'The best I've written in my life': Lorde teases details about her new album in lengthy Facebook post shared as the Grammy winner turned 20

It's been over three years since she released her debut album Pure Heroine.

And after picking up two Grammy Awards and countless other accolades, Lorde is about to release her new album, which she promises includes the 'best' lyrics she's ever written.

Reflecting on her teenage years and early career in a Facebook post addressed to her fans, the Royals hitmaker shared details of her upcoming record while also celebrating her 20th birthday.

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Birthday girl: Lorde celebrated her 20th birthday on Tuesday by sharing new details about her upcoming album in a lengthy Facebook post addressed to fans

Recalling the past 'colossal' year that inspired the songs on the new album, Lorde wrote: 'I want nothing more than to spill my guts RIGHT NOW about the whole thing.'

'I want you to see the album cover, pore over the lyrics (the best I've written in my life), touch the merch, experience the live show,' she continued.

The ARIA winner went on to tell her fans to 'hold on' while she continues to work on the record to 'make it as good as it can be'.

New music: The 20-year-old Grammy-winning artist told fans the tracks on her new album include the 'best' lyrics she's ever written

Celebrating adulthood: The New Zealand-born singer began writing her message just before the clock struck midnight on her birthday

Giving away no details about the exact release date, the singer did mention: 'The big day is not tomorrow, or even next month realistically, but soon. I know you understand.'

And as the brunette star concluded her post, the brunette star was no longer a teenager, with the clock striking midnight on her 20th birthday.

'Oh my god it's midnight now!!! I'm 20 f***!!!!!' she wrote enthusiastically.

'Colossal year': The Royals hitmaker reflected on her huge year, during which she says she experienced heartbreak and independence

'Soon': Urging fans to be patient as she perfects the new album, Lorde revealed the release date will be soon

'What I'm trying to say is: this is a special birthday. The party is about to start. I am about to show you the new world.'

And on Tuesday, the Magnets singer's BFF Taylor Swift took to Instagram to wish her a happy birthday.

'Thank you for the music you make, the advice you give, the thoughts you provoke, and the way you've made my life more beautiful since the first day we met up in New York and ate burgers on a park bench and got attacked by squirrels,' the 26-year-old shared to her 92.2 million followers.

'The party is about to start': The songstress ended her post by telling her fans: 'I am about to show you the new world'

The birthday dedication was accompanied by a photo of a watercolour card, which appeared to be homemade by the Shake It Off hitmaker herself.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, Lorde shut down a fan who threatened to 'give up' on her if she didn't release new music soon.

The heated social media exchange began when the fan wrote on Lorde's Instagram account: 'Do you think we will ever get another album or should we just give up on you as an artist?'

Squad: Hours after turning 20, Lorde received a sweet birthday message from her BFF Taylor Swift

She responded: 'Give up on me if you want to!

'I'm an artist, I write a record when I have enough special stories to tell, and it's all me, every melody every lyric, not some team who just start the machine up every eighteen months like clockwork.

'The record is written, we're in the production stages now. I've worked like a dog for a year making this thing great for you guys.' 

'I love you Ella': The Shake It Off hitmaker had made a watercolour card with Lorde's age and real name Ella on a white canvas, surrounded by gold stars







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