When did the state start regarding grown men of 25 as 'children'? When I was 25, I was married with two kids and a mortgage. More to the point, millions of men have fought and died in wars well before they reached that age.

'Washing as much as we do might not be a good idea,' says Dr Adam Roberts, a senior lecturer in molecular microbiology at University College London. 'We need bacteria as much as they need us.'

Fraudsters in Brazil and Spain hit more than a quarter of Tesco's current-account customers in the biggest ever raid on a British bank. Pictured, Tesco Bank boss Benny Higgins.

Apple bans Rich Kids app where obnoxious rich kids boast about their wealth

You've heard of the Rich Kids of Instagram: those spoiled twenty somethings who love nothing more than flaunting their wealth online. Then there is the Rich Kids app, an exclusive club where some of the 25,000 members pay £890 a month to post their self-obsessed pictures, in a bid to weed out fake heirs. It's just been banned by Apple for violating its terms - to its narcissistic stars' frustration. So just who are these obnoxious rich kids? Sarah Rainey holds her nose and takes a look.

Those who had a baby after 35 had better verbal memory, and having two babies was found to be better than one for the brain, researchers from the University of Southern Carolina found.

Researchers, worried about the high fat content of Atkins-style diets, hope the key ingredient of protein could be made into a pill or supplement.

I'm A Celebrity 2016 line up revealed with Carol Vorderman and Lisa Snowdon

After months of speculation, the line-up of stars heading into the Australian jungle to battle it out on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! has finally been unveiled. The new pack of brave celebs have changed into their outback outfits for the first official photos - giving viewers a hint of what they can expect from the dramatic launch on November 13. This year's celebs are, as ever, a diverse bunch, including TV legend Carol Vorderman, George Clooney's model ex Lisa Snowdon, reality favourite Scarlett Moffatt, and hunky Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas. The group will find themselves sharing the famed jungle camp with some equally notable faces from across the world of sport and entertainment. Also making their way into the Outback jungle are former England footballer Wayne Bridge, Olympian Sam Quek and ex EastEnders villain Larry Lamb. The line-up is rounded off with the addition of Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo and comedian Joel Dommett.

David Davies, 25, from Clynnog, near Caernarfon, has admitted murdering Emma Baum, 22, but does not accept the full prosecution case.

Weeks after Arshad Khan, 18, set the internet alight with a broody picture at a market in Pakistan, Nepalese vegetable seller Kusum Shreestha, 18, now has social media users swooning.

Actress Jill Gascoine, 79, rose to fame as Detective Inspector Maggie Forbes in the ITV series, The Gentle Touch. Her husband, actor Alfred Molina, revealed her personal battle.

In a paper published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Dr Foad Nahai from Atlanta, Georgia, suggests a nip and tuck can boost self-esteem, and this may have a regenerating effect on the body.

Patient's fury after GP woos and sexts his wife

GP William Arnett, pictured with a friend, is alleged to have sent sexually-motivated, flirtatious texts to the woman after her husband visited his surgery in Sunderland and confessed that their relationship was in crisis. Arnett , 41, referred the husband to a counsellor but a medical tribunal heard he then obtained his wife's number from her medical records and tried to woo her. The GP fondled the woman's breasts during an examination at her surgery where he kissed her and later texted her to tell her: 'I like your breasts just the way they are'.

Jimmy Young turned to radio after being saved from suicide by a psychic 

Legendary radio broadcaster Sir Jimmy Young (inset) started his showbusiness career as a singer. But the arrival of rock 'n' roll spelled the end of his chart-topping success and he was left anxious and depressed before turning to an astrologer who saved his career. He went on to become the voice of Middle England, a broadcaster whose amiable interviewing style earned him the respect of colleagues (top right with Tony Blackburn and Terry Wogan) and politicians from all parties (left with Margaret Thatcher in 1980 and bottom right with Labour MP Denis Healey).

Mums return to the office because they spend more on childcare than they earn

Michelle Taylor, 36, from Surrey (right) is among the women choosing to leave their children and go out to work when every penny they earn - and more - goes straight out to pay for childcare. But she is certainly not alone. She's one of a growing number of women - including single mother-of-four Allie Leighton, 36 (centre) and mother-of-one Tara Robbins, 25 (left), who would rather pay for childcare -whatever the cost - in order to keep their careers on track.

In the latest study, an international team of researchers, including the National Oceanography Centre in Liverpool looked at models of warming beyond this threshold.

Scientists, led by Dr Martin Hurst from the University of Glasgow, say this is a huge increase from the 0.8 inches (2 cm) a year the cliffs were losing up until a few hundred years ago.

Emma-Jayne Magson, 23, was given a life sentence for murdering partner James Knight, 26, at her home in Leicester and then denying him vital medical help by delaying a 999 call.

By ordering a 'poor man's Big Mac,' you can save £1.20 on your fast food order. The trick is to use the chain's secret menu. We reveal how YOU can order the burger for a fraction of the price.

Labour's Emily Thornberry curled her lip at David Davis' Brexit statement

Some Labour MPs have reached the stage that when Speaker Bercow yesterday called David Davis (right) to make a Statement and referred to his title as minister for 'Exiting the European Union', they laughed at the very notion, writes QUENTIN LETTS. Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry (left) - London lawyer - curled her lip like a stale samosa. Through much of Mr Davis's speech she maintained a low murmur of heckles.

Walkers, whose crisps are made at a Leicester factory with British potatoes, has been slammed for the rise - with many angry crisp fans promising to boycott the brand.

The rally will coincide with the start of the Government's appeal against the High Court decision that MPs must be given a vote on triggering Article 50. It is expected to take place on December 5.

Research shows that the number of days workers are taking off for coughs, cold and flu has fallen once again, as concerns over job security, Brexit and letting colleagues down have combined.

One of the founding fathers of the eurozone - German economist Otmar Issing - has admitted it is in great jeopardy because too many weak economies were allowed to join.

The PM has said she is prepared to consider improvements to the UK's 'visa offer', but in return, India must make it easier for Britain to send back those who are in the country illegally.

Brexit campaigners were frequently criticised during an angry referendum battle for making claims - including that the EU costs £350 million a week - that were not true.

Two prisoners are on the run after escaping from Pentonville prison

Matthew Baker, 28, top, and James Anthony Whitlock, 31, below, believed to be cell mates, escaped HMP Pentonville (main), in north London, in an audacious Alcatraz-style break out after leaving mannequins in their cell beds in a bid to avoid detection. Baker had been awaiting sentencing after he was found guilty of attempted murder. Whitlock was on remand charged with attempted burglary. A prison source claims the men used diamond-tipped cutting equipment to break out of the cell they shared within the category B prison before they scaled the perimeter wall. The bid has echoes of the notorious 1962 Alcatraz prison break (inset), when US inmates created mannequin heads out of paper, paint and hair purloined from the prison barber shop and left them in their beds while they escaped.

The technology aims to protect children from grooming by extremists or accessing adult websites, but it is sometimes installed without the knowledge of families.

There is speculation the move is designed to protect the brand from breaking EU rules after the Brexit vote. There are concerns that when the UK leaves the EU, other countries will block sales.

Telomeres - protective segments of DNA on the end of chromosomes - become shorter every time a cell divides, researchers from Pittsburgh University found.

Andrew Lavender, a physiotherapist based at Curtin University, Perth, says don't eat a large meal in the two hours prior to exercise and in particular avoid sugary drinks like soft drinks and juice.

Is this the REAL John Lewis Christmas ad? Twitter goes into a frenzy over a mystery clip featuring an adorable Boxer dog who's already leaving fans in tears

Twitter users are convinced a mystery clip featuring an adorable Boxer dog watching a little girl bounce on a spacehopper is a teaser for this year's John Lewis Christmas ad after it was posted on online this morning. Fans declared it would emotionally 'destroy' viewers and many said that having a cute dog in the starring role would definitely leave them in floods of tears.

Yesterday Ryanair revealed plans to cut fares by up to 15 per cent this winter. Experts predicted the move would spark a price war with other airlines.

Mobile phone footage has emerged of a man clinging to the back of a moving London bus as it goes through Ruislip. It was filmed from a car driving behind the bus and has been shared on Twitter.

Tottenham Hotspur's David Buchler punched Harrod's shopper'

David Buchler, who ran Spurs in the early 90s and oversaw Sir Alan Sugar's takeover of the north-London club, is accused of punching a shopper after getting into a dispute with his wife at the till. The spat, On New Year's Eve, kicked off after Buchler pushed to the front of the queue to pay for two croissants in the top store's food hall, the court was told. Buchler, 54 claims that either James Birrane or his wife Rosaria, called him a 'dirty Jew'. But Isleworth Crown Court heard that he pushed to the front of the queue and when Mrs Birrane remonstrated he told her to 'f*** off' before punching her husband who stepped in.

X Factor fans have claimed the show is 'fixed' as the phone voting app 'stopped working' during Sunday's eviction show, which saw Four of Diamonds leave the competition.

Ben Bamford, 18, pictured, is accused of murdering Paul Jefferies, 52, a reclusive figure who was found dead at his new house in Mayfield, East Sussex, in February.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Ben Fogle, pictured, is said to have been paid an eye-popping £25,000 to tell tales of his privileged upbringing at a charity event in Liverpool.

Sharon Wells, from Fort William, Scotland, was pleased when her fiance Colin Robertson got a job at the store - but then discovered he was arranging meetings with other women.

Prince Harry met Meghan Markle through her close friend Markus Anderson

Meghan Markle dined with one of her 'closest friends in the world', Markus Anderson, on Friday at one of their favorite spots, Cafe Boulud, inside the Four Seasons in Toronto. Markus is understood to have set up a date between the TV star, 35, and the British Royal, with whom he is also on friendly terms, the Mail on Sunday reported this weekend. Meghan and Harry are believed to have carried on their trans-Atlantic love affair for several months after Harry bombarded her with texts. Best friend Markus is a consultant for the Soho House Group and former global membership director at the exclusive club where he worked his way up from being a waiter to the right-hand man of founder Nick Jones. Markus Anderson has been part of Meghan's inner circle for a number of years and has several photos with her on social media. This summer, they jetted to Madrid with a third friend, fashion designer Misha Nonoo (pictured bottom left with the pair).

GoPro footage captured last week in Dublin by another bike user shows the man pedaling all the way across the carriageway, showing absolutely no regard for the cars that are on the road.

The girl was left badly injured following the attack which she claims happened at one of jockey's homes near Swindon. Three jockeys have been arrested and bailed by police.

Prince Harry won't talk to the media during his coming tour of the Caribbean. So he'll duck questions about his relationship with US TV star Meghan Markle.

These include Woolwich barracks in south-east London, Brecon barracks in Wales and Fort George in the Highlands - an 18th century fort used to train personnel for the D-day landings.

Shirtless rapper holds up thousands of beleaguered Southern Rail commuters on their way home as he refuses to move off the track at a suburban station

The trespasser (pictured) jumped onto the tracks at Norwood Junction, south London, at around 6pm. He then took off his shirt and begun blurting out expletive-laden lyrics while station staff urged him to move. Police with Tasers arrived to detain the man, but he ran away down the darkened track towards East Croydon before officers could reach him.

Emergency services rushed to a prison in Bedford following reports of prisoners rioting and taking over sections of the jail at around 5pm yesterday.

Playwright and poet Ben Jonson owned the 15th century property near Reigate, Surrey, between 1598 and 1611 and wrote many of his finest works there.

Emulsifiers, which are added to most processed foods, including bread, to aid texture and extend their shelf life, alter gut bacteria, researchers from Georgia State University found.

MPs stun Mike Ashley's Sports Direct with unannounced visit to check working conditions

A group of MPs claim to have found a recording device (circled) during private discussions after an unannounced visit to Sports Direct's controversial warehouse in Derbyshire. Members of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee travelled to Shirebrook for an on-the-spot inspection on Monday afternoon and were taken on a three-hour tour of the premises. After the visit, the six MPs headed for a private room to discuss their impressions when they said a recording device was found, with one MP posting pictures on Twitter. Anna Turley, MP for Redcar (left inset), revealed the camera was planted by a woman dropping off coronation chicken sandwiches. Another MP revealed that he had 'not a particularly pleasant conversation' with company owner Mike Ashley (right inset) following the visit.

Jeffrey Karp of Brigham and Women's Hospital in the US, says nature has countless solutions for scientists because any species of plant or animal that survives has evolved to solve problems.

Two weeks ago, two British tourists in Florida were reported to have contracted Zika. The news came as the richest man in the world announced the details of a major project to tackle the problem.

Brian Williams from Surrey has had 15 endoscopies over 15 years. He has Barrett's oesophagus - a pre-cancerous condition affecting around two in every 100 people in the UK.

Dr Andrew Green from the British Medical Association admits the BMA had realised there was a problem with the pills for 'quite a long time,' but that they didn't recognise its scale.

Katie Hopkins says that opposing Assad has only given us ISIS and the real prospect of

Since the conflict erupted with anti-government protests in 2011, 300,000 people have been killed in the Syrian conflict. And the west has singularly failed to find a solution. The US financed the opposition party in Syria to take control. In failing to do so - ISIS attacked. The British have singularly failed to act apart from endless propaganda that Assad is evil. Ignoring the fact we have failed to differentiate between rebels and terrorists such as the al-Qaida-linked Fatah Sham Front. Years of pathetic foreign policy decisions by Blairites, the Clinton's and the Obama administration delivered the birth of ISIS and made Iran a super power in the Middle East. And the best we can do is weep over pictures of dead children, writes KATIE HOPKINS.

A hard-hitting video has been launched, in which men dressed as ISIS fighters give some of the reasons they ended up as jihadists, including having no friends and being unsuccessful with women.

More than a million pupils living under ISIS in Iraq have either been out of school or forced to learn from the terror group's warped curriculum in the last two years, it has emerged.

Former Premier League trainee Anas Abdalla and his associate were today jailed for a total of nine years and three months after they were caught hiding in lorry in Dover so they could join ISIS.

Glasgow painter dices with death on a window frame 20ft above the ground

The man appears to use only his left hand to cling on to the outside of a second floor flat while painting the windows with his other hand in the street in Glasgow, Scotland. Witnesses said he left the property through the window before carrying out the dangerous task, branding him 'fearless' but 'stupid'. He was painting windows above a basement and railings, flouting health and safety laws that can lead to fines of tens of thousands of pounds.

The measures are being rolled out in response to the Daily Mail's End The Sepsis Scandal campaign, which repeatedly exposed how the 'silent killer' is claiming thousands of lives a year.

Dolmio pasta sauce sales have plummeted by 6million jars in one year, after the company warned many of its products should be consumed only once a week.



Troll Jade Jackson who threatened to stab a girl is jailed for eight months

Jade Jackson (pictured above), of Paisley, Renfrewshire, had originally avoided prison despite telling the schoolgirl that she would knife her during a Facebook argument. But the 21-year-old, who is the niece of serial killer Peter Tobin (centre), was imprisoned at Paisley Sheriff Court today for failing to complete unpaid work or meet social workers for court-ordered counselling. Jackson had smiled and waved at friends from the dock as she looked around the room - but this turned to tears when she was jailed by Sheriff Thomas Fyfe. The troll, whose late father is Tobin's brother, sent her victim a chilling Snapchat image of her holding a knife to her face during the hate-filled campaign. She used a Facebook profile in the fake name of Jade Brown to terrorise the schoolgirl after accusing her of speaking to her boyfriend.

One woman posted on the wedding forum, Wedding Bee, about her idea to host an alcohol-free wedding, and left the forum divided. While some thought it was clever, others thought it was miserly and no fun.

Former helicopter pilot Peter Elliott, 49, transformed the £500,000 property in Appleby, Cumbria, into a fortress and surrounded it with barbed wire, tree branches and fitted CCTV cameras.

A student being punished with lines has created a novel approach to getting around the task more easily. The pupil used one single vertical line down the page to write many letters.

Parenting website MadeforMums have named the top toys of 2016 from a £130 rocking woolly mammoth to a £39.99 very rude Meccano Micronoid robot.

Six granddaughters of John Hugh Smyth-Pigott, 'beloved' leader of the Agapemonites movement, want a share of the sale of the Church of the Arc of the Covenant in east London.

Celebrities including singer Charlotte Church have signed a petition along with 10,000 people which calls for a teenager who has lived in Cardiff for the last nine years not to be deported.

A new device called the Pisher is being billed as a potty training solution for young boys and even grown men, by projecting an image on the toilet bowl that will encourage them to 'aim' properly.

Distressing CCTV footage shows the moment a security guard in Thailand falls to his death when he loses his balance and topples off a chair he is napping on and down into an uncovered drain.

Can you spot the naughty image? A hotel sign telling people to 'enjoy peace of mind' has left the Internet divided. The image was posted to Imgur and has been viewed over 1.4 million times.

Surrey-based nutritionist May Simpkin says the best way to lose weight is by focusing on eating three good quality, balanced meals each day and to avoid excessive snacking.

Royal Mail festive stamps have simple pictures of a robin, snowman and a stocking

They look like images that a child might dream up about Christmas. And this year festive scenes captured after photographing paper sculptures feature on the Royal Mail's special set of stamps this year. Most people will be seeing a robin redbreast and a snowman in a blue scarf on the envelopes of cards they receive this year as they are the first and second class stamps. The set is completed with a bauble-heavy Christmas tree for £1.05; a stocking filled with presents at £1.52 and a Christmas pudding at £2.25. They were created by Manchester-based artist Helen Musselwhite, who made the festive scenes by photographing paper sculptures.

According to the World Health Organisation, a man needs a sperm count of at least 20 million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate to have a chance of conceiving a child without medical intervention.

Scientists at the University of Bristol have found a gene that is key to conducting our 'circadian rhythms' - physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle (stock image used).

Speaking on today's This Morning, Andrea Pennington from Detroit, said many women are missing out on having mind-blowing climaxes because they are too stressed.

A seven-question test created by NHS Choices reveals how much stress you are under at work. Questions range from about how well you manage time to how well you get on with your boss.

Richards says a bizarre voodoo stick, acquired by the guitarist during the band's frequent travels, is often used to prevent rain before each live performance.

A shocking eight in 10 teenagers are involved in some kind of gambling, with 10 to 15 per cent of minors at risk of developing serious gambling problems, the research found.

Joshua Gardner (pictured), was told he could eithacer let the Leeds Bradford Airport staff carry him up the steps or miss out on his family holiday to Disneyland Paris.

These fascinating pictures show a Soviet 'turbojet railcar', which was built in the 1970s and proved capable of reaching an astonishing 160mph, thanks to the huge jet engines on its roof.

The 47-year-old Blur bassist, who runs a cheese farm in the Cotswolds, said he only washed his locks after they were sprayed grey by his daughters for Halloween.

Heartbroken Indian leper tried to carry his dead wife 90 miles on his own so she could have a proper burial because he couldn't afford an ambulance 

The man, known only by his first name, Ramulu, was trying to take his wife, Kavitha, back to her home town after she died near a railway station in Hyderabad, western India. But he had less than £12 on him and was told that the ambulance to take her there would cost £60. So he decided to attempt to carry her there by creating a makeshift stretcher and dragging her behind him. But he had only got as far as the town of Vikarabad in Telangana State when he collapsed in tears from exhaustion.

A shocking video has emerged of a white South African forcing a black man into a coffin and trying to put the lid on. The black man can be heard crying out in terror.

Asda was hit by the hefty fine after admitting breaching the Food Safety Act over the vermin infestation at its branch in Park Royal, west London, where mouse droppings were found in the bakery.

Just as you can on a desktop, the Gmail app will give the option to 'Undo' an email in the seconds after it's been sent, allowing users to go back in and fix any errors before they can be seen.

The bank will today admit that mistakes were made by its global restructuring group - an operation which was meant to be a crack rescue unit for struggling companies during the recession.

A 13-year-old boy in India whose head was hanging at a 180-degree angle has died just eight months after life-changing operation following a suspected heart attack unrelated to his surgery.

A British mother who now lives in Thailand is encouraging other women to consider breastfeeding older children by posting videos of her feeding her four-and-half-year old son.

Cost of takeaway coffee cups revealed as 7m are dished out a day

The hypocrisy of the coffee chains that have muscled into every High Street to sell us their overpriced, over-large and overly milky beverages is staggering. Starbucks is typical. The American behemoth boasts that it cares deeply about the planet, coffee farmers and the environment.Yet every day it churns out a mountain of one-use coffee cups, lids and insulating sleeves that despoil the streets, litter the countryside and fill our rubbish bins. According to estimates, Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero, Pret a Manger and the like dish out seven million single-use paper and plastic coffee cups a day. That's 2.5 billion a year in Britain alone, or 10,000 every two minutes. Despite all the green promises, only one in 400 of these disposable cups is recycled. The remaining 399 are thrown into general waste bins to be incinerated or, more likely, end up in landfill. While you might think a mostly paper cup would decompose quickly, you'd be wrong.

A man from Australia filmed the moment a funnel web and a redback spider, both of which are lethal to humans, got locked into a vicious fight in a web outside his home.

Stacie Adamson, 22, was working in lost property at Asda in Leigh, Greater Manchester, when she found the 70-year-old letter addressed to LAC H Hughes, 13 MSU (Torps), Royal Air Force.

New research conducted by StarBrands, a British manufacturer of cleaning products, found cleaning the windows is as effective as as doing 25 minutes of circuit training.

The device in Cornwall is called 'Ceto 6', named after a sea goddess in Greek mythology. If it proves successful, fourteen more devices by Carnegie Wave Energy are expected to follow in 2020.

The salad drawers in your fridge could be harbouring nearly 8,000 bacteria per square centimetre. Killer bugs such as E.coli and salmonella thrive in them too - so do you clean yours enough?

Researchers at the University of Kyoto found that older apes use the same trick as humans to overcome the limitations of their ageing eyes, with a 'strikingly similar pattern' seen in people.

The 'bomb scare' at Hackney Central station in East London sparked a huge stampede involving hundreds of passengers and some people jumped on to the tracks - fearing for their lives.

Two Hartlepool children spent night naked after mother died while bathing them

Jamie Leigh Twidale, 24, was bathing her children Harley, four, and Skyelar, three, at their home in Hartlepool, County Durham. As she was emptying the water, she suffered an epileptic fit, collapsed and died last Sunday night. Little Harley and Skyelar (pictured with their mother) thought she had fallen asleep and spent the night naked, putting themselves to bed. It wasn't until the children failed to turn up for school the next day, that alarms were raised. Jamie Leigh's mother Elizabeth was phoned by their school and when she went to check on her family she found her daughter's body slumped over the bath tub.

Depraved ex-pat Brit Richard Chapman who travelled hundreds of miles to the UK from his home in France in the sick hope of sexually abusing twin girls has been jailed.

Paul Chanbers, originally from Lincolnshire, used to specialise in building military flight simulators and was inspired to create the unique house his wife, Sarah, did not enjoy living near noisy neighbours.

Last year 132,138 patients in England did not see a cancer specialist within the 14-day target. It comes as cancer diagnoses are set to rise from unhealthy lifestyle choices including smoking and drinking.

Six people were inside the terraced home and a 16-month-old baby is among four family members fighting for their lives following the devastating blaze at the home in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Nicholas Hall, 53, who was a teacher at Soar Valley College in Leicester for 15 years and attended Britain First marches at least once, resigned earlier this year after being suspended by the school.

Simon Buckden, 44, of Bramley, Leeds, received more than £8,000 in cash, goods and services after lying about his traumatic experiences in the Army and claiming he was battling cancer.

Andrew Percy said landscapes from the 'windswept moors of Yorkshire to the craggy peaks of the Pennines' were home to stories ripe to be televised - including Dickens' Hard Times.

If you'd rather leave your phrasebook at home, then head to Sweden, Argentina or India as they are among the countries where it is surprisingly easy to strike up a conversation in English.

Christmas shopper who has ALREADY done all her festive shopping for just £6

Coupon queen Kerenza Richards has already bought all her gifts, ready to put under the Christmas tree - and she managed to bag £600 worth of goodies for her children Chloe, ten, and Connor, four, for just £6 (inset). And presents for her partner of eight-and-a-half years David Dancy, including a designer watch, as well as alcohol and household good worth £650 were also sewn up for £4. Frugal mother-of-two Kerenza, from Highbridge, Somerset, has spent the past year building up her Christmas haul - and by using online voucher codes, special offers and competitions, she has saved hundreds of pounds. Kerenza got Furbys worth £100 each for £2, Lego worth £89.99 for £2.23 and Ninja Turtles Toys worth £69.99 for free (all main picture) while paying next to nothing for lots of other items like cleaning products and food. The only thing Kerenza still needs to buy is her Christmas dinner, but she's confident that she'll be able to feed five adults and three children for free - even though a typical festive food shop would normally cost her around £200.

Shannon Bridges, 19, was given the Nintendo 3DS XL as an early birthday present from her boyfriend, who had bought it from a second-hand store in Cardiff city centre.

Alex Keel, 29, from Cheltenham, has been told that she is unlikely to be offered a fourth liver transplant if another liver fails again. But without one doctors have said she will die.

Richard Taylor, whose son was stabbed to death aged 10 in South London in 2000, said he first met Michael Adebowale after the murderer's mother asked him to try to help him.

Organisers of the Brit Awards have overhauled their voting system in a bid to become more diverse and gender-balanced after previously being accused of racism.

The series' legions of viewers took to social media as the finale episode came to a close, mourning the loss of their favourite Sunday night show, urging the BBC for more.

Viewers were left disappointed that Demelza Poldark didn't punish her husband for cheating on her with his ex-fiance Elizabeth, but all was forgiven when the series three trailer was revealed.

Derby mother who starved pet SNAKES to death is banned from keeping animals for life

Fiona Simpson (pictured left) didn't feed four snakes and kept them in an unheated tank in one of the worst cases of neglect experts had ever seen (pictured bottom right). RSPCA inspectors found a corn snake 'lying in stinking yellow liquid' with its nostrils 'crusted over' when they raided her home following a tip-off. A boa constrictor had rotting skin in its jaws that left it 'wheezing and blowing bubbles from its mouth' (shown top right) and two more were 'neglected to the point of emaciation'. Simpson, of Alvaston, Derby, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to the animals and was handed a 12-month community order. She was also ordered to pay £700 costs and banned from keeping animals for life at South Derbyshire Magistrates Court on Friday.

Svetlana Zakharova, from the Russian capital Moscow, is shown on a tropical beach, her modesty shielded by no more than a palm tree in one image.

As Sierra Leone prepares to mark its first anniversary of being declared Ebola free, the desperate plight of 12,000 orphans provides a stark reminder that crisis is far from over.

Michael Donovan, from Pennsylvania State University made the discovery after look at insect damage to fossil leaves in various parts of the world.

Zombie-like ghost photobombs visitor tour at Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool

The face, which resembles the famous ghost from the 2002 horror film The Ring, seemed to appear in the middle of the mysterious picture which was taken at the Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool. Host Phil Barron, 45, was leading the 32-strong group at the former Victorian orphanage when he unwittingly snapped the photograph. The orphanage dates back to the Victorian era and was opened in 1874 to support and educate the orphans of British seamen. Legend has it that conditions there were harsh and cruel and after being converted into a hospital it's now home to a maze of corridors, wards, accommodation blocks, chapel and even a morgue.

A survey found 58 per cent of young people who had veneers fitted, in an attempt to get a smile like The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex, were not told how long they would last.

Tea aficionados have been shaming 'the world's worst' brews on Twitter, with one user calling 'p***-weak tea' an insult. And high-street cafe chains serving badly brewed tea have been particularly slammed.

South Korea-based Samsung plans to integrate an AI platform, called Viv, into the Galaxy phones and expand voice-assistant services to home appliances and wearable technology devices.

The Red planet makeover in London's Trafalgar Square came complete with the robot rover British astronaut Tim Peake remotely controlled from space in April.

Researchers hailed the study as 'proof of principle that Zika virus during pregnancy is treatable'. Tested on pregnant mice, it reduced levels of the virus in mothers, and protected pups.

Businessman Ben Whitfield was said to have nearly 'doubled his money' after helping artist Paul Cummins put together the poignant First World War memorial in central London.

71-year-old Sir Tim Rice is reportedly yet to meet his four-week-old daughter Charlotte, although he plans to provide for her financially - writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE

Woman taken into custody after 'shoving' another woman in front of train at Times Square

Melanie Liverpool-Turner, 30, (pictured top, at the scene, and bottom right) has been accused of pushing Connie Watton, 49, to her death in front of a moving subway train in New York City on Monday. They two women, who police said did not know each other, were both standing on the downtown platform of the 1 train at the Times Square-42nd Street station (bottom left, authorities on the scene after the incident). Watton was shoved onto the tracks at around 1.20pm and pronounced dead on the scene shortly afterward, a police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Online. A Metropolitan Transportation Authority worker said Liverpool-Turner looked 'proud' as she was led away by police officers moments later. A motive has not been established, but Liverpool-Turner lied and told authorities she pushed a German college student to her death last month, even though police concluded the 19-year-old had committed suicide. Liverpool-Turner underwent a psychiatric exam at Bellevue Hospital, and police sources told the New York Post she has a history of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Mobile phone footage has emerged of a man clinging to the back of a moving London bus as it goes through Ruislip. It was filmed from a car driving behind the bus and has been shared on Twitter.

Successful tests carried at Nasa's Johnson Space Center in Texas show that the controversial technology, which could take astronauts to Mars (prototype pictured), is able to generate thrust.

Due to the low weight and ease of assembly, Oxfordshire-based company Charge says a production plant of 10 men working two shifts a day could churn out 10,000 of the vehicles a year.

The mosasaur, a huge marine lizard with fearsome jaws and paddle-like limbs, lived 66 million years ago when Antarctica was much warmer than it is today.

Laura Crew, 33, from the Isle of Wight, suffered crippling pelvic pain during her pregnancy which led her to binge eat, but she has since dropped 4 stone 7lbs and become a bikini competitor.

'A real life horror film': Terrified viewers watch from edge of their seats as SNAKES hunting as a pack chase down baby iguana in amazing footage for BBC's Planet Earth II that even shocked Sir David Attenborough

The astonishing TV which showed marine iguanas attempting to outrun a knot of racer snakes on Fernandina Island was labelled 'the stuff of nightmares' by viewers as they hid behind the sofa. Hatchlings could be seen emerging from the sand of the Galápagos island in the Pacific Ocean in June for what is the snakes' best feeding opportunity of the year. The footage on BBC1 showed some iguanas outrun the snakes to safety by the sea while others were caught before the snakes wrapped themselves around them. When the crew saw the snakes for the first time, they were too shocked to film - and host Sir David Attenborough had never seen anything like it either, it was claimed. Among the millions of viewers captivated by the footage shown at 8pm last night was Olympic rower Will Satch, who described it as a 'real life horror film'.

While much of the world is the modern traveller's oyster, there are regions you can't roam freely. Whether that be the mysterious lands of North Korea or Syria, currently in the throes of war.

The beast was spotted in Torngat Mountains National Park, Canada - many miles from the ice caps it's more accustomed to. Paul Zizka, from Alberta, Canada, spotted the lonely bear while walking in the park.

They didn't want that kind of smoke! Bungling burglars break into a shop to steal cigarettes but have to flee after they set off the security fog system

CCTV shows them entering the supermarket in South Holland, Netherlands, carrying sacks - before scurrying out moments later empty-handed because they had set off a smoke cannon. The break-in at the Albert Heijn supermarket has been branded the worst burglary ever by locals.

The AWOL player, who reportedly fled the scene (pictured) in Mexico, was named locally as Ruben Rivera Vazquez. Hours before, Guarani's Antonio Ferreira pushed over the official in his game.

Private tenants paid more for their accommodation in 57 per cent of districts during the third quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2015, Experian research found.

Andi Doherty,from Folkestone in Kent, consumed a full 40 units in the extreme alcohol stunt - but Guinness World Records and other experts have condemned his attempt.

A swooping magpie (pictured) has taught a British woman some of the strange things she discovered about living in Australia. She has listed 20 lessons it took him two years to figure out.

Campbell was killed, aged 45, on Coniston Water in Cumbria in January 1967 when his Bluebird K7 flipped over while traveling at speeds of more than 300mph. Pictured is Bill Smith who raised the craft.


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