'I kept this just in case': Stranger Things star Shannon Purser posts picture of razor blade as she reveals she used to self-harm

Stranger Things star Shannon Purser has revealed she used to self-harm.

The teen actress, who became an audience favourite for her portrayal of doomed geek Barb in the hit show, posted an image of a razor blade as she made the emotional confession on social media.

And she tried to encourage other self-harmers by insisting things will get better and begging them not to 'give up on yourself.'

'Recovery is possible': Strangers Things star Shannon Purser revealed she used to self-harm on social media on Monday

In a tweet she described as a 'trigger warning,' the 19-year-old said: 'I haven't self-harmed in years, but I kept this around, "just in case." I forgot it was there and now it's in the trash.'

And she tried to galvanise any of her fans suffering from the condition by adding: 'Recovery is possible. Please don't give up on yourself.'

She previously revealed her joy at the recognition her turn as ill-fated Barb, the nerd best friend of show heroine Nancy Wheeler who ended up being killed by a bizarre otherworldly lifeform in the Netflix sleeper hit.

She said: 'The fan response has been absolutely incredible! This was my first acting credit, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I loved the character from the very beginning, and I was really excited to play her.'

While fans of the show may never get to see Barb come back from the dead, it has emerged the programme is helping to resurrect the careers of some eighties stars.

'I kept this just in case': She shared an image of a razor blade as she made her confession

'Don't give up on yourself': She posted an inspiring message to others sufferers that things will eventually get better

For the shows sibling directing team Ross and Matt Duffer have added more cast members to the highly-anticipated second season.

Gooneys favourite Sean Astin is to play RadioShack manager Bob Newby, who went to the same school as Winona Ryder's character Joyce and David Harbour's Hopper.

And comedy star Paul Reiser will play Department of Energy representative Dr. Owens, who is ordered to contain the events of that occurred in the show's first season

The role is more akin to the 59-year-old's turn as corporate shill Carter Burke in 1986 classic Aliens than as gentle financial adviser Michael Taylor in classic eighties sitcom My Two Dads.

Star turn: She became a cult favourite for her turn as bespectacled geek Barb in the hit show

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