Cousin Amy cut off? Duggar family member does not attend Jinger's wedding after revealing she was not a virgin before marriage and publicly speaking about disgraced son Josh

  • Amy Duggar, Jinger's cousin, did not attend her weekend wedding to Jeremy Vuolo 
  • She was in Vegas with her husband and posted a photo on Instagram, writing: 'Love you Jinger! My heart is back home but my feet are in Vegas!'
  • The last time Amy was seen with the Duggar family was at her wedding in September of last year
  • Soon after that she spoke about her disgraced cousin Josh in two interviews with People, the first family member to do so
  • Amy also revealed in one of those interviews that she had sex before marriage and had taken birth control 
  • She has also not appeared in any of the first two seasons of the Duggar family's new show, Counting On 

Over 1,000 people were on hand Saturday to watch Jinger Duggar walk down the aisle and say 'I do' to Jeremy Vuolo, but one person who was not in attendance was her cousin, Amy King.

In fact, Amy has not been seen with the family at all since February, when she opened up about her life in a revealing interview with People while also speaking about her disgraced cousin Josh while he was still in rehab.

Amy posted a photo of her and Jinger shortly before the wedding on Instagram Friday, writing: 'Love you Jinger! My heart is back home but my feet are in Vegas! Miss you!'

It came as a surprise considering that Amy previously attended the weddings of her cousins Josh, Jessa and Jill, and the entire Duggar family came to her wedding last September save Josh, who was in rehab. 

Amy has also not appeared on any of the first two seasons of the Duggar family's new TLC reality show, Counting On.  

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No go: Amy Duggar, Jinger's cousin, did not attend her weekend wedding to Jeremy Vuolo (Amy and Jinger above)

Excuse: She was in Vegas with her husband and posted a photo on Instagram, writing: 'Love you Jinger! My heart is back home but my feet are in Vegas!'

Her own woman: Amy posted photos of her trip to Vegas in short dresses (left) and one in a tub (right) which her cousins would find too racy 

Amy may have been invited to Jinger's wedding shower however, with some believing that the photo she posted of herself and the newlywed last week was from that event.

She and Jinger have always been close despite the fact that Amy, 30, is eight years older than her cousin.

Amy also seemed to be living it up in Las Vegas, sharing photos of herself and her husband Dillon King as they enjoyed their time in Sin City.

This included a few shots that would be deemed far too racy for the Duggars, including one of Amy in the bathtub that she posted on Snapchat.

The last time Amy was spotted with her extended family was over a year ago at her wedding.

In an interview with People after her September nuptials, she also revealed that the Duggars did not stay very long at the event, making the decision to skip the reception.

'My conservative family left probably right when the music started,' said Amy.

'It went from classy to trashy real quick!'

Speaking out: Amy gave a very revealing interview to People earlier this year (above)

Amy said that she let loose with dancing, a cash bar and even had the groom take off her garter with his teeth.

Her cousin and aunt and uncle Jim Bob and Michelle are against both dancing and drinking.

'I'm like a free bird,' said Amy. 'But I still have morals.' 

In that interview she also publicly spoke about Josh, something no one else in the family had done since he entered rehab just a few weeks prior.

'Despite all the crap going on in my family, it was an awesome moment,' said Amy of the wedding.

She also said she gave Josh's wife Anna a big hug when she saw her at the wedding and wrote personal cards for her and Michelle to thank them for coming despite their current troubles.

'I can't imagine what she's been through,' said Amy.

Anna was there with daughter Mackynzie, who was in the wedding party. 

'There's been so much heartache and pain. We didn't want the attention to be about what happened,' said Amy, who also admitted she briefly considered eloping.

As for Josh - who is currently in a faith-based rehab program - Amy said; 'He needs to get as much help as possible.'

She also said in that interview that she was happy to be able to drop the Duggar surname now that she was married and take the name of her husband.

Together: The last time Amy was seen with the Duggar family was at her wedding in September of last year (above)

They do: Amy and her husband Dillon King (above) waited until their wedding night to have sex, but Amy was not a version she revealed in an interview 

Buds: Amy also posted an old photo of Jessa and wished her a happy birthday last week

Then, in February, Amy revealed more bombshells in an exclusive cover story with People, including that she was not a virgin when she got married to her husband. 

Amy said that while she and Dillon waited until their wedding night before having sex together, she had already lost her virginity to someone else before then - although she does not say who.

Speaking about her decision not to follow her family's very strict courtship rules - which prohibit all pre-marriage contact, save for chaste 'side hugs' - Amy explained that she feels couples need more of a 'physical connection' before getting married, one which she and her husband found by allowing kissing before marriage.

Amy (above with Dillon) is much less shy than her cousins

'I think kissing before marriage should happen,' she added to the publication, before saying: 'We decided not to have sex before marriage. That was our decision.'

Amy explained that the couple has also made the decision to use birth control, in an attempt to make as much of their married life together as a couple as possible, before they have children - an ideology which could not be more different to that of the rest of the Duggar clan.

Indeed, Amy's uncle Jim Bob and his wife Michelle, as well as many of their children, have spoken out on a number of occasions about their decision to let God decide how many kids they should have, rather than relying on any form of contraception. 

Standing out from the crowd - or at least from the rest of the Duggar family - is not something new for Amy, however. She admitted during her interview that for as long as she could remember she felt she was different from the rest of her cousins.

'I went to Christian school all of my life but I never really felt up to the Duggar standard,' she explained.

For her People cover shoot, Amy donned cuffed denim shorts and a denim shirt tied around her waist, revealing her belly button. That look was a far cry from the modest ensembles worn by her cousins.

And she once again spoke about Josh in that interview, saying of her cousin: 'Josh is like a roller coaster that went off track.'

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