'You lie!' Teresa Giudice explodes at Jacqueline Laurita over cheating accusations on RHONJ reunion

Teresa Giudice repeatedly called former friend Jacqueline Laurita a liar on Sunday's RHONJ reunion episode.

The 45-year-old reality star flared up over accusations that her husband Joe cheated on her while she was serving time in a federal prison. 

''Do you think I would care? I would go and find the hottest guy ever. I know I am not ugly, thank you very much. Do you think I would stay with Joe? And Joe knows that very well,' Teresa defiantly said.

Reunion special: Teresa Giudice repeatedly called Jacqueline Laurita a liar on Sunday's reunion of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa then repeatedly yelled at Jacqueline 'You lie! You lie!' 

'You went to jail for lying, 41 counts of felony fraud,,' shot back Jacqueline. 

Teresa then accused Jacqueline and former co-star Caroline Manzo of calling the IRS on her and landing her and Joe in prison.

The sensational accusations came at the end of the first part of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey season seven reunion show and left the other Housewives in stunned silence.

Tempers flaring: Jacqueline got a rise out of Teresa by mentioning accusations that Joe cheated on her while she was behind bars for 15 months

Teresa served 15 months behind bars while Joe is currently doing 41 months for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud.

'I plead guilty, I did my time, you did fraudulent things too. Oh please Jacqueline, you set me up,' said Teresa shockingly as the other Housewives and host Andy Cohen sat with their mouths gaping open.

'In my gut, it was either you, or you and Caroline set me up. You guys were behind everything, calling the government, everything,' Teresa alleged.

Explosive allegation: Show host Andy Cohen could not believe it when Teresa accused Jacqueline of setting her up for prison

Shocked reaction: Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania also couldn't believe it

Andy did not seem to believe what he was hearing and asked Teresa if she really believed that.

'Definitely her, and I think Caroline, because at the time they were in cahoots,' Teresa told him.

Jacqueline immediately and strongly denied the allegation.

Strong denial: Jacqueline denied informing the feds 

'You want to call the government? God bless you,' added Teresa.

'What? You think I called the government on you? Are you kidding? You seriously think I called the government? That is not true,' she said.

But Teresa was having none of it.

Gut feeling: Teresa stood by her allegation when asked again by Andy

'I am so happy I got that off my chest,' she said.

'You are accusing Jacqueline of calling the feds, which lead to you going to jail?' asked Andy incredulously.

'I do believe that. I believe it in my gut, yes I do. I feel it in my gut. You are gross and you set me up,' Teresa said.

Making sure: Andy made sure that he was getting the allegation right

Harsh words: Teresa and Jacqueline hurled insults at each other

'No wonder you are so angry at me,' Jacquline could be heard saying in disbelief as the cameras focused intently on Teresa.

Teresa also accused Jacqueline of selling stories about her prison time to the tabloids.

'Your middle name is toxic. I want nothing to ever do with you. You hurt me and you hurt my family. You should be ashamed,' said Teresa angrily.

Feeling hurt: Andy was in the middle as Teresa and Jacqueline went at it

'You should be ashamed of yourself,' Jacqueline replied.

Dolores Catania kicked off the reunion by revealing that she had butt implants after the show stopped taping.

Andy asked Jacqueline if she was glad to be back.

Work done: Dolores revealed that he had butt implants after the show stopped filming

Up close: Siggy looked on as Dolores showed off her butt implants

She's back: Jacqueline was asked if she was glad to be back

'Oh sure, it is like a second home,' she said dryly.

Andy then asked Teresa how Joe was doing and she told him that her husband was studying to get his GED.

'He said he is going to college when he gets home,' she said.

Fashion show: Teresa stood up to show off her black gown

But Teresa was quick to get her claws out, going straight after Jacqueline.

'It is good to be back but there are certain people on the show that make it ugly,' she said looking at Jacqueline.

'Yeah,' said Jacqueline.

Claws out: Jacqueline reacted as Teresa started in on her

'I am surprised she is even here,' said Teresa.

'Why? I love confrontation,' Jacqueline fired back.

'Oh I know,' said Teresa rolling her eyes.

Reality star: Terea could not hide her contempt for Jacqueline

'You were the coward that wouldn't face me,' said Jacqueline.

'Oh name calling already, here we go,' said Teresa.

Andy asked Teresa about how it looked when she got a Lexus car when she left prison.

Good question: Andy asked Teresa about getting a Lexus straight out of prison

'Would you get a Ford?' she asked.

'We paid back our restitution. If you lease a Lexus its not that much money,' she explained.

Andy then asked why she wanted original Housewife Danielle Staub back, and Jacqueline could not believe it either.

'I wanted her to come back and attack you,' said Teresa smiling.

Cruel intentions: Teresa admitted she wanted Danielle Staub back to attack Jacqueline

Teresa and Jacqueline then got into it over their daughters tweeting, with Andy telling the women 'Stay on your couches and do not push daddy.'

Melissa' husband, Joe Gorga, then appeared on the show and Andy told him that he had rewatched his shower scene.

Andy accused Joe of being sexist for his 'crumbs' comments as Melissa told him he 'was acting like an a**hole' during that part of the series.

Shouting match: Andy made a gesture as the women shouted at each other

'I think he is a little bit of a caveman,' said Andy.

Melissa then admitted she had been arrested in the 1980s for shoplifting a shirt after the death of her father and husband Joe said he lost his virginity at the age of nine.

Teresa was reduced to tears as Andy played highlights of her return home from prison and being reunited with her daughters.

Getting emotional: Teresa got emotional watching her reunion with Joe

'I was away 352 days from my daughters,' said Teresa.

Halfway through the show the thorny old subject of 'Strippergate' reared its ugly head again.

'Let's talk about the facts - stripper,' said a hostile Teresa to Jacqueline.

Family affair: Joe Gorga joined his wife Melissa and sister Teresa on the reunion show

'What was your stripper name?' Teresa continued suggesting it may have been 'Fruit Loops.'

'Oh now I am a stripper?' asked Jacqueline.

'You were a stripper. Come on show us a lap dance. Give Andy a lap dance' said Teresa as Andy watched on bemused.

Stripper talk: Teresa and Jacqueline sparred as Strippergate was revived

'Dolores, you know she was a stripper,' Teresa said.

Dolores told the group she had never been to a strip club and seen Jacqueline dancing.

'No one has any proof of this,' said Siggy Flicker.

Nasty rumor: Melissa was originally accused of having a stripper past

'You were a stripper and you are trying to say that she (Melissa Gorga) was a stripper, which she wasn't,' added Teresa.

'You were a stripper, admit it.'

Jacqueline told Teresa that she had heard the same rumor in a hair salon from a stylist.

Good times: Siggy and Dolores enjoyed a laugh during a rare lighter moment

'Your hands are not clean,' said Jacqueline.

'This is what's gross about you two, this is how you play dirty,' a frustrated Jacqueline told Teresa and Melissa.

Melissa then blamed Kim D for the situation and said she didn't care if Jacqueline had been a stripper.

'I wasn't,' she told the women.

'What's wrong with strippers?' said Joe Gorga plainly as the women continued shouting around him.

More strippers: Joe asked what was wrong with strippers



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