From a busty Belle to a curvy Cinderella: Artist who was fat shamed growing up draws modern plus size versions of Disney princesses for kids

  • Artist Jonquel Norwood has drawn modern, curvy Disney princesses
  • She dressed the plus sized princesses in designer pieces
  • Ms Norwood said she was fat shamed and body shamed growing up
  • Said she wanted to 'do her part' to help young girls feel more represented

Disney princesses have long been looked up to by young girls who watch animated films and admire the female heroines they see on screen. 

But in recent years artists have been re-imagining the famous faces of Disney princesses in extremely creative ways. 

Fashion illustrator and artist Jonquel Norwood, from New York, has jumped on the trend, drawing her favourite princesses with a modern, curvy look. 

Magic: Artist Jonquel Norwood has re-imagined Disney princesses like Jasmine from Aladdin (above)

Don't turn into a pumpkin: She has drawn Cinderella and others as modern, plus sized women 

Glamour: Each of the princesses have their own unique look, like Tiana from Princess and the Frog (above)

The body positive advocate decided to start the series, which she has called Magic Has No Size, after being fat shamed herself. 

'I was body shamed most of my life and... like most, I believed I had to slim down in order to truly be a member of society,' she told Bustle

Ms Norwood, who is a plus size woman herself, said that the lack of diversity in both Disney and the media in general impacted her growing up.

'I was body shamed most of my life': Ms Norwood said she created the series after being fat shamed

A rose by any other name: The artist called the series Magic Has No Size (above Belle from Beauty and the Beast)

Apple a day: She drew the princesses in outfits inspired by plus sized designer pieces, like Snow White's Layne Bryan bomber jacket (above)

 So the stylish artist decided to reimagine her childhood heroines as modern, fashion forward women.

All the princesses have different styles, with their outfits inspired by real life designer pieces.   

'I dressed them in clothing from and inspired by great brands that cater to the plus community.

'Like Snow White, who is sporting a Layne Bryan bomber jacket and Society+ inspired cage top. Or Ariel’s dress that was directly inspired by a Courtney Noelle dress.'

Under the sea: Ariel's dress (above) was inspired by one designed by Courtney Noelle

Doing her part: Ms Norwood said that she wanted to help young girls feel more represented (above, Sleeping Beauty)

Another thing that all the princesses in Ms Norwood's drawings have in common is their love of glamour. 

Despite their unique outfits, all the princesses, from Jasmine to Sleeping Beauty, are glamazons, wearing heels, jewelry, and with impeccable makeup.

But in the end, the artist says she just wanted to 'do her part' and help young girls feel more represented when looking at images of the princesses. 

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