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Amy Elsegood, 24, from Ripon in North Yorkshire, used to be bullied because of the birthmark. She shared her tips and tricks for creating an even complexion in a video tutorial online.

The Italian-born chef, 40, has one major rule when it comes to making spag bol: keep it simple. He says cook it for three hours and add celery, carrots and splash of milk - but never add Marmite.


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Photographer Chrissy Sparks transforms ordinary women into VERY glamorous pin-ups

Photographer Chrissy Sparks prides herself on being able to turn any woman into the next Betty Grable or Dita Von Teese inside her studio in Birmingham. Chrissy has snapped 1,300 women - including client Lorraine in glamorous, vintage- style shoots since opening her business, DollHouse Photography three years ago. Her clients (L-R: Lorraine, Sabrina and Milla) are pictured, main, after their makeover and, inset, before.

TV reporter Yvonne Eisenring was 27 when she decided to pack up her life in Zurich and spend a year meeting men on a journey that took her to New York, Cuba, Rome, Tel Aviv and more.

Talking exclusively to MailOnline, Camilla, 69, praised the 'remarkable, incredible and clever' women she has met on her week-long tour of the Gulf with her husband, Prince Charles.

Mother-of-three Naomi Greenaway, 37, from London, who has an eight-year-old daughter, says she finds the idea of the award-winning SelfieMic 'disturbing'.

Flo Powell is one of six million Britons suffering from bruxism - the medical term for the condition characterised by teeth-grinding and jaw-clenching - and cases are soaring among women.

Can YOU tell whether this pet is a dog or a cat? A very furry creature called Atchoum has sent Twitter into meltdown after his picture was shared and prompted a fierce debate.

Dara Bruce, 27, from Inglewood, Florida, had A and C-up breasts after they grew at different rates from the age of 13, causing her to suffer low self-confidence and hide her shape with bra inserts.

Britain's most well-connected man, Sir David Tang, 62, has shared his surprising modern etiquette tips. He's against wearing flip flops but says you CAN start eating without waiting for others.

The Democratic presidential nominee made white suits her trademark in recent months and is believed to be responsible for a 190 per cent spike in sales of 'white pant suits'.

Stay at home mother of two Collette Davidson, 30, from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, weighed 15 stone after spending £4,000 a year on takeaways. Soiled herself after taking laxatives

Dawn Burgess,from South Wales met Stephen Wilson while undergoing tests for breast cancer. When she was diagnosed, she told him he should leave. He declined and proposed nine months later.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Golden Retriever puppy Murphy's life was saved by Surrey Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick who painstakingly rebuilt his jaw after it was ripped off in a savage attack.



French actress Clemence Posey looked Parisian chic in Breton outside the Burberry catwalk at London Fashion Week. She added some British flair with a classic Burberry trench. Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week

Cakes at Cake and Bake show look JUST like  Beatrix Potter characters

The latest tribute to botanist Beatrix Potter is with a range of spectacular cakes that look like her beloved characters. The edible versions of the anthropomorphic creatures are all on display at the touring Cake and Bake Show in Manchester. The characters represented at the show are, from left to right: the mother of Peter Rabbit; badger Tommy Brock; fox Mr Tod; Timmy Tiptoes the grey squirrel; Jeremy Fisher the frog; and Mrs Tiggy-Winkle the hedgehog.

Instagram sensation, Sjana Earp, is one high-profile woman featured in the new 'Naked' issue of Women's Health. She took to Instagram to encourage other women to love their bodies, flaws and all.

A Chinese woman who attempted to give herself a fringe with a DIY haircut has learnt the hard way that some things should be left to the professionals.

Earlier this month, a heartbroken mother penned an emotional post after no one turned up to her little boy's ninth birthday party. Now he has been showered with cards from around the world.

After managing her first word at seven weeks - while most children start chattering at nine months - Evelyn Matthews, from Newport, south Wales, rolled over when she was just three months old.

Princess Beatrice joined Joan Collins and other stars such as British financier Mark Weinberg at the launch of David Tang's etiquette guide at Annabel's in London's Mayfair.

Charles and Camilla were met by an army of young well wishers waving Union Jack flags as they arrived at an exhibition at the British Embassy in Bahrain on Thursday evening.

Viewers of the docu-series said they were reduced to tears by Taysia's heart-swelling attempts to make friends. The bespectacled pre-schooler from Wales was initially rebuffed by all of her new playmates.

Misty Mitchell, 36, an online weight loss coach from Wimberley in Texas, weighed over 21 stone after drinking 1,000 calories worth of vodka a night. She used to struggle to put on socks.

Kerry Miles, 33, from Essex, has spent £100,000 on surgery so far including Botox, lip fillers and breast enhancements after growing up being bullied over her 'plain and boring looks'.

Speaking on today's This Morning, Andrea Pennington from Detroit, said many women are missing out on having mind-blowing climaxes because they are too stressed.

A mother from the US has posted a photo of her breasts before and after pumping one litre of breast milk... and even if you expect it, the difference in their size is dramatic.

Lorraine Candy says she receives criticism when she writes about having a nanny. She is aware that she is lucky to be able to employ one, but points out that she has worked hard to be that lucky.

Gold AK47s and swords are latest must-have for Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich kids from across the globe are constantly vying to outdo each other with their lavish displays of wealth and now a luxury weapon is the latest must-have status symbol. Clockwise from top left: Lovelizochkaa shows off her Kalashnikov; Andrey Kurdyashov opens champagne with a Napoleonic sword; Dan Blizerian takes a friend shooting; Jackie Gutierrez poses with a gold-plated AK47 while another of the customised weapons is laid out on $100 bills and Dan Blizerian slices watermelons on the beach with a sword.

Actress Charlotte Riley, 34, has been cast as the Duchess of Cambridge in the first major broadcast drama featuring the royal. The 90 minute one off BBC special nvisions a constitutional crisis with the Prince of Wales as king.

Warwick University's female rowing team has shared a glimpse of its 2017 naked calendar, which will go on sale next week to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The Silly Sausage game, which invites players to shake a giant plastic sausage, has sparked hilarity among mothers, who called it 'wrong on so many levels'. It's aimed at children aged from seven.

Alice Smellie has teamed up with Polyco, which makes industrial- grade gloves for the construction, utility, oil and gas industries, and put a selection of gloves to the test.

Sophie Rose, 40, from Blackpool who now lives in Thailand, says her mission is to 'normalise breastfeeding older kids'. She appeared on This Morning to debate the controversial topic.

The Duchess of Cornwall, 69, and Prince Charles visited the spectacular Sheikh Zaved Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi today and Camilla removed her shoes in accordance with tradition.

A brave Australian mum has shown off her mastectomy scars and baby bump in a raw photoshoot, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her second child.

Young woman, 23, who had her left eye removed is diagnosed with a brain tumour

Jessica Van Zeil, 23, was diagnosed with a rare form of ocular melanoma last year. The condition meant doctors were forced to completely remove her left eye (left and right). Rather than letting it get her down, Miss Van Zeil spoke out to raise awareness about her condition. But a few months ago life dealt the young woman another devastating blow. She suffered a seizure and was diagnosed with a brain tumour and four inoperable spots on her brain (inset) Treatment to give her a 25 per cent better chance of survival costs $130,000.

YouTube has named its brightest stars in 2016 who are driving popular culture on everything from fashion and beauty to tech, gaming and poetry while earning millions between them.

American mother Lauren Vinje has shared a photo of her premature baby girl smiling five days after being born. Since, hundreds of other mothers have shared snaps of their own smiling bubs.

One of Australia's most popular beauty bloggers Brittney Saunders has taken to Snapchat in tears for the second time in two weeks following splits with her Melbourne based boyfriend Dylan.

Dog owners have been sharing pictures of their pets causing mischief, from pulling funny faces to knocking things over. One told how his golden retriever turned green after rolling on the grass.

Alice Husband, 42, from Lincolnshire, left, said Amy Asker, 33, right, has been punished enough as she will have to live with the fact she killed her son for the rest of her life.

The edible machine by Peboryon Bakery in Cornwall pumps out 300 mini Victoria sponges on a conveyor belt. The mammoth fruit cake contains 1,400 sugar paste rivets.

New Zealand photographer Mickey Ross is taking wedding shoots to a whole new level, by capturing newlyweds against the stunning backdrop of the mountain ranges close to his home

The authors of these notes have resorted to publicly shaming their neighbours for their bad behaviour. Dog mess, late night noise and loud sex are just some of the complaints in these viral notes.

Melbourne-based model and aspiring personal trainer, Steph Claire Smith, 22, has taken a different approach by sharing with her followers what they shouldn't be doing when it comes to health.

From carrots and pumpkin to salmon and oats, our experts have revealed the foolproof guide to enhancing your beauty - and it's a lot easier than you think.