'I am not this person': Kim Kardashian takes charge and deals with her and sister Kendall's anxiety on KUWTK

Kim Kardashian battled anxiety and sister Kendall struggled to deal with sleep paralysis on Sunday's episode of the family reality show.

Kendall told momager Kris Jenner that she was more worried about her health than her career after struggling with her jet-setting lifestyle as one of the world's top models.

She told Kris on Keeping Up With the Kardashians how badly she struggled with anxiety brought on by flying around the world.

Sleep paralysis: Kendall Jenner dealt with sleep paralysis on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians with the help of big sister Kim Kardashian

And she said it had got so bad that she often suffered from sleep paralysis on planes and underwent panic attacks.

Older sister Kim admitted she suffered anxiety of her own and was so worried about herself and her sister she organized therapy sessions.

When Kendall rejected the therapy for fear of inducing a panic attack, Kim organized meditation classes to help the 21-year-old manage her fear and anxiety.

The show kicked off with Kris and Scott Disick spending time together doing pilates at Kris's home.

Anxiety mode: Kim Kardashian also was dealing with anxiety issues on the road

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Panic attacks: Kendall was getting panic attacks around flying due to her sleep paralysis

'Scott makes me laugh so it makes me happy when he spends time with me rather than some of his friends who may not be the best influence on him,' said Kris,

Scott joined in and struggled to keep up with his ex-girlfriend's mother.

Kris then invited Scott to have lunch with her and her gal pals.

Group workout: Scott Disick joined Kris Jenner for a pilates session

Good times: Kris said that Scott makes her laugh

Kim lunched with Jonathan Cheban and admitted that she was suffering from anxiety all the time.

'I am totally worried. I am not this person,' she told her pal.

Kourtney was surprised to call Scott and find that he was on his way to tea with her mother and her squad.

Constant anxiety: Kim confided in friend Jonathan Cheban about her constant anxiety

Tea time: Scott surprised people by going to high tea with Kris and her gal pals

'Er that's random,' she told him.

Scott told the cameras that he was not sure what he would talk about but when he turned up he saw that Kyle Richards was one of the gang.

Scott was instantly uncomfortable when Kris talked about Kylie going to the gynecologist but told them he enjoyed how they put their phones down to talk to each other

Reality star: Kyle Richards joined Kris for tea

Good friend: Faye Resnick also attended high tea

Kendall told her mother over the phone that she suffered from sleep paralysis.

'It is so scary when it happens, you literally feel like you are never going to get out of it,' she told the cameras.

Kris told her she may just have anxiety but her daughter was adamant.

Scary feeling: Kendall told Kris about the scary extent of her sleep paralysis

'I am done arguing with people because everyone says I am fine but I don't feel fine,' she said.

'I promise you that one day when I am rushed to the hospital then you guys are going to wake up,' Kendall warned.

Kris told her she believed her and did not want her to feel that way.

Top model: The show featured a clip of Kendall at work

Fashion photographer: Russell James was shown reclining while shooting Kendall

'I am kind of freaking out. It is so weird as I get like super light headed when I am on planes and I feel like I am going to faint. I don't know what to do as I am freaking out about even flying home,' Kendall said.

At Kris's house Scott found the ladies doing water aerobics and he decided to join in.

'It is a little weird and I definitely don't know what I have got myself into,' he told the cameras as he stripped off his shirt and jumped in.

Water aerobics: Scott joined Kris and her friends for water aerobics

The women and Scott gyrated in the pool.

'You know I am pretty sure I have no idea what is happening. It is a bit of a weird life I lead here,' said Scott to the cameras.

'I just don't know if it is the most appropriate thing in the world to be half naked with Kourtney's mom and all of her friends doing these weird, exotic dance moves you would see in a strip club, It is a bit embarrassing,' he confided.

Weird life: The father of three admitted that he has a weird life

Kris and Kendall then took selfies together in the kitchen as the model admitted she hated taking them with people.

As they went over her modeling schedule in Paris, Milan and London, Kendall told her mother she was not sure if she could fulfill her commitments.

'I can't travel that much, I am like scared, freaking out, I am scared to fall asleep because this keeps happening to me. It is like my heart stops,' she told her mother anxiously.

Selfie time: Kendall was at first reluctant to take selfies with Kris but then she got into it

Kris told her that she was booked and designers were counting on her and flying around the world was part of her job.

'I am just telling you I think that my health is a bigger deal,' she told her mother.

Kris told the cameras she had in the past had to fly to London from LA to help get her daughter in a plane to New York because of her anxiety attacks.

Bigger concern: The top model made it clear that her health was her top concern

'It is genuinely frightening and I don't know how much of it I can do,' said Kendall.

At Kourtney's house, Kim confronted Scott about the tea parties and water aerobics as Kourtney revealed one of her mother's friends had texted her for Scott's number.

'The difference is they are not on their phones all the time and their skin is a drop saggier,' Scott told the girls.

Coming clean: Scott owned up to the water aerobics to Kim and Kourtney

'I knew this whole water aerobics thing was going to come back and haunt me. I don't want to be a full blown cougar stalker, it is definitely the most horrible thing on the planet but maybe I should not hang out with the cougar squad,' he said.

Kim and Kendall got the chance to hang out in Los Angeles and the model told her sister what she was going through.

'Wait, what?' said Kim.

Looking out: Kim was looking out for Kendall and her anxiety issues

Working together: Kendall and Kim decided to tackle their anxiety issues together

Big deal: Kim was surprised to hear about Kendall's sleep paralysis

'I mean I thought I was having anxiety but this is so much scarier. I have never heard of sleep paralysis but it sounds like such a crazy experience and I feel so bad she has been going through this,' Kim said.

Scott and Kris visited Kim at her house and found her hanging out in a flash gown.

Kris told Kim that she had sounded anxious when they last spoke and told her she was worried about a 'scared' Kendall.

Sounding anxious: Kris let Kim know that she sounded anxious on the phone

'Kendall is at the next step and that is debilitating because she can't do what she needs to do and she can't live life,' said Kris.

'It is ironic that Kendall and Kim are going through similar things. Maybe there is a way that they can help each other manage their anxiety,' Kris figured.

Later Kris called Scott and was irritated that he did not show up to see her and the girlfriends.

Skipped it: Scott skipped out on a meeting with Kris and her friends

At Kim's house she and Kendall met with anxiety therapist Michelle Massi.

'I fully pride myself with having my s*** together all of the time but with how bad things are for Kendall she has to get this under control,' said Kim.

Kendall told her she got panic attacks when she was traveling by herself and got sleep paralysis on planes.

Therapy session: Anxiety therapist Michelle Massi came over to help Kim and Kendall

The therapist told them they needed to develop coping skills and asked them to mimic a panic attack, but Kendall flatly refused.

'The therapist is trying to get me to make a panic attack happen but every time I think about my anxiety it only makes it worse. I want to get this under control but not like this,' said Kendall.

Kim told the therapist that she was anxious about car accidents.

No way: Kendall balked at trying to induce a panic attack

'I think about it all the time it drives me crazy,' said Kim.

Kim told the cameras that she was 'disappointed' with Kendall's attitude toward the therapy.

'I feel that this is fixable if she works on it,' said an irritated Kim.

Let down: Kim said she was disappointed in Kendall's attitude toward therapy

Kim then got into her car with the therapist and faced her fears and anxiety as she drove along.

'I want to get past my anxiety and find a way to live life like before,' she said as the therapist gave her advice and encouraged her to live life.

'I have never had anxiety or anything where I am not in control, I think this is a slip up and I have to take back my life,' said Kim.

Group session: Kendall and Kim met together with specialist Michelle

Drive time: Kim and Michelle went on a drive together to help her get over driving anxiety

Khloe and Scott then discussed his 'flaking' on Kris and her friends.

'I just think it is getting a bit weird that I am with her and her friends every other day, going to dinner, lunch, exercising, but what is up next?'

Scott said Kourtney had given him grief over it and Kim had been bothering him about it.

Hanging out: Khloe spent some time with Scott also

'Maybe I am liking it too much and I am scared,' said Scott as Khloe told the cameras that her mum and friends were a positive influence over him.

'If we were to compare who you were hanging out with before these broads then I think you are doing pretty well,' said Khloe and Scott agreed.

'I would rather be hanging out with your mom and her friends than people who do not care about me,' he told her.

Good idea: The reality star was fine with Scott hanging out with her mom

And Scott made sure he was there for a wine and painting class with the gang.

'The truth is I don't care what people think, age is just a number,' said Scott.

Kim and Kris went back through old family photo albums and Kim asked her mum how she thought their lives would be different if Robert Kardashian were still alive.

Family album: Kris and Kim looked through an old family photo album

'I think about it all the time because I feel like in some way he is still here, your lives would be fuller for sure. He would be so proud of you guys right now, he would be so impressed,' said Kris as Kim copied the pictures.

'My dad lived his life to the fullest. He never lived in fear and I don't want to ruin all of the memories for my kids because of my own anxiety,' said Kim.

'The last thing my dad said to me was ''I know you will be okay'' and ''you are strong'' so I would never not want to live up to that,' said the mother of two.

Feeling better: Kim eliminated her anxiety through the therapy session

Kim then told her therapist that she felt a lot better since their session but that Kendall was in exactly the same position as before.

The therapist told Kim that they should try meditating together before Kendall jetted off to her modeling assignments in Europe.

'This is not realistic for her career and I don't think this has to get the best of her,' said Kim.

Public speaking: Kendall overcame anxiety about public speaking as proud Kim looked on

At Kim's house she confronted Kendall about her anxiety issues and encouraged her to meditate together.

'You have to get control over your feelings unless you want to change your job and do something totally different, which you don't,' her big sister told her sternly.

'I feel like you have to get a hold of it, you know what I mean?'

Holding hands: Kim sweetly held hands with Kendall as they tried meditation

Kendall admitted that Kim was right and was willing to try meditation to continue in her career.

The pair then joined a meditation teacher in the garden and went through an instructional session.

'It is pretty amazing, this is definitely making me relax a little bit and find peace,' she said.

Finding peace: Kendall was able to find some peace through meditation

After the meditation Kendall pranked Kris by calling her to make sure she had cancelled all her engagements.

'Mom, chill, I think I am going to be okay,' she told Kris.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians will return on Sunday on the E! network. 

Feeling better: The model later told her mom that she was going to be okay

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