Trump supporters under attack: Two arrested in Connecticut for 'beating up a man holding a Trump sign' while New York police hunt suspect who 'choked a subway passenger in MAGA hat'

  • Two supporters say they were attacked in New York and Connecticut
  • Wilson Eschevarria and Anthony Hobdy arrested in Connecticut Saturday
  • Both are accused of punching a man in Meriden after giving him the finger 
  • NYPD looking for suspect accused of choking man on subway Friday 

Two Trump supporters say they were attacked in Connecticut and in New York over the past 24 hours.

Two men were arrested in Meriden, Connecticut Saturday and are accused of punching and kicking a man holding a Trump election sign.

New York police meanwhile are looking for a suspect accused of choking a man wearing a red 'Make America great again' hat on the subway Friday.

The two alleged attacks happened as Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters are butting heads across the country at rallies against the president-elect.

Wilson Eschevarria (left), 32, and Anthony Hobdy (right), 36, both of Meriden, Connecticut were arrested Saturday and are accused of beating up a man with a Trump election sign

Wilson Eschevarria, 32, and Anthony Hobdy, 36, both of Meriden, were arrested Saturday, WTNH reported.

A man waving an American flag and holding a Trump sign was standing on a traffic island around noon when the two suspects got out of their car and began punching him, Meriden police said.

A police lieutenant witnessed the situation and stepped in to arrest the men, according to authorities.

The Trump supporter said the two suspects gave him the finger before attacking him, and that he replied: 'Same to you.'

Police in New York are looking for a man suspected of choking a Trump supporter wearing a red 'Make America great again' hat (file picture) on a Bronx-bound subway train Friday

He declined medical attention. Eschevarria has been charged with third-degree assault and his bond has been set at $500.

Hobdy had 54 bags of heroin packed for sale at the time of the arrest, police said. He was wanted on several other warrants and has now been charged with possession of narcotics, third-degree assault and second-degree failure to appear.

His bond came to $540,000.

In New York, police are looking for a man accused of choking a Trump supporter Friday afternoon in a Bronx-bound subway train.

The 24-year-old man was wearing a red 'Make American great again' hat, the New York Post reported.

The suspect asked him if he was a Trump supporter, to which the man said yes, police said.

'Oh great - another white Trump supporter', the suspect replied according to authorities.

The suspect, thought to be in his thirties, put his hands around the Trump supporter's neck, officers said.

Both later left the train the suspect ran off, according to police. The Trump supporter emerged without serious injuries. 


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