'An angel sent from heaven': Miranda Kerr leaves ANTM's final five contestants star struck as she mentors them in a photoshoot challenge

With only two weeks left in the competition, five contestants are one step closer to becoming Australia's Next Top Model.

And on Tuesday night's episode, the contestants were treated to a very special appearance by trailblazing supermodel Miranda Kerr.

The 33-year-old was introduced onto the set by judge and fashion designer Alex Perry, who also revealed she'd be the girls' mentor for the photoshoot challenge ahead.

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Guest star: Miranda Kerr played celebrity guest mentor,  talking the five finalists through their photoshoot challenge on Tuesday night's episode of Australia's Next Top Model

'Miranda Kerr is honestly like an angel sent from heaven,' 16-year-old Linnea gushed. 'She looks like, airbrushed and like, perfect.'

Standing alongside Miranda and famous fashion photographer Graham Shearer, Alex told the girls: 'To be an influential model you need to know how to make a statement,' adding that they'll all be modelling 'over-the-top costumes'. 

For the shoot, the girls were styled with gorgeous ball gowns, extravagant accessories as well as bright make-up and flamboyant wigs.

'You need to know how to make a statement': The 33-year-old stood beside Alex Perry (left) who instructed the contestants on the photoshoot ahead 

Challenging: The girls were tasked with getting a stunning photo whilst being dressed in bold statement-making costumes

Kassidy's set was filled with red balloons on the floor and she was advised by Miranda to walk through them with confidence and 'pretend like you're opening a show'.

But it was easier said than done for the aspiring model, who was complaining of her shoes being too big.

'I've had that problem before,' seasoned professional Miranda told her, encouraging her to work through the issue.

Failing to focus on getting the shot rather than the shoes, Kassidy didn't leave judge Alex impressed with her performance either.

'Kassidy didn't give us big, she didn't give us amazing,' the fashion designer said.

Tough: Despite being beautifully dressed, Aleyna was struggling to follow Miranda's directions on-set

Sporting a purple outfit with orchids on it, Sabine was confident in what she was wearing and let her inner model shine through.

'Have you been practising? What's different today?' Alex asked, impressed with her on-set presence.

Miranda was also pleased with the teen's performance, giving her positive feedback throughout the shoot.

'Sabine really did own it. Energetically, she was like, "here I am."'

When it came to Daisy's turn, the Sydney-based blonde's attempts to be creative with her hand poses didn't work in her favour.

Stepping out of her comfort zone: Daisy was hesitant to smile for the camera, but happily obliged when being instructed by Miranda

'I was cringing a little,' Miranda said in a piece-to-camera.

She then took Daisy out of her comfort zone and asked her to smile for the camera in order to change the energy.

Despite lacking confidence about her smile, Daisy proceeded to follow Miranda's instructions, which paid off.

'She kind of looks like Elle Macpherson' Miranda told Alex behind-the-scenes.

Aleyna was the final girl to pose for the challenge, while wearing one of Alex's own designs.

First challenge: Earlier in the episode, Lauren Phillips was introduced to the girls as she presented them with their first task

Branding: The girls were asked to develop their own personal brand as well as style and shoot a photo that marketed the new Mazda car

Team work: With mentors Jordan and Zac Stenmark as their chauffeurs for the day, the girls had to rely on each other to capture their winning shots

Despite looking stunning in her outfit, the brunette couldn't quite get the posing right with her hands.

'I'm just trying to teach her about her hands not being like a paw,' Miranda told the camera before instructing Aleyna on how to position her hands to look elegant.

But the directions appeared to fall on deaf ears, with Miranda becoming frustrated with the contestant's poses.

Aleyna's performance was a stark contrast from earlier on in the episode, when she won the first challenge. 

The contestants were challenged to develop their own personal brand and showcase the new Mazda 2, in a bid to win a print campaign. 

Demanding: Kassidy overwhelmed her team mates after demanding to continue shooting until she was satisfied with her shot

Diva? Kassidy's attitude was described as a 'challenge' by her team mate Sabine

Lacking confidence: School girl Aleyna struggled with the task of creating her own brand, admitting the pressure of the competition was just dawning on her

With mentors Zac and Jordan Stenmark as their chauffeurs for the day, the girls had to style themselves and rely on each other to capture their winning shot.

Kassidy's team mates Aleyna and Sabine felt overwhelmed by the Newcastle blonde's demands during their shoot.

'I need to be competitive because I want to win,' Kassidy said in a piece-to-camera. 'They're my friends, but they're also my competition.'

Despite having had more time to pose than her team mates, the 19-year-old insisted on continuing to shoot instead of driving back to their base.

Time to judge: Cheyenne Tozzi and Lauren later scored the girls' photos at Mazda headquarters

'Kassidy, I mean, I don't want to call her a b****. But it was a challenge,' Sabine said.

They then headed back to Mazda headquarters where their photos were judged by model mentor Cheyenne Tozzi and Channel Nine personality Lauren Phillips.

School girl Aleyna admitted she 'struggled' with the day's task of creating her own brand.

But despite her own reservations about the challenge and her final shot, the 16-year-old was the girl with the most impressive photo according to judge Lauren.

Thrilled: Despite her reservations, Aleyna ended up with the top score and winning a print campaign with Mazda

Disappointed: Kassidy wasn't happy about the result, admitting she thought she should have won the challenge over Aleyna

Kassidy, who came in at second place with one point less than Aleyna, was gutted she was beaten.

'Aleyna didn't even have a brand,' she said. 'It's just a bit disappointing.'

In the elimination ceremony, pressure was mounting as the girls find out whether they have a spot in the competition's top four.

After finishing last in the first challenge, Linnea's final photo left all the judges amazed at her talents.

10 out of 10: Linnea was at the bottom of the score board after the first challenge, but went on to receive a perfect score from Jennifer

Jennifer Hawkins even gave her a perfect score of 10 out of 10, telling the tomboy teen her 'face can sell magazines'.

Kassidy's photo underwhelmed the judges, with the model again explaining that her shoes for the shoot were too big.

But that wasn't a good enough excuse for judges Megan and Jennifer, who have experienced ill-fitting props before throughout their careers.

Unreal: Despite being a tomboy at heart, Linnea's doll-like looks kept her safe from elimination

'When stuff doesn't fit, you've just kind of got to expect it,' Megan said.

Aleyna, who was finding it tough on set to relax her hands, ended up wowing the judges despite the awkward pose.

'The only thing that bugs me are your hands, but in saying that, you have sold me that dress,' Jennifer said before giving her a 9.5 score.

Well done: Despite struggling in the photo shoot itself, Aleyna ended up receiving one of the top scores of the episode

Meanwhile, Daisy's photo was the one that divided the judges the most, with Jennifer and Megan both feeling 'uneasy' about the shot.

Alex was thrilled with the shot as well as Daisy's performance on set.

With her score about to be revealed, Kassidy was at risk of going home as she had the lowest score so far.

Staying positive: At risk of going home, Daisy told judges she was 'okay' with the prospect of going home as it's not the 'be all and end all'

Daisy told the judges she was feeling 'okay' about the prospect of going home.

'You can't let it be the be-all-and-end-all. Otherwise you'll drive yourself crazy,' she told the judges.

Kassidy wasn't pleased with her competition's comments, telling the camera: 'If you're going to say that, go home then and let me stay, because I'll do so much more with it than what you will.'

Shock outcome: Judge Alex's score that saved Daisy over Kassidy shocked both Megan and Jennifer

It was down to Alex to give the final score that would either save Daisy or Kassidy, and the judge went against his co-stars' scores of 7.5 and gave Daisy a 9, saving her from elimination.

Kassidy didn't take the news well, storming off after saying goodbye to the contestants and judges and telling the camera crew: 'I just need to get out of here. I'm about to freak out.

'I'm angry, I thought my photo was way better than Daisy's, but Alex obviously liked hers better than mine.'

Devastated: The blonde became very emotional after her elimination and told the camera crew she was going to 'freak out'


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