Left a bit, right a bit, perfect! Moon appears to be carried by crane in stunning optical illusion

You want the moon on a stick? Well, here it is.

This incredible optical illusion shows the moon appearing to be carried by the metal structure.

Bruno Gerber spotted the great photo opportunity as he stood on a friend's roof terrace in Bern, Switzerland.

Illusion: The moon looks like carried by a crane in this clever photo

The 37-year-old Swiss lawyer said: 'It was pure luck and being in the right place at the right time that I managed to capture this.

'I was at a birthday party on a roof terrace and one of the people there pointed out the moon rising with the Swiss Alps in the background.

'I noticed the crane in the foreground and I tried to make its hook and the moon align by getting in the right position.

'I needed a small step-ladder to get it just right.' He added: 'I've had a lot of positive comments.

'The picture went viral. The construction company who own the crane even discovered it and found me so they could use it in their adverts.

'Their tagline something like they had so many construction sites in Bern, they even had to move the moon.'

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