Congress Just Humiliated Corrupt FBI Dir. James Comey, He Is Going To Resign Any Moment!


FBI director is going to be investigated by congress, for the first time in US history!

This is huge humiliation for FBI Director James Comey, there are rumors he will resign any moment after this was revealed!

According to Conservative 101:

” Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey has come under fire for letting Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton get away with her email crimes that put so many Americans’ safety at risk while she served as Secretary of State under Obama.


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There has been plenty of criticism against Comey, but until now there had been no actions taken to punish him or oust him from his job.
You’ll be pleased to hear that all of that is going to change very soon. Sorry, James! Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Judiciary Committee, have just disclosed that they have subpoenaed Comey and other top FBI officials over the email scandal.

Said Chaffetz to conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, “We will be holding hearings.”

Chaffetz continued, “Thursday, a hearing with the undersecretary for management, Mr. Kennedy, who will come and testify along with a host of others about how did they snooker the American public for years in filling these FOIA requests and the media, and what are they going to do to clean it up. We want to know from the State Department how they misled the American public for so long.”
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Are you happy that Comey will finally be held accountable?

Many people throw themselves under the bus for Hillary, and all of them are going to pay the price!

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