Happyness pursued: Will Smith is in high spirits as he has a laugh on set for upcoming fantasy film Bright

Will Smith spent his Saturday hard at work on his forthcoming fantasy thriller Bright.

Yet he still found a bit of time to relax and have a laugh or two as the day wore on.

The 48-year-old, who'd got an atypical hairdo, was spotted chuckling and clapping his hands together as he chatted with a member of the crew.

Moment of joy: Will Smith was spotted having a laugh on Saturday whilst on set for his forthcoming film Bright

For the film, he had shaved the sides of his head and allowed a mustache to grow into his face.

His outfit was quite casual: a loose grey and black striped hoodie with a V-neck that bared a bit of his chest, along with long midnight blue shorts.

The Men In Black star completed his ensemble with a pair of black and white trainers and white socks that stretched high enough to be partly obscured by his shorts.

Idiosyncratic: His look for the film had involved shaving the sides of his head

Near him was a set labelled 'Owen Thornton,' which happens to be the name of someone in the costume department of Smith's recent film Suicide Squad. 

Bright, which was written by Max Landis and is being directed by David Ayer, has been a bit of an unknown as far as it's plot's concerned. 

During San Diego ComicCon this year, though, Steve Weintraub of Collider snagged an interview with the screenwriter and prised a description of the world from him. 

In the offing: Directed by David Ayer and written by Max Landis, Bright is slated for release in 2017

Describing the fantasy universes of, say, The Lord Of The Rings and Warcraft as 'biblical,' he had imagined what such a universe would look like having progressed to the modern era. 

'We finally got to a point where you're Steven, I'm Max, the camera guy's an Orc. It's not a big deal. It's not a big deal! I mean, you know what they say about Orcs. They were servants of the dark lord, but that was two thousand years ago.' 

Bright, set for release next year, will be 'a cop movie, a very grounded relationship story between two officers of the LAPD, set in this world.' As Collider have noted, Smith will play a human policeman and Joel Edgerton his orc colleague.

Fantasy updated: The 48-year-old will star as a human LAPD cop opposite Joel Edgerton as his orc colleague

Unrecognisable: Alien co-star Joel Edgerton was unrecognisable on the set

Gruesome: He was seen striding onto set with full make-up

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