Soldier Plane Vs Sabre: MiG 15 vs F86

Battle of MiG 15

While the MiG-15 has publicly shown in 1949. (in particular, participated in the air parade in July 1949 in Tushino), its high performance and use in large quantities in Korea during the war 1950-1953 biennium. steel, according to foreign historians surprise to the Americans. In Korea used MiG-15 and MiG-15 bis Chinese and Soviet V AC and they were used mainly to cover North Korea objects from air raids. One of the first in North China for the protection of anti-North Korea arrived 324 th Division, which commanded I. N. Kozhedub. The first MiG-15, marking signs North Korea appeared in the Korean skies on November 8, 1950 Initially, they had to air home with American fighter Lockheed F-80 “Shooting Star” (the first Air Force fighter jet) and F-84 Ripablik “Tanderdzhet” significantly ustupavshimi MiG-15 on the characteristics. The Americans immediately enacted their latest by the time jet fighter North American F-86 Sabre, which (in options F-86 and A F-86E) used to escort bombers and the groups have become the main enemy air sky. The first clash of MiG-15 and F-86 air occurred on December 17, 1950 – it was the first air combat fighter with sagittal wing.

Battle of MiG-15 in Korea showed its advantages trehpushechnogo powerful weapons: F-86 was very vulnerable to fire guns fire 23 mm and 37 mm (eg protektirovannye tanks F-86A not provide protection against such calibre shells). Much more poorly armed “Seybrov (six 12.7-mm machine guns) were often can only damage the MiG-15. The Americans, despite the efforts to develop weapons gun, it could not finalize in the short term, and guns (four M39 20 mm calibre) to F-86 were installed after the war in Korea. MiG-15 was much easier than the F-86, and close to the wing of the unit load (MIG-15-262, MiG-15 bis – 296-275 F-86A, F-86E-302 kg / m to a maximum take-off weight with PTB) has surpassed F-86 fighter aircraft in tyagovooruzhennosti ( MiG-15-.42, MiG-15 bis – 0.44, 0.32 – F-86A, F-86E – 0.29). This has the advantage of MiG-15 in vertical maneuvers by the best performance acceleration and climb. Height limits and manoeuvrability characteristics of the MiG-15 were also better (Practical ceiling MiG-15-15200 m, MiG-15 bis – 15500 m, the maximum operational overload – 8, while F-86 to 14630 m and 7) .

The benefits of F-86 it is better equipment, and in particular sight with a radar Rangefinder automatically continuously amendments range, while the MiG-15 sight automatically built only forestall angles, and the range of pilot actually typed in manually sight, obramlyaya goal in sight sight continuing licence ring. F-86 quickly gained speed pikirovanii and had less than MiG-15, “loess” with the withdrawal from pikirovaniya. In pikirovanii air combat F-86 and MiG-15 often went to the turbulence velocity, where F-86 has more resistance, while the MiG-15 could face “valezhkoy.” “MIG” somewhat less than the F-86 aircraft in a horizontal manoeuvrability (due to the use of F-86 predkrylkov) in the range of from PTB.

In the air war over Korea’s success remained in the Soviet pilots. The most effective “reactive” ACOM has Pepelyayev E., which won 23 aerial victories (the actual subject under the record 19 victories in the flight record and four victories, “devoted” to the slave), with 108 combat flights (number of victories in one sortie – 0.21). At Pepelyaeva by 12 F-86, F-84, four, six F-80, one F-94. N. Sutyagin won a victory in 1921 with 150 sorties, and 15 aircraft destroyed by Shchukin and L. A. Smorchko- Islands, seven Russian pilots have asset for 10-14 victory. 22 pilot were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. It is estimated Americans pilots “sky” used more than 30 tactical tricks. In the course had “escaped the noose”, “crazy”, “hump to the sun”, “trap”, “go”, which were otrabotany involving I. Kozheduba even in the Great Patriotic War. Of American pilots became the most productive J. McConnel, which is 106 combat flights in F-86 shooting down 16 planes (the number of victories in one-off 0.15). The second place among Americans J. Jabara, winning 15 victories. The totals also spoken in favour of Russian military equipment. Soviet pilots, according to the city Lobov, in the air battle over China and North Korea shot down over 1,300 aircraft (including bombers and other types of fighter aircraft, in addition to F-86), while losing 345 “sky”. Statistics on the Korean Aviation of China and North Korea, unfortunately, not available.

Abroad, there are different estimates of the impact of MiG-15 and F-86 in Korea, most of which are based on tendentious American statistics. For example, the ratio of losses MiG-15 and F-86 all-time war in Korea indicated the same 14:1 (818 MiG-15 planes to 58 planes F-86) or 10:1 (792 MiG-15 to 78 F-86 ). At the same time abroad recently recognized advantages MiG-15 flying characteristics and armament than F-86A / E and the main cause of heart so called loss ratio better training American pilots used their tactics, as well as more “aggressive in air combat. Without going into the debate so strained explanation, noting that the figures clearly untrue. ‘ll Use also that the Soviet aviation main task was to cover North Korea objects from air raids and the main objective was American attack planes, the role of a “clean” fighting between fighters was secondary.

MiG-15 is widely used in 1956 during the fighting between Egypt and the coalition, formed by Israel, Britain and France. Park fighters MiG-15 bis, who represented the Egyptian Air Force base, there were cars on the Soviet and Czechoslovak production (ie, 41% of the 270 combat aircraft available to Egypt). Egyptian MiG-15 was used primarily as a cover for attack aircraft De Hevillend “Vampire” and Gloster Meteor, Israeli paratroopers stormed the position of landing units planted in the rear of Egyptian troops. Their main opponents were Israeli air fighter Dassault “Mister” IV and MD-450 “Hurricane French production, which took close to the MiG-15 speed and manoeuvrability characteristics. The advantage in air battles, it was generally on the side of the Israeli aviation because of the higher level of flight commanders and the Israeli Air Force. In the course of military action, Israeli figures, was shot 18 Israeli air force planes, and Egyptian aviation was hit only one coherent and reconnaissance aircraft Piper “Cab” (the others struck anti-aircraft artillery fire). According to Egyptian figures, the enemy suffered more losses (but final figures are not). Total losses amounted to the Egyptian Air Force in the western figures, more than 260 aircraft, including eight MiG-15 bis. MiG-15 was used in many other smaller military conflicts in various regions of the world.

Long MiG-15 has been successfully used for the defence of the USSR borders. For example, in early April 1955 MiG-15 bis, took off from the airport in Kamchatka, shooting down American RB-47 reconnaissance aircraft, violated the airspace of the Soviet Union and went at a speed of 10000 m 850-870 km / h. There were losses: Nov. 18, 1951 one MiG-15 was shot down in an air battle with violators air border in the area of the Cape Gamov.


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