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Carla DiMaggio who lost son in 9/11 describes getting breast cancer treatment

A breast cancer diagnosis is the start of a lengthy and painful journey, through mastectomies, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and all its side effects. At best it takes two months to remove the disease. For 73-year-old Carla DiMaggio, after losing her firefighter son on 9/11 and four aunts to breast cancer at an early age, her diagnosis in 2014 came amid decades of grief. But there was one nugget of hope: she was eligible for a groundbreaking new two-hour procedure, that can have patients back in work and cancer-free within 10 days. Two years later, Carla, a grandmother-of-six from New York's Staten Island, remains cancer-free and incredibly grateful. 

Researchers at King's College London analyzed 2,000 adults who have been part of a clinical trial since they were children in the 1960s. They found a direct link between bullying and obesity.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have vowed sweeping changes that would make it hard for women to get abortions and contraception. Now searches for IUD coils are at an all-time high.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The woman, from Delhi, India, underwent a six-hour long operation to save her life. Surgeons removed the football-sized tumour and three other growths.

Very young babies whose neck muscles are not strong enough to stop their heads flopping forward could stop breathing if they are in a car seat, Bristol University researchers warn.

Father of cancer-striken girl will donate GoFundMe funds to charity

Andy Whelan, 30, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, posted a distressing black and white image of his daughter Jessica grimacing in pain as she battled the terminal disease (left). The four-year-old (pictured with her father, right) was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma in September last year and is no longer receiving treatment. A fundraising campaign was set up to give the little girl a chance to enjoy her last few weeks and it raised almost £100,000. But her father has now closed the GoFundMe page and has written online that his daughter's 'time remaining with us is sadly limited' (inset). Mr Whelan was overwhelmed with the support the family received and thanked people for their 'comments, messages and fundraising attempts'.

Some veterans are fighting for the Department of Veterans Affairs to recognize their disease as service-related so they can receive benefits, but most claims are denied.

Sarah Summers from Rhondda dies weeks after being refused funding for a cancer drug

Sarah Summers (left), 31, from Treherbert in the Rhondda, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year after finding a lump. She underwent 18 weeks of chemotherapy and had began to recover - but was told at the start of this year that she had a genetic mutation leaving her at high risk of further tumours. In April, doctors confirmed the worst and revealed her cancer had returned and had even spread to her lungs. Experts advised her to seek funding for a drug called Kadcyla but her local health board rejected her appeal. Her health continued to deteriorate and she developed fluid on her lungs and pneumonia before losing her battle at the start of September. Her husband Michael Poole (right), 31, said: 'We were lost for words.'

Researchers from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology believe nutrient rich foods help ward off the condition by boosting the immune system.

Somerset-based psychotherapist Karen Meager says punishing yourself for bad habits such as smoking will only make you feel worse, which will lead to more addictive behaviour.

Traumatic situations cause the section of their brain responsible for feelings and actions - known as the insula - to shrink, researchers from Stanford University found.

Niki, 25, a former grade A college student discovered heroin seven years ago and become hooked. She has been selling her body for sex for three years to fund her and her boyfriend's habit.

37-year-old suffers from 'sleeping beauty syndrome' which forced her to lose her job

Heather Reed (left and right), 37, was diagnosed with Kleine-Levin syndrome - also known as 'sleeping beauty syndrome' - two years ago. But five years before doctors revealed she had myalgic encephalomyelitis - which causes persistent fatigue. On a good day she sleeps for around 12 hours but some days her illnesses can be so bad that she needs 22 hours of shut eye. Her combination of conditions forced her to lose her job and has prevented her from having a normal social life.

Experts have revealed the surprising tips that can help you lose weight while you sleep, including sipping grape juice before bed, sleeping naked and getting in a pre-sleep workout.

More than a dozen students have contracted mumps at the State University of New York. The outbreak, first reported last month, started on the school's swim team.

Mother-of-two who thought her cancer had returned discovers she is pregnant

Kayleigh Gilbert (left), 31, from Mildenhall, Suffolk, who has two daughters Lyla (together right), seven, and Aoife, five, underwent eight months of aggressive chemotherapy (left inset) to battle her leukaemia after being diagnosed two years ago. Doctors warned her she had less than a one per cent chance of conceiving naturally, crushing her hopes of ever having a son. Despite treatment being a success and her entering remission, she was left worried her cancer had returned when she began to feel sick and tired. But after seeking medical help, tests revealed she was four-and-a-half months pregnant - with the little boy she always longed for. She gave birth to Eilon (right inset) in June this year.

Aniyah Todd, from Liverpool, was diagnosed with encephalocele - and her family were warned she would likely die. Doctors revealed she was born without 90 per cent of her brain.

While suffering from the common condition also leaves adults at higher risk of the organ failing, causing waste products to build up in the body, University of Tennessee researchers found.

People born before 1968, such as Prince Philip, who was born in 1921, are likely to have defences against a family of viruses researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, found.

All non-urgent operations and appointments were cancelled at Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust (pictured) for two days last month, after a malicious virus infected the IT system

Brian Turner reveals top tips for clear skin after acne transformation

Brian Turner, a bodybuilder from the U.S. who once suffered from painful-looking acne (left), has shared his comprehensive list for banishing blemishes for good (right). Mr Turner previously said his three main tips for eradicating acne were cutting out dairy, eating 12 servings of vegetables a day (inset) and 3.7 litres of water. But he said there's so much more you can do to clear your skin, including changing your bed sheets each night, showering straight after your sweat and quitting alcohol. Here he shared the 'easy, medium and hard' list of tips you can do to clear your skin.

Researchers at University College London found going to bed at different times had more of an effect on children’s weight than the amount of television they watched or the sports they played.

Scientists tested DNA samples from 25 red squirrels living on Brownsea Island, Dorset, and found that every one was infected with the leprosy bacteria Mycobacterium leprae.

Yesterday’s Court of Appeal ruling means up to £20million may be diverted to provide pills for those at risk of HIV infection due to their high-risk sex lives, including up to 5,000 gay men.

An Oregon State study warns 'repetitive thought' - on top of an imperfect life balance - increases our risk of higher blood pressure, depression, and stress, leading to a stroke or diabetes.

Researchers at Kingston University say using your hands can help you solve problems more efficiently - and make you a much better Scrabble player.

Woman shows off incredible transformation after divorce inspired weight-loss

Jennifer Moats, 29, from Fort Riley, Kansas, weighed 236lbs after the birth of her third child. The 5'5" mom had high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic, but after her divorce, she decided she was too young to be so heavy. Jennifer cut out sugars and carbs from her diet and started a workout regimen that helped her get down to 112lbs in less than a year.

Rocker Ed Sheeran has made a young superfan's dream come true by visiting her in hospital in Surrey to serenade her. Melody Driscoll, nine, suffers from the rare brain condition, Rett syndrome.

Asif Ahmed, 47, from Greenwich, was left paralysed after he went over the handlebar of his bike while on a beginners' mountain bike skills course being run by Leon MacLean in Surrey.

A team at San Francisco's Gladstone Institute tested 5,500 different chemicals before identifying two that can turn scar tissue into healthy heart muscle.

A daily dose of probiotics over just 12 weeks produced a moderate but significant improvement in the score of elderly Alzheimer’s patients, Iranian researchers found.

'Pink', known to chemists as U-47700, comes from a family of synthetic opioids far more potent than heroin. It is imported to the United States mainly from China. It will be banned for two years.

The findings by the University of Illinois call into question the validity of marketing campaigns that urge women to drink licorice tea to combat estrogen deficiency during menopause.

Two-year-old boy dies from meningitis after doctors said his cough 'was just a chest

Tyler McDonnell (inset), from Leeds, had developed a bad cough and high temperature and was violently shaking last month. But his mother Theresa (main), 41, says doctors believed it to be just a viral infection and sent him home. When his condition worsened over the following week, she took him back to Bellbrooke Surgery in Harehills, where his GP prescribed antibiotics - which they say was just 'following procedures'. Ms McDonnell realised his heart had stopped beating and immediately called an ambulance when she tried to give him the medicine. Doctors diagnosed him with meningococcal meningitis and spent days trying to save his life - but he died just two days later.

Human eggs can be regenerated by making use of genetic material that normally goes to waste, researchers from Salk Institute, California, found.

Low levels were also linked to an increased risk of triple negative tumours, researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Division of Research found.

Today the British Medical Association admitted it was time to 're-engage' with NHS bosses and study how the new contract would work in practice.

Developed by a team Imperial College London and DNA Electronics, its makers say the USB test could be used to help patients in remote regions manage the condition more effectively.

Middle-aged women living with arthritis and depression were most likely to be disabled or have less social involvement, researchers from McMaster University, Ontario found.

Blood tests for vitamin D levels - not advised unless a problem like bone loss is suspected - are soaring. There was an 83-fold increase from 2000 to 2010, to 8.7 million tests last year, at $40 apiece.

Baby defies odds after doctors said she wouldn't survive with bowels outside of her body

Erin Angell-Field, from Benington, Hertfordshire, was diagnosed with gastroschisis - a rare birth defect that causes the digestive organs to stick out of the stomach - while in the womb. Doctors warned that it was unlikely she would survive pregnancy, forcing her mother to have regular scans. When she was born, she was whisked away by doctors who had to wrap her in cling film to keep her organs warm as she was rushed for surgery. She spent two and a half months in hospital being closely monitored, and even fought off the deadly blood infection sepsis during her battle. But now 22 months old, Erin is thriving at home and just has been left without a belly button from where it was stitched up. However, her parents say there is still 'a long road ahead'.

Beci and Amy Stone from Exeter were so desperate for a child they spent their savings on six rounds of artificial insemination with a sperm donor chosen for his clean bill of health and 'cute baby photos'.

Tracy Kiss from Buckinghamshire drinks SPERM smoothies which has boosted her immunity to

Tracy Kiss, 29, from Buckinghamshire, has revealed that she has enlisted her friend to provide her with regular sperm which she adds to her morning smoothies. She says that it has boosted her energy levels and made her feel less 'run down'. Tracy adds she is happy to drink it neat unless he has had alcohol or has eaten something particularly pungent. Pictured: Tracy touches the contents of her sample pot (right).

None of the rats tested at Philadelphia's Wistar Institute contracted Zika after getting the vaccine. It is the best result of a Zika vaccine to date, and it is the same being tested in the first human trials.

Researchers from the Desert Research Institute, Nevada, say the findings are a cause for concern due to the 8,000 flavours available - with some designed specifically to attract young adults.

US researchers found that the initial memory loss marking the beginning of dementia may instead be triggered by the menopause, when levels of the hormone oestrogen plummet.

Despite billions of pounds of investment, most extend the lives of patients by a few months at best, according to analysis from doctors that was published in the British Medical Journal.

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne tested the device in two Rhesus monkeys who were able to walk again in just six days.

A Cairns woman has been admitted to hospital with second degree burns after her Breville Fast and Slow cooker malfunctioned causing its contents to explode out and on to her

Anorexic teenager Hollie Faye Cullen lived off six cups of tea a DAY

Hollie Faye Cullen, 18, from Devon, struggled with anorexia since the age of 14. In the grip of her illness, she would often limit herself to just 250 calories a day and once lived off tea alone. At her lowest point she weighed just 4 stone (left). However taking up pole dancing (inset) has helped restore her body confidence and she is now a much healthier weight (right).

Sleep scientists from the US say that night owls who get more sleep than their early riser peers still suffer more from daytime sleepiness because they are genetically wired to sleep at different times

In a new study, researchers compared the memory capabilities of middle-aged women and men, and found that women outperform their counterparts across all measures.

After managing her first word at seven weeks - while most children start chattering at nine months - Evelyn Matthews, from Newport, south Wales, rolled over when she was just three months old.

Anne Jennings, 67, from Dorset, is suing Center Parcs after she fell from the Tornado water slide in Bedford and was left needing seven staples in her head.

Little girl saves her sister's life by donating bone marrow

Lily Thomas was just nine years old when she saved her sister's life. The little girl, from Australia, was a near perfect match for her younger sister Ava (pictured inset and left, right with her sister Lily), and was able to donate bone marrow to save her. Ava was diagnosed with MPS 1 Hurler syndrome, a rare genetic condition, when she was five months old. The family appeared on Today Extra to share their story, describing the bone marrow donation as a 'miracle'.

Scientists found that former Scouts and Guides enjoy better mental health than their contemporaries, having an 18 per cent lower risk of suffering anxiety and mood disorders in middle age.

A seven-year-old girl from Perth is competing in a triathlon to raise money for breast cancer research. Makayla Moloney has entered this year's Triathlon Pink event and hopes to raise $5,000.

A jump of just seven body mass index units during puberty leaves young boys vulnerable to early death from cardiovascular disease later in life, Swedish researchers found.

Sarah Colwill, 41, , of Plymouth, lost her strong Devon drawl overnight following a stroke seven years ago in one of only 20 known cases of Foreign Accent Syndrome worldwide.

Chinese doctor grows ear on man's ARM to restore his hearing after he lost organ in

A doctor in China has successfully grown an artificial ear on a man's arm in a pioneering medical procedure (pictured). The patient, surnamed Ji, lost his right ear in an accident and yearned to have it back. Guo Shuzhong (inset), a plastic surgeon from a hospital in Xi'an, used Mr Ji's cartilage from his ribs to build the new ear. He expects to transfer it to the man's head in about four months.

The sugar packed drinks were also linked to a rise in insulin resistance, which is known to be a risk factor of type 2 diabetes, researchers from Tufts University, Massachusetts, found.

Those who got six hours sleep drank a tenth - 11 per cent - more caffeinated sugar-sweetened beverages, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, found.

Stanford University in California researchers say there is a ‘substantial opportunity’ to prevent more deaths through wider use of stronger pills for patients.

People aged between 65 and 69 were responsible for 1.3 million admissions of NHS admissions in England - the biggest number of a single age group, new data from NHS Digital found.

Frida Harju, a Swedish-based nutritionist at health and fitness app Lifesum, says if you are standing by the printer waiting for it to finish, then it is an ideal opportunity for some leg toning exercises.

Hala El-Shafie, a consultant nutritionist, says that there are five eating categories that everyone falls into - and when you work out which one you belong to, it's easier to slim down.

California and Massachusetts LEGALIZE recreational marijuana

Eight states have voted to legalize marijuana for recreational or medical use. California, Massachusetts and Nevada voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, giving a huge boost to the campaign to allow pot nationwide. Maine's votes, though still being counted on Wednesday morning, were close but looking most likely in favor of legalization. 

The Golden State's voters decided porn stars will not be required to wear condoms by 54 per cent to 46 per cent. California is the capital of the porn industry as well as the larger movie industry.

Boulder, Colorado, will add 2 cents of tax per ounce on sugary drinks. San Francisco, Oakland and Albany in California have all passed a penny-per-ounce tax.

Monroe County residents have backed a proposal to release a lab-developed group of mosquitoes designed to infect the Zika-carrying mosquito population with a genetic mutation.

Health officials believe Tuesday's vote could have one of the biggest impacts on US health in the wake of this election, though similar measures fell short in Colorado, North Dakota and Missouri last night.

Pro-euthanasia lobbyists claim the 'yes' vote in Colorado on Tuesday has now opened the floodgates for seven more states - including New Jersey and New York - to follow suit.

A new study of US adults by the University of California San Francisco has revealed new details about how blue light on mobile devices can disrupt the body clock (stock image).

PureGym reveal how much exercise it takes to burn off junk food

Experts have revealed how long it takes to burn off unhealthy meals - including two hours of spinning for a Chinese takeaway and three hours of aerobics for a burger and chips. And it's not just foods that can be detrimental to your waistline, with a single vodka and Red Bull (112 calories) requiring 25 minutes of weightlifting and a pint of beer (250 calories) taking around 20 minutes of climbing to burn off.

In 2015-16 there were 24,942 children born to women over the age of 40, the NHS say. Experts say the increase could be down to celebrities such as Halle Berry, who gave birth at 47.

The unborn daughter of Aimee Fagan 27, from Kirkby, Merseyside, was captured smiling when the mother-to-be went for a 4D - or moving image - scan.

Tips from Robert Marchand a Lecturer in Operations Management at the University of Sheffield, include using radiator panels and moving around your furniture.

The move to make all of the brands contain less than 4.5g of sugar per 100ml means none of the products will fall into the Government's sugar tax category, which is set to come into effect in 2018.

Two experts from James Cook University, Queensland, say by having been in a relationship, an individual is communicating they have desirable romantic characteristics.

Tina Sayavic, 20, from Llubjana, Slovenia, suffers from a rare condition known as neurofibromatosis type 1 - which started showing its first signs when she was a youngster.

Kuang-Yo Ku designs retainer that gives men more pleasure during fellatio

A retainer has been invented to give men extra pleasure during fellatio. The plastic contraption fits into the sexual partner's mouth like a normal tooth-protecting device provided by orthodontists. But this invention, by dentist-turned-artist Kuang-Yi Ku, has an added twist. Aside from keeping the sexual partner's teeth in perfect condition, the retainer is built with cushioning to feel like human tissue. It can be customized with different kinds of bumps and curves to suit each user's personal taste. One day Ku hopes to apply biotechnological procedures, such as growing cells, to surgically implant lumps of human tissue into a person's mouth, rather than using a contraption with curves and ridges made to mimic them. 

A study has found being generous is more attractive to a potential partner than being rich. The University College London study found we prize willingness to help, over the ability to help.

Researchers from University College London say they are close to developing a new injection that would cause fewer side effects than traditional treatments for prostate cancer.

American researchers found that levels of the female sex hormone estradiol, a type of oestrogen, affected recall. The tests included being able to match names to faces, and remember lists.

Prince Harry bonds with sick children in WellChild 'Bad Day' music video

The royal, 32, stars in a new charity single music video - a new version of Daniel Powter’s ‘Bad Day’ sung by the WellChild Nurse and Families choir, bottom right, and featuring Scouting For Girls and rising X-Factor star, Josh Daniel. WellChild Patron Prince Harry shows his doting side, bottom right, as he appears in the video, along with WellChild Nurses and children they support. The red-haired royal, who can be seen in a teaser video clip, walks into the hospital with the nurses, top right, and bonds with a sick child, top left.

They will be outlined today by NHS chief executive Simon Stevens, who wants England to become the world's first nation to enforce such a ban.

Misty Mitchell, 36, an online weight loss coach from Wimberley in Texas, weighed over 21 stone after drinking 1,000 calories worth of vodka a night. She used to struggle to put on socks.

Researchers from the University of Southern California found cigarette smoking was much more prevalent after six months among adolescents who had been using e-cigarettes.

Despite advances that have made treatments safer and more effective, childhood cancer survivors don't appear to have experienced gains in long-term health outcomes, a new study suggests.

NHS agrees to payout Lucy Cookson after suffering catastrophic brain injury in childbirth

Lucy Cookson (left, with husband Adam in 2013), from Wakefield, suffered a catastrophic brain injury after she was rushed to theatre with a massive haemorrhage following the birth of her daughter Millie (right, as a baby). The 25-year-old, who lost six pints of blood on New Year’s Eve 2013, underwent surgery and was given a spinal anaesthetic instead of a general anaesthetic. She suffered a cardiac arrest during the procedure at Pinderfield’s Hospital in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, which starved her brain of oxygen and plunged her into a coma. Despite improvements, the young mum is still unable to walk or talk properly and relies on family and carers for help and support for everyday tasks.

Families were more likely to eat fast food and mindlessly overeat if they had a show on - even if they weren't actively watching it, the researchers write in the journal Appetite.

Immunotherapy teaches the body to attack tumours, but fails when patients develop a condition called cancer cachexia, researchers from Cambridge University found.

400 women in New Zealand have attended screenings of drama film Brooklyn and had their tears collected in the name of breast cancer research. Experts believe tears could detect breast cancer

Jessica Van Zeil, 23, was diagnosed with a rare form of ocular melanoma last year. The Melbourne woman had her left eye removed, but has since been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

Pregnant mother rushed to hospital after her dog Lola alerted her to having a miscarriage

Jade Ambrose, now 23, from Leeds, was 33 weeks pregnant and asleep when she was awoken by Lola (inset) who started barking. It was only then that she realised she was losing blood and her waters had broken - two common signs of a miscarriage. She was rushed to hospital where doctors fought to save her unborn child's life. And just eight weeks later, in August this year, she gave birth by Caeserean section to her little boy called Oliver (left), now 11 weeks. She believes her close relationship with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross (pictured right as a family with partner Paul Stacey, 29) is the only reason he is alive today.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Californian dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee, known as Dr Pimple Popper, had a 20 minute battle trying to coax the lipoma out of an unnamed woman's arm.

Pranshu, from Jalandhar in the Indian state of Punjab, was born with a medical defect and is unable to walk. Villagers believe he is a divine child and a reincarnation of the god Ganesha.

There was a slight reduction in teenagers having sexually-transmitted infections as a result of financial incentives to keep them in school, researchers from York University found.

We're obsessed with staying hydrated when we exercise, not just with water but with specialist drinks. Yet the evidence for these drinks' benefits is actually quite limited.

In a new study using fMRI scans to track brain activity, researchers found that people who don’t like music have lower blood flow in the brain’s reward networks when exposed to a tune.

Alison Brindle, 38, from Bolton, wrote to Prime Minister Theresa May after working 50 hours in four days. Her message, which was posted on Facebook, has been shared more than 7,000 times.

Marcus McCarthy who was unable to walk has taken first steps alongside his twin brother

Marcus McCarthy (left), from Southend, didn't have the strength to stand on his own two feet after being born (inset) with cerebral palsy. Although his healthy twin Jacob tried to help him with things, he struggled and just couldn't match him. Doctors told the family that it was unlikely he would ever walk unaided. But after a life-changing operation to give him more movement and 12 months of physiotherapy, he has now ditched his walking frame (right with Jacob) to walk for the first time.

Vitamin D's potential use in cancer prevention is exciting and could potentially impact on the lives of many people, researchers from Warwick University believe.

Cutting down on carbs such as pasta and bread is becoming a popular way to shed weight. Here, Noor Al-Refae, a dietitian at the Harley Street Cardiology Practice, suggests five of the best alternatives.

While Betty Russell consults Dr Martin Scurr about his son's "lemon-on-a-cocktail-stick" appearance, Nancy Joyce from Northants asks why she has bad bouts of hives with no apparent cause.

Brian Williams from Surrey has had 15 endoscopies over 15 years. He has Barrett’s oesophagus — a pre-cancerous condition affecting around two in every 100 people in the UK.

British households throw away 3.5 million tonnes of food and drink every year - half of which is completely edible. Femail can now reveal what you can - and should NEVER - eat after the expiry date.


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