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This is the triumphant photograph (centre) which shows Nigel Farage meeting Donald Trump for the first time since the Republican was elected to the White House. The interim Ukip leader beat Theresa May to become the first UK politician to shake hands with the President-elect. Mr Farage and Ukip bosses (left and right) visited the glitzy Trump Tower in New York to celebrate the shock Republican win. Insiders said the two discussed 'freedom and winning' during their time together. Mr Farage and Mr Trump have had extraordinary years. Few political commentators would have predicted Mr Trump wiping out the Democrats or Mr Farage's Brexit success in June. Today's meeting came after Mr Farage said he would do 'very well' as US ambassador to the EU if the opportunity arose.

Multi-millionaire widow of Toni&Guy founder, 50, 'was duped out of £2million by her Swiss

London's High Court heard how Flora Mascolo (pictured top with her daughter Emmanuella), widow of Toni&Guy; founder Guy Mascolo (inset), had an 18-month relationship with Swiss-born 'celebrity chef' and restaurateur Michael Riemenschneider. During the relationship she claims she bought him a £150,000 Mercedes and gave him £2.12m to invest in two new restaurants. But she now says Mr Riemenschneider (bottom image) is a 'liar' and a gold-digger who 'used the restaurants as a front' to obtain her millions. Mr Riemenschneider, who has a string of UK restaurants, denies all the allegations against him, and says he is not being given a fair chance to defend himself.

The Croydon tram driver was halfway through writing a text message when carriages derailed and flipped over on Wednesday morning - killing seven people, it has been claimed.

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The in-demand toy is a £59.99 egg that contains an interactive furry bird - and it has sent every keen shopper into a blind panic that they won't get it in time for December 25th.

Amazon is launching a 12-day sale culminating in Black Friday, when prices traditionally plunge for 24 hours in a shopping frenzy but it could have a devastating effect on the High Street.

Support The Heroes was shut down on the eve of Remembrance Sunday. It allegedly mislead the public over how much it gives to good causes.

Are you struggling to share a bed with your loved one? Research has found that poor sleep can wreak havoc with our skin, mood and career so Dr Guy Meadows has shared tips for coping with co-sharing.

Fitness trackers put to the test - with astonishing results

Fitness trackers will be, without doubt, at the top of many Christmas lists. They look like trendy watches, but contain high-tech gadgetry that tells us how many steps we take, distance covered and calories burned, our heart rate, quality of sleep, and a host of other data recorders. However, recent studies have found they make little difference to weight loss, and now doubts have been cast over what these devices, many of which cost upwards of £100, claim to do.

A new network, Death Before Dishonour, has prompted a security warning to UK prison governors after recruiting members from high-security Close Supervision Units.

Activist and documentary film-maker GITA SAHGAL, who has spent more than two decades investigating religious fundamentalism in Britain, reveals how sharia courts seek to undermine British law.

Beatles-inspired tribute to the long list of celebrities who have died this year

More than 40 leading musicians, actors, sportsmen and other personalities appear in this new version of the famous sleeve of the Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band record, released in 1967. But can you name them all?

'Sadistic' prostitute murderer Rurik Jutting reportedly once had sex with eight prostitutes in one night in a £400-a-night hotel suite in the Philippines.

While Samantha Buzzard was upset by the supposed lewd innuendo in a comment that Mr Paxman insists was innocuous, she is happy to engage in extremely racy banter on social media.

The long range rockets will be moved to Estonia amid fears President Vladimir Putin could be planning to invade the country. The 15-nation force will include soldiers from the US, France and Denmark.

Boris Johnson last night appeared to have won the 'battle of Brexit Towers' after an extraordinary row involving Theresa May over the Government's palatial grace-and-favour stately home Chevening, in Kent.

Last week, online trolls rose as one to protest that the urban fox - portrayed as sweet and playful on a trampoline in the new John Lewis Christmas ad - is, in fact, a mange-riddled monster.

To the horror of the US political class Donald Trump leapt astride the ghost of Ronald Reagan's favourite horse, El Alamein, and galloped past Hillary Clinton to the White House.

Melania Trump's transition from modest home in Slovenia to being First Lady of White House

She's set to become America's First Lady, with a life cossetted in the extravagant luxury afforded only to the super-rich. And although Melania Trump's existence today (left) as the wife of a billionaire is far removed from her childhood (inset) in a communist state, it is the fulfilment of the dreams that she nurtured living in her own white house as a 16-year-old. Now The Mail on Sunday has gone back to the young Melania's home town, spoken to some of her school friends - and tracked down that white house built by her father (top right).

I wish I thought our liberal ruling classes, throughout the free world, would learn from the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. But they won't, writes PETER HITCHENS.

America is two countries. New York and California will vote Hillary, but many of the 'fly over' states in between are far less predictable. That's why the whole world is glued to this contest.

With the election of Donald Trump, many in Britain are distressed - and a little nervous - to see old friends in such a position. All the old rules seem to have gone.

Meghan Markle opens up to PIERS MORGAN about dating and death threats

Meghan Markle's attitudes to relationships, the death threats she's received, and some of the dubious TV jobs she's taken can be revealed - thanks to a wide-ranging conversation she had with Mail on Sunday columnist Piers Morgan over a dirty martini in a London pub. Piers met the American actress in London in June, months before the world learned about her Royal relationship. She hinted about a 'persistent' man in her life - and the very next night, she was seen with Prince Harry at fashionable members' club Soho House.

Kensington Palace's statement was a passionate howl against the press for once again dabbling their dirty fingers in the stuff of other people's souls, writes RACHEL JOHNSON.

£100 million Netflix drama The Crown imagines a scene from the private life of the Duke of Edinburgh during on a night on the town with his friends which sees him eyeing up an attractive waitress.

Prince Harry arrived at Twickenham in southwest London this afternoon to lay a poppy wreath ahead of Remembrance Sunday, but there was no sign of his new girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

Trinny Woodall's 'nightmare' £300,000 divorce battle from beyond the grave

Fashion guru Trinny Woodall is locked in a 'nightmare' £300,000 legal battle over the debts of her ex-husband - who died two years ago. The makeover star, who is dating millionaire art collector Charles Saatchi (right), is fighting a bizarre High Court bid to make her responsible for the debts of former rock drummer Johnny Elichaoff (left with Woodall), who killed himself by jumping from a car park roof.

Fertility centres are pushing the techniques 'whatever the level of evidence' behind them, say critics. Patients are paying for the extras in their efforts to start a family.

Over 3,200 children under 10 are hospitalised for tooth decay in Queensland every year, as councils dump fluoride from water supplies under pressure from activists who claim it's a harmful chemical.

The playboy businessman who bought BHS from billionaire Sir Philip Green for a token £1 - was arrested by HMRC officers as part of an investigation into the tax affairs of his family firm, Swiss Rock.

Horrifying moment baby boy is DROPPED 30ft to his death down the side of an escalator after his grandmother lost her footing 

Devastating CCTV footage from China shows a grandmother accidentally dropping her four-month-old grandson 30ft down the side of an escalator to its death after she lost her footing and let go of him. The baby boy was reportedly rushed to hospital but died in the early hours of this morning.

Detectives have launched an investigation after a woman's body was found burning in woodland popular with dog walkers near Hunts Hill Lane, (pictured) Naphill, Buckinghamshire.

Katharine Birbalsingh (pictured) runs the Michaela Community School in Brent, London where pupils can get detention for slouching, using a mobile phone or wearing makeup.

Alison Hewitt was subjected to a vicious campaign of harassment by her ex-boyfriend - and Sussex Police tipped off crime writer Peter James who turned her ordeal into the novel Want You Dead

NEW Phone taps had alerted staff at HMP Birmingham to a conspiracy to smuggle spirits into the jail using plastic water bottles. But they also overheard a plan to kill 'House of Horrors' murderer Fred West.

'That will go down in Strictly history!': The judges are left speechless as Ed Balls performs his most daring routine to date with a salsa to Gangnam Style

It's one of the most pressure-filled weeks on Strictly Come Dancing, with the couples who survive this weekend able to head to the Blackpool shows next week.  But none of the judges were prepared for what would come next as Ed Balls performed a show-stopping salsa to Gangnam Style with Katya Jones on Saturday night's show. 'It's risky!' Ed warned before taking to the floor. 'For the first time they might be looking if we can dance!' 

Footage shared online shows the lorry passing a car transporter on the A507 in Bedfordshire. A car can be seen coming in the opposite direction as the lorry crosses the central road marking.

Judy Murray (pictured), the mother of Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, also claims it is possible to know which children will be successful by watching their parents.

It seems there is someone who can stop motormouth Jeremy Clarkson in his tracks - the equally intimidating wife of scandal-hit tycoon Sir Philip Green.

Sting arrives in Paris ahead of Bataclan concert on Paris Attacks anniversary

Paris' Bataclan concert hall turned away two members of Eagles of Death Metal who were playing during the ISIS attack at the venue last year. They tried to enter the venue for Sting's gig as the hall reopened to mark the anniversary of the massacre which killed 90 innocent music fans. But director Jules Frutos refused to let them in after frontman Jesse Hughes earlier this year suggested that Muslim staff were involved in the gun and suicide bomb attack on November 13, 2015.

A coalition of more than 80 Parliamentarians, led by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, is planning to force a vote on sending voters back to the polls as a condition of supporting Article 50 being triggered.

When Theresa May sacked Foreign Office Minister and Cameron crony Sir Hugo Swire on becoming PM, she fired the only man at the FO who saw Trump coming.

Kate Middleton joins the Queen at the Royal Albert Hall for Festival of Remembrance

The Queen (pictured right) and other members of the Royal Family descended on the Royal Albert Hall for the annual Royal Festival of Remembrance. This year marks the centenaries of the Battle of the Somme and the Battle of Jutland, the 25th anniversary of the Gulf War and the and the 80th anniversary of the first flight of the Supermarine Spitfire. Other royals at the service on Saturday included the Duke of Edinburgh (right, with the Queen), the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall (middle).

For all his bluster, perhaps President Donald Trump will make the world a safer place by halting the slide towards international confrontation, with America acting as an international policeman since 9/11.

Once again, prepare for many to close their eyes and refuse to see what impact the Trump presidency may have on Nato, on Europe and on Britain's hollow 'special relationship' with America.

Despite fears that Brexit would push prices up, supermarket price wars mean that turkey, mince pies, gravy and even champagne will cost less than last year.

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Salah Abdeslam's lawyer Sven Mary says that the 'psychological torture' of his detention in a French prison has contributed to his radicalisation.

Woman with alopecia who has been single for FIVE YEARS fears she will never find love and

NEW Kayleigh Winter, 27, from Newcastle, has been single for five years as she said her hair loss has completely knocked her self-esteem. Kayleigh, who shares her story on TLC  show Too Ugly For Love?, said she has tried online dating but that 'didn't work' because of her anxiety over her condition. She explains as she takes the wig off, right, in front of the cameras: 'I know a lot of people have things they want to hide and mine is a big secret I have struggled with for years. 'It is a big deal in my life. Guys see me like this (wearing a wig) but the real me is this (bald).'



Just how obsessed with Christmas adverts are we? Waitrose's heartwarming tale of a robin returning home is set to be turned into a book and even a computer game 

The supermarket's 90-second film is to air during the X Factor Results show on ITV1, but you can watch the red-breasted bird's perilous journey before anyone else here. The commercial tells the story of a robin making his way from Scandinavia to a UK garden, where he knows a mince pie is awaiting him.

A 309ft tree - which belongs to the Shorea genus - has been discovered on the island of Borneo. It is 15ft taller than the previous record-breaking tree also found in Malaysia.

Conor McGregor to take a break from UFC as he announces his girlfriend is expecting their

NEW SPENCER MORGAN IN NEW YORK: The Irishman, who dispatched on lightweight king-pin Eddie Alvarez with ease at UFC 205, revealed he will become a father for the first time next year. McGregor had been teasing a 'big announcement' in the build up to the Madison Square Garden main event but made no mention of it as he discussed his stunning triumph with commentator Joe Rogan following the fight.

He has amused millions as the star of John Lewis's Christmas advert - but it seems Buster the boxer isn't the first dog whose escapades on a trampoline have raised a smile.

Man will be questioned over alleged rape of a British charity worker in the Jungle. The migrant crossed the Channel last month. It's claimed the incident in Calais was hushed up.

The Countess of Cardigan bravely reveals the trauma behind her VERY unlikely union 

In this, her first full interview, Joanne, Countess of Cardigan, reveals the extraordinary story of how a vicious attack by a stranger ultimately led her to meet - and then marry - one of Britain's most colourful, and controversial, aristocrats.

Gina Miller, the millionaire businesswoman who brought the legal challenge over Brexit and lives in a £7million Chelsea townhouse, said detectives warned her it was unsafe to go outside.

Theresa May is planning a pre-Christmas bonanza of economic policies, which include a crackdown on foreign takeovers and the naming and shaming of fat-cat bosses.

JK Rowling's new film Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them is just magic 

For five long years, Harry Potter fans have eagerly anticipated the latest spin-off to J. K. Rowling's blockbuster series, and I am delighted to report it has been worth every second of the wait. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, which I caught at its New York premiere on Thursday, is quite wonderful. It's every bit as good as Potter and quite possibly even better. I absolutely loved it, writes Mail On Sunday film critic Matthew Bond.

Young donkeys are bred and slaughtered for the DEEJ ejiao factory in Dong'e, China. Ejiao is a supposedly youth-preserving gelatin found in their skin but there's no medical evidence for this.

Veterans have been left outraged after learning that family members are to be excluded from the Remembrance Sunday march past the Cenotaph in London amid fears of a terror attack.

How we cheated death on the road to glory: A collapsed lung, blackouts and high-speed near

In their own words, JASON KENNY and LAURA TROTT describe the childhood setbacks - such as the time Laura kept blacking out - and near-misses - such as the time a van nearly knocked Jason flying - that could have stolen their chances of glory

Astonished Khalid Al Sinani discovered a lump of the substance weighing more than 60 kilos after checking his nets off Oman's Qurayat coast and is now planning a life of luxury.

Tyson Fury is not one to avoid controversy, regularly confusing his fans with fake retirements and random Twitter outbursts. But his latest move may well be the most bold.

The former Lid Dem leader has attacked International Trade Secretary Dr Fox after he told MPs that a deal could be struck in a simple one-off negotiation with the EU's ruling Council of Ministers.

Retired RAF navigator John Nichol visited The National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire ahead of Remembrance Sunday. He was shot down over Iraq and tortured in 1991.

Julian Lloyd Webber fights to close brothels after his WIFE is mistaken for a sex worker

Julian Lloyd Webber has launched a fight against the illegal brothels - which masquerade as health centres - in South Kensington, London after his wife, the internationally acclaimed cellist Jiaxin Cheng, was mistaken for a sex worker. 'What annoys me is that many shops work so hard to try to pay very high rents through legitimate means, and then you have other kinds of shops getting away with you-know-what,' the conductor said.

The Danes are annually crowned the world's happiest nation so perhaps we could all benefit from a generous dose of hygge in our lives as we head into the dark depths of the British winter.

Ministers say the change, which will take effect from December 1 and is the first of its kind for nearly 30 years, will mean juries are more representative of the communities they serve (file image).

Police forces in England and Wales carried out 250,000 investigations into missing people in a year with chiefs warning Ministers they can't cope with further savage cuts as officer numbers dwindle.

The 'dad bod' has been hailed as the new ideal male physique, with women fawning over famous men proudly sporting a middle-age spread. But it could also be doing serious harm.

The Mail on Sunday's GP discusses teenage acne, Carol Vordeman on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!, breast cancer, binge drinking and junk food in hospitals in this week's column.

A bull in a China shop (and street)! Raging animal causes chaos after hurtling down a busy

The fully-grown bull escaped after its owner tried to lead it out of the back of his truck in the eastern city of Fuyang. Footage shows the animal sprinting away from its owner before charging at him as he tried to catch him. The bull managed to get itself trapped in a shop before being caught by police. Officers took it to a quieter area, where it was shot.

Teresa Kirk's 'crime' was putting an elderly man, whom she has known all her life, in a Portuguese care home instead of one in England which social workers had set their heart on.

Hundreds of thousands of people have queued for hours outside banks after the bank notes - which account for more than 80 per cent of the currency in circulation - were abolished.

Some 75 senior figures, including leaders of Militant Tendency who were driven out by former leader Neil Kinnock, have put in applications to be readmitted. One of those is David Nellist (left).

Mandy Sanghera, a human rights activist (pictured), has revealed that the Asian mother was forced to terminate the pregnancy after her family learned she was having a girl.

'They were both among the noblest and bravest of our valiant officers': Poignant letters

Letters, photographs and memoirs donated by parents whose sons were killed on the Somme have been released by the Imperial War Musuems to mark Remembrance Sunday. Among the stories is that of Cardiff-born Leonard Tregaskis and his brother Arthur Tregaskis (pictured right, front), who died in each other's arms in 1916 after one rushed to the aid of the other. The exhibit includes a letter written about them (inset), as well as a farewell letter from Second Lieutenant Frederick Bertram Key (pictured left), from Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, who wrote to his father on the day before he died, in which he stated: 'If you receive this you will know that I have unfortunately been "bowled out" middle peg, however you may be sure I battled well'. Synonymous for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of men, the Battle of the Somme was one of the most controversial conflicts of the First World War, with the British suffering 429,000 casualties.

Since 2006 there have been 85,914 claims against the health service, of which 37,398 were successful and resulted in payouts for victims.

Mike Ashley has become a notorious and highly controversial figure while raking in vast amounts of money, but despite his high profile, little is known about one of the most colourful tycoons of our age.

For thousands of years, people have used simple breathing exercises that can have profound effects on the mind and body and help sufferers cope with anxiety, stress and depression.

Crystals could be the answer to getting perfect skin, with one holistic nutritionist claiming that different stones heal different problems, from inflammation to acne.


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Stunning images show Antarctica in all its breathtaking glory as a crew of scientists

Antarctica is 14 million square kilometres of ice-covered landmass with temperatures dropping to below -90 degrees C. Striking images show the vast landscape of the continent which is home to the to the coldest, windiest and driest conditions on the planet. Scientists don climbing gear to squeeze their way through the naturally formed ice caves dotted around the vast area, top centre. Scott Base in New Zealand, bottom right, is vital to the their survival when exploring the continent and are kept company by the wildlife including penguins, bottom centre, and whales.

Aston Soulsby, 12, was run down by a bus on Crankhall Lane in Wednesdbury, and tragically died a week later at Birmingham Children's Hospital after 'fighting like a lion'.

The woman can be seen violently kicking the pet in the hallway of her council house in Oldham, Manchester before chasing it to the kitchen and battering it with a shoe.

It was with great sadness that bosses at the Cromlix hotel near Dunblane, Scotland, announced the bird's untimely death after it was killed by a fox.



How's your Saturday going? Australian driver's £110,000 Ferrari with SEXYF1 number plate explodes into flames before his bank card, money and laptop are stolen during the chaos

Tan Shukla probably wished he stayed at home on Saturday after his $180k Ferrari exploded into flames after he stopped to use an ATM in the Sydney suburb of Lalor Park. And if things weren't bad enough, Mr Shukla's ATM card and money were pinched, while a man helping extinguish the fire then preceded to steal the Ferrari owners laptop.

The Daily Mail's Peter Oborne stayed at Zimbabwe's Hornung Park Lodge, and at Leopard Rock, a large colonial-style hotel with roaring fires - but found the police presence troubling.

Gunmen kidnapped a Brazilian father, forcing him to leave his five-year-old son stranded alone on the street late at night, as they hijacked and drove off with him in his car.

Mac on... Donald Trump's election victory

'It's Donald Trump. He's looking forward to meeting you for some serious political discussions, and says: "Wear the split skirt."

Kylie Scudder shares pictures on Twitter of new brother and sister after adoption is final

While the rest of the country anxiously awaited the results of the presidential election, the Scudder family from Murrieta, California, spent Tuesday afternoon finalizing the adoption of Veronica, three, and Preston, one. Kylie, who is now the siblings' older sister, proudly took to Twitter after the adoption was made official to share photos of Veronica and Preston beaming for the camera.