In need of some RnR! Kendra Wilkinson pampers herself at salon after slamming Instagram trolls for targeting her six-year-old son

Kendra Wilkinson was snapped at a Beverly Hills beauty salon on Monday in the wake of a profane Instagram meltdown aimed at the 'f------ scum of the earth a------s' who said that her six-year-old son's shaggy hairdo was not befitting of a young man.

The San Diego native, 31, kept her composure in a loose-fitting grey jacket, a pale blue shirt and black leggings with white-slip-ons, showing off her freshly-styled straight blonde mane.

But it wasn't the Playboy beauty's hair that was getting the attention Monday, but rather her son Hank's.

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Don't tread on me: Kendra Wilkinson, 31, emerged from a Beverly Hills hair salon Monday, after seven hours inside, following a profane Instagram rant aimed at those criticizing her son's shaggy hairdo

Ready to go: The Playboy alum seemed to have cooled down from earlier, when she addressed critics of her six-year-old's curly mane as 'f------ scum of the earth a------s'

Getting it off her chest: Kendra affixed her long rant to this adorable image of her son on a baseball field

The mother-of-two took to Instagram Monday morning to defend her young son with former NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett, 34, after a number of stinging comments mocking the boy for his long, shaggy mane.

The blonde beauty said that her son asked to read some of the comments on her social media accounts, knowing that 'there were people on here talking s--- about his hair.'

She continued, 'I looked through quickly before showing him [and] noticed these a-----s talking about Lil Hanks hair' looking feminine.

Lustrous shine: The reality star was looking camera-ready following the bleach job on her resplendent blonde tresses

The Girls Next Door star then really let the haters have it, as she called it a 'shame' for people to go 'so low' to scrutinize how a six-year-old boy wears his hair.

'I would NEVER do that, you know why?' Kendra asked. 'Because I'm happy [and] want to see other people happy. I love to see people be who they want to be and look how they want,' adding that 'it's a blessing to be you and be different.'

The Kendra on Top beauty made clear that all the trolling comments in the world wouldn't get a pair of barber shears anywhere closer to the boy's shaggy mane.

Straight shooter: The fiercely-opinionated mother-of-two has a strong social media presence, with nearly 5 million combined Instagram and Twitter followers 

She said that her son 'loves his hair long and I love that he's happy,' asking, 'Can you blame me?'

Kendra, who also has a two-year-old daughter with her husband named Alijah Mary, suggested that the '[judgmental] people' who nudge her to get the boy's hair cut 'sit down and shut the f--- up,' at which point, the socially-conscious stunner posed a hypothetical question to the would-be pundits.

'What if you found out Hank read your comment [and] felt bad about himself? How would you feel about yourself?' she asked, getting in a parting shot by calling those who made such remarks, 'f------ scum of the earth a------s.'

Mother knows best: Kendra said her son likes his hair shaggy and she's happy if he is. The two were pictured this past August in Malibu

Uh-oh: Kendra said she faced a dilemma when her son asked to read her social media comments on Sunday, as she knew there was chatter about his look


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