Lee Moffitt, 26, from Orlando, Florida, and her sister Amy Sylvia, 30, both nurse each other's babies - something they find both practical and special.

NEW Miss World Australia's national costume for the international pageant will be chosen by the public this year, and the designs include dresses inspired by Vegemite on toast and Australian landmarks

In the heart-warming clip, filmed in Portugal, a pregnant woman gives the father a pair of Enchroma glasses so he can read the message 'it's a girl' spelled out in pink across her t-shirt.

Just a week after news came that her ex Prince Harry is dating Meghan Markle, Cressida Bonas, 27, could be seen enjoying a night out in West London at the preview of the School of Rock musical.


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How Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso went from dumpster diving to multi-millionaire

Sophia Amoruso (pictured) used to dumpster dive to make ends meet. But today the U.S businesswoman is worth an incredible $280 million, having founded the online clothing mecca Nasty Gal. Ms Amoruso started the store 10 years ago on eBay, where her vintage pieces would sell for thousands more than she bought them for. She went on to launch a stand-alone e-store, with her entire collection selling out in one day. Today, her business is estimated to be worth $300 million.

NEW Australian Rhiannan Iffland has won the Red Bull World Cliff Diving Championship in her first year competing in the sport. The 25-year-old said she was always frightened before a competition.

The salad drawers in your fridge could be harbouring nearly 8,000 bacteria per square centimetre. Killer bugs such as E.coli and salmonella thrive in them too - so do you clean yours enough?

Viewers were left disappointed that Demelza Poldark didn't punish her husband for cheating on her with his ex-fiance Elizabeth, but all was forgiven when the series three trailer was revealed.

Olivia hopes that her new range will offer fashion fans plenty of options for the Christmas party season - and she will certainly be wearing plenty of the pieces to impress her man, Alex Bowen.

Camilla admitted she was absolutely terrified of the beautiful birds of prey and couldn't be persuaded to hold one - but did nervously allow a tiny owl called Baby to hop onto her hand.

A 50-year-old woman has spoken about the shocking moment she kissed her son's best friend at a party. Annie Black told Australian website Mamamia that the incident had spurred her to give up alcohol

This divorce lawyer says that they have seen all sides of a marital split and while some couples surprise them with their decency, that's generally when no one else is involved.



French actress Clemence Posey looked Parisian chic in Breton outside the Burberry catwalk at London Fashion Week. She added some British flair with a classic Burberry trench. Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week

Adorable best friends with Down syndrome from Western Australia

Wil Schwagermann and Lily McCain (left and right) met just over a year ago and have been best friends ever since. The seven-year-olds from Western Australia bonded in-part through their Down syndrome and could now barely be kept apart. Wil's mother Nikki had even started a 'leaving Lily' chart to reward her son every time he said goodbye to his 'best mate' without kicking up a fuss. 'If he left Lily without crying he would get a smiley face. And at the end of the week he'd get a reward,' she said in an adorable video that captured the nature of their tight-knit bond.

Stephanie Giorgi, 27, from Los Angeles, said she was 'taken advantage of' by a driver who was supposed to take her home after a heavy night out with friends. She said she 'internalized' her emotions.

Twitter users are convinced a mystery clip featuring an adorable Boxer dog watching a little girl bounce on a spacehopper is a teaser for this year's John Lewis Christmas ad.

It really is never too late to fall in love. I have two friends who found the love of their life in their 40s. Both were dumbfounded by their good luck. But fiction is a great road map for late love.

Now is the time to open up your jewellery box and take a good look at anything you own that might involve pearls. After a long time in fashion exile, they're back in circulation.

Swiss chocolatier Marc Widmer claims to have created a chocolate bar that can help ease period pain. The Frauenmond bar is said to contain 17 Swiss mountain herbs along with 60 per cent chocolate

Saturdays star Rochelle, 27, has unveiled her latest winter collection for Very.co.uk featuring thigh splits, lace and plunging necklines. The collection is aimed at busy women who are 'always on the go'.

The 18th opening of Jordanian parliament saw Queen Rania step out onto the red carpet as she arrived to support her husband King Abdullah II as he addressed politicians.

The Duchess of Cornwall, 69, and Prince Charles visited the spectacular Sheikh Zaved Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi today and Camilla removed her shoes in accordance with tradition.

Sarah, 25, from Telford, has already spent £14,000 to have implants in her cheeks and lips, Botox injections and a boob job. She appears on Channel 5's Body Freaks Instagram Perfect.

Queen Letizia of Spain, 45, is known for recycling her outfits but today she set a record by stepping out in her favourite Hugo Boss jacket and black and white skirt combo for the fifth time.

London-based nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert reveals the foods that match our body parts, and what we should all be eating to stay healthy. Are you regularly eating these foods?

Sydney fitness photograher Vanessa Brownlee reveals the secrets to the perfect shot

Sydney-based 'fitographer', Vanessa Brownlee, is paid to take professional fitness shots. From the importance of good lighting, to a dab of oil on the models' muscles and the benefits of bright workout gear, she shares the industry secrets to the perfect photo (pictured: some of Ms Brownlee's fitness shots).

Dog owners have been sharing pictures of their pets causing mischief, from pulling funny faces to knocking things over. One told how his golden retriever turned green after rolling on the grass.

A new foodie brainteaser is leaving thousands infuriated on Facebook. The riddle asks you to work out what some symbols of beers and burgers add up to. So what's the answer?

The Perth mother of a baby boy who passed away at just 32 days old after battling whooping cough, has spoken of her experience of having a 'rainbow baby' - after welcoming a baby girl.

Have you ever wondered what your children get up to when you're not looking? These pictures prove little ones are incredibly skilled at making a mess and they are able to do it quickly.

Carly Rowena, a 29-year-old Norwich-based personal trainer, showed how easy it is to look super-sculpted as she tensed her stomach, relaxed it and pushed it out.

When Susanna Liang's husband told her he wanted to be a woman, she didn't know how to react. However, Andrea and Susanna, from Brisbane, are now happier than ever and have a baby

A pregnant woman has written a hilarious account of mistakenly rubbing chilli oil on her vagina. To make it worse, the woman, believed to be Australian, was served chili con carne when she got to hospital.

Perth woman poses for raw photographs after battling breast cancer while pregnant

A brave Australian mum has shown off her mastectomy scars and baby bump in a raw photoshoot, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her second child. Kimi Maxwell (pictured), from Perth, had a mastectomy while pregnant, beating the cancer and allowing her child to survive.

Chinese model, Sun Wei, shared snaps of her stunning custom-made wedding dress on Instagram over the weekend. The backless dress featured a super-long, lacy train.

American mother Lauren Vinje has shared a photo of her premature baby girl smiling five days after being born. Since, hundreds of other mothers have shared snaps of their own smiling bubs.

One of Australia's most popular beauty bloggers Brittney Saunders has taken to Snapchat in tears for the second time in two weeks following splits with her Melbourne based boyfriend Dylan.

Alice Husband, 42, from Lincolnshire, left, said Amy Asker, 33, right, has been punished enough as she will have to live with the fact she killed her son for the rest of her life.

Micro blading, or 'eyebrow embroidery', uses delicate, 3D and feathery strokes delivered by a hand-held device and promises to give a youthful and defined finish.

The edible machine by Peboryon Bakery in Cornwall pumps out 300 mini Victoria sponges on a conveyor belt. The mammoth fruit cake contains 1,400 sugar paste rivets.

New Zealand photographer Mickey Ross is taking wedding shoots to a whole new level, by capturing newlyweds against the stunning backdrop of the mountain ranges close to his home

The authors of these notes have resorted to publicly shaming their neighbours for their bad behaviour. Dog mess, late night noise and loud sex are just some of the complaints in these viral notes.

Melbourne-based model and aspiring personal trainer, Steph Claire Smith, 22, has taken a different approach by sharing with her followers what they shouldn't be doing when it comes to health.

According to lifestyle expert and coach Sarah Jones, there's five golden questions that everyone needs to ask themselves to prove if their life really is complete.