'I can't believe I'm crying!' Emotional Kris Jenner sobs as she reveals her 'biggest fear' is losing a loved one

Despite her being a tough momager, Kris Jenner's vulnerable side does surface every now and again.

During the latest promo for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she began to sob as she interviewed her mother Mary Jo Shannon.

The 61-year-old buckled when Shannon asked her: 'What's your biggest fear?', wiping away tears as she revealed it was 'Just losing someone.'

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Emotional moment: During the latest promo of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris Jenner was reduced to tears whilst interviewing her mother Mary Jo Shannon

Mother and daughter matched each other in black and white outfits as they sat opposite one another, fully made up for the cameras.  

Before the interview began, a confessional showed the former Mrs Robert Kardashian admitting that 'I'm nervous. I don't want to make this a sad or emotional experience for my mom.'

Their on-camera conversation started lightheartedly enough. 'What year were you born?' asked Kris, to which Mary Jo replied: ''34.'

Incisive: The 82-year-old had asked her daughter: 'What's your biggest fear?'

'1934 or 1834?' her daughter vamped, prompting the erstwhile Mary Jo Campbell to confirm that she was not in fact 182 years old.

All five of Kris' daughters - Kylie and Kendall Jenner as well as Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian - were sprawled about couches in another room, watching the proceedings unfold on monitors.

Mary Jo went on to reveal that her mother had delivered her when she was 'probably 19' years of age.

'I can't believe I'm crying': The 61-year-old demanded: 'Why did you ask me that?' as she sobbed, fanning her face with the papers she'd had in her lap

'Really? So, like Kylie's age,' said the Jenner matriarch. The comparison wasn't lost on Tyga's girlfriend, who fidgeted a bit on the sofa.

'Yeah, but in those days,' the 82-year-old explained, 'you know, that's what happened. 

She further divulged that she was 15 when she had her first kiss - with a man she went onto marry. Her granddaughters especially were taken aback by the news.

Fears realised: As the momager explained in her confessional, such an emotional moment 'is exactly what I was afraid of'

'Wow, amazing!' said Kendall. 'Her first kiss she married?' Kim gaped, being currently on her own third marriage after her second one famously lasted 72 days.

Marriages that short, apparently, run in the family but skip a generation. Said Mary Jo of her first: 'But we were only married two months,' adding with a grin: 'Less than Kimmy!' and getting a laugh from her daughter.

The interview began to take a turn when Kris asked her mother: 'What's your biggest fear?' Mary Jo contemplated the question for a moment before answering.

Like daughter, like mother: Mary Jo wound up sobbing during the exchange as well

The next generation: Kendall (left) and Kylie (right) Jenner watched the proceedings on a monitor from another room

'Biggest fear...' she said slowly, finally concluding: 'I try not to fear.' She then turned the tables: 'What's your biggest fear?'

Tears sprang into Kris' eyes and she began fanning her face with the papers on her lap. 'I don't wanna say it,' she began. 'Why did you ask me that? I can't believe I'm crying...just losing someone.'

In her confessional, she said: 'This is exactly what I was afraid of.' The clip then cut back to the interview, during which Mary Jo was also crying and Kris became so overwhelmed that she had to get up and leave.

Looks of consternation: Kourtney (left) and Khloé (right) saw the intense interlude as well

The truth: Kris revealed her true biggest fear was 'just losing someone'

Happier times: Kim Kardashian (left) was spotted lounging beside her youngest sister (right) and enjoying one of the interview's more lighthearted moments





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