'I wish them dead': John Cleese makes a shocking remark about his ex-wives as he hails children 'the cause of most of the misery in the world' - because they grow up like their mothers 

  • Monty Python star appeared on US chat show Conan O'Brien
  • The comedy icon has paid more than £25million in divorce settlements
  • Cleese, 77, has been married four times and has two daughters
  • He moans that children cost a fortune' and 'grow up like their mothers'

Forking out more than £25million in divorce settlements across three failed marriages could leave anyone feeling extremely bitter about life.

It certainly seems to be the case for Monthy Python star John Cleese, who has hit out at his ex-wives for costing him so much money - and prompted him to wish they would all die.

They are not the only women to incur his wrath, the star, 77, is not happy with his two daughters either - Camilla and Cynthia Cleese - as they have turned out like their mothers and he complained that he wished he'd never had children.

John Cleese joked during an appearance on Conan O'Brien that he wished his two former ex-wives dead and that he wished he'd never had children

John Cleese with his daughter Camilla Cleese (left) and his fourth wife Jennifer Wade, who he married in 2012

(Left) Cleese pictured with first wife Connie Booth, in a scene from TV series Fawlty Towers. (Right) The Monty Python star with his second wife Barbara Threntham at a Rolling Stones concert at Wembley Stadium

Outspoken Cleese made the remarks during an appearance on US chat show Conan O'Brien alongside his comedy partner Eric Idle, where the two were discussing the secrets to a long-lasting marriage.

'I have been married for 34 years. To four different wives,' he said before referring to his second wife Barbara Threntham, who died from complications with leukemia in 2013, 'One of my ex-wives died. You know what? It was very sad because it was the wrong one.'

Conan chuckled along with the actor and comedian before he asked: 'Do you have any real anger or hatred towards your ex-wives?'

This gave Cleese, who is currently married to fourth wife Jennifer Wade - who is 32 years his junior, ample opportunity to hit out at his former wives who are still alive - Connie Booth and Alyce Cleese.

'No, I mean, I am quite happy if one or two of them would be dead. But I don't have anything against them as people.

'I wish them dead in the nicest possible way,' he said before adding, 'Not dead in a slow agonising death over a number of years. Something quick like a tree falling on them.'

The comedian appeared on the US chat show with his comedy partner Eric Idle to talk about the secrets to a long marriage

John with his daughter Cynthia Cleese whose mother was his first wife, Connie Booth, who he starred with in Fawlty Towers

Cleese with third wife, Alyce Cleese. He said of both his living ex-wives that he hoped they would die 'in the nicest possible way'

While his Monty Python co-star Idle, who has been married 40 years to his Californian wife Tania Kosevich, said his secret to a lasting marriage was 'two separate countries'.

Cleese darkly said: 'I think the secret is not to have children. Children are the cause of most of the misery in the world. 

'They cost you a fortune, you worry yourself sick and then they grow up like their mothers. Cats are the answer. You can feed them twice a day.' 

Jennifer Wade is the comedy icon's fourth wife, she is 32 years his junior. They got married in 2012 in a private ceremony on the picturesque Caribbean island of Mustique Read

Cynthia Cleese is from the comedy icon's marriage to his first wife Connie, while Camilla's mother was Barbara.

The Fawlty Towers star, who is in the US with Idle to promote their north American two-man comedy show 'Together Again at Last... For the First Time', also hit out at the new American president Donald Trump.

He said it was a difficult situation to make jokes about because of the 'sense of hopelessness'.

'I mean, what do you do with the oldest guy who has ever been elected, who is clearly unqualified for the job?' 

MailOnline has contacted John Cleese and is awaiting comment. 

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