The Home of Hip Hop – New York City

New York City is an absolute mecca for a wide variety of worldwide cultures and communities… art, fashion, music, business and anything else you can dream of will be alive and kicking on a street somewhere within the big city… as Alicia Keys says – “if I can make it here, I can make it anywhere.” One […]

Exploring New York City!

Aside from wonderful shopping opportunities, phenomenal theatre shows and an incredibly multi-cultural society… New York City is, also, an absolute mecca for some fantastic sight-seeing. As one of the first European settlements in America, almost 500 years ago, New York has a great number of historic sights following on from a European dream of the “New World” – and, later, a […]

Running the TCS New York City Marathon!

Continued from my previous post… How NOT to Prepare for your First Marathon… As one of the official Abbott Marathon Majors, the New York City Marathon is one of the six most renowned marathons in the world – making it an unforgettable experience for both, runners, and supporters alike.  In this post, I’ve tried to encompass my personal experience […]

Niagara Falls in Fall – Niagara in a Nutshell

Continued from my previous blog post… London to Niagara-on-the-Lake… Visiting Niagara Falls in Fall (Autumn) is a great way to avoid the mass crowds and also see Canada’s National Emblem (the red Maple leaf) falling from the trees in abundance.  Here’s my experience of my two day trip to the falls… “Niagara in a Nutshell“. […]

Imminent NYC trip!

I’m ridiculously excited to announce that, tomorrow, I’ll be jetting off to New York… ripe and ready for my marathon on Sunday!!  I’ve been training for almost 16 weeks (and planning for about 8!!), and it’s finally race week!! The plan, for this imminent NYC trip, is to fly into JFK, then straight to Buffalo and onwards to my hotel […]