No hard feelings! Steven Yeun and Jeffrey Dean Morgan embrace at Talking Dead premiere... after brutal Walking Dead season opener


Fans of The Walking Dead got a gut-wrenching and heartbreaking surprise on Sunday night as the show aired its season seven premiere. 

And that same evening the stars of the hit AMC show appeared on the red carpet for a live 90-minute episode of The Talking Dead.

As nine of their fellow actors converged on Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the taping, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) and his onscreen victim Steven Yeun (Glenn) embraced showing in real life there were no hard feelings.

Awkward! Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) and his onscreen victim Steven Yeun (Glenn) embraced showing in real life there is no hard feelings whilst at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery tape Talking Dead after the seventh series premiere of The Walking Dead

Colleagues and buddies: Norman Reedus (left) and Morgan (right) also shared an embrace

Also sharing the carpet was Norman Reedus whose actions on the series opener precipitate the murder of fan favourite Glenn Rhee.

For the Talking Dead taping, 50-year-old Dean had pulled a black leather jacket over a dark grey T-shirt and black jeans. At one point, in a fit of playfulness, he flipped off the cameras with both hands.

During the live chat show Yeun said of his fate on the show: 'For me that was motivation to be like "Yeah that sounds great."'

He said there were difficulties knowing that his character was meeting his end, as at first he was happy knowing something others didn't, but it just got hard lying to people.

Menace: The 50-year-old features on the programme as the villainous Negan, who wields a barbed-wired baseball bat he's named Lucille

Dying words: Glenn had dying words for Maggie before Negan turned his skull into pulp

All smiles: Glenn his played by Steven Yeun (right), his pregnant widow Maggie Greene by Lauren Cohan (left)

Steven said that his character's death was orchestrated perfectly as he said: 'I think Glenn died in a very Glenn way.

'That's what my wife Jo said: "He died in a such Glenn way", which is perfect. Still not thinking about himself. I think it's appropriate that he ends there and it's also appropriate that he puts those words out as a final "look out for each other."'

Meanwhile, 47-year-old Reedus was far more formal, his long brown hair falling over a charcoal suit he'd worn with a black and white tie.

During the most recent episode of the comic-book-based zombie programme, Morgan's character Negan slaughters two men. 

Not only Steven Yeun's Glenn, but also Michael Cudlitz' Abraham Ford, meet their end by a barbed-wired baseball bat Negan's named Lucille. It's only after Reedus' character, Daryl Dixon, punches Negan that the latter decides to murder Glenn.

Meanwhile, on the show...: On Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, the 47-year-old's character Daryl Dixon punches Negan, prompting him to murder fan favourite character Glen Rhee

Dragged away: Daryl was dragged away before Negan punished the group for his defiance

A special message: The Grey's Anatomy actor had a choice gesture for the camera

The previous sixth series had ended with a cliffhanger by which the audience knew that Negan would kill a major character, but not which one.

Before taping Talking Dead, a besuited Yeun posed on the red carpet with Lauren Cohan, whose character Maggie Greene is now Glenn's pregnant widow. 

Her zaffre strapless dress fell off the shoulder and showcased her svelte figure, baring a bit of cleavage and featuring a triangular tear at the top of the midriff.

Cudlitz had tossed on a black jumper over a pair of dark jeans and rounding out the look with faded black shoes. Talking Dead's host Chris Hardwick, wearing a brown tartan suit, wrapped his arms about the 51-year-old in an embrace from behind.

Casualty: During Sunday night's episode, Negan also kills Abraham Ford, who's played by Michael Cudlitz

Consolation: Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick (right) gave Cudlitz a hug of his own 




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