The lap of luxury! Heather Dubrow debuts new web series offering a tour of her lavish walk-in wardrobe

A wardrobe with a 'Press for Champagne' button does deserve its own web series.

Heather Dubrow, fully aware, has decided to invite viewers into her walk-in wardrobe, which is massive enough to contain a chandelier and a sliding ladder.

The first episode of Heather's Closet arrived on YouTube Wednesday, and therein, the Real Housewife Of Orange County introduced her 'girl cave.'

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New project: Heather Dubrow has debuted a new YouTube series called Heather's Closet in which she tours viewers through the walk-in wardrobe she's designed for her new mansion

She'd settled down in a black leather armchair with a glass of bubbly, right near a purse collection strewn with Chanel.

Facing the camera, she dished: 'No one's been in my closet before, not even my besties. You are the first person to come into my closet!'

As the camera glided over an impressive tally of shoes and drawers full of dazzling jewellery, the 47-year-old told viewers a bit about what the series would cover.

The simple bare necessities: One of its accoutrements is a 'champagne doorbell' that 'rings in the kitchen' to summon up a bit of bubbly

Expansive: The wardrobe is massive enough to warrant a sliding ladder

'I am going to show you some special pieces of mine. I am gonna open my vintage box and talk about different pieces, and where I've worn them, and why, and how they made me feel.'

Getting more and more excited, she effused: 'I am gonna show you my wedding dress' - which hangs between a couple of other gowns - 'I'm gonna show you mistakes I've made, and you know, we're gonna just talk and hang out.'

Moreover, 'I like to purge my closet, and that's where you come in.' Apparently, subscribers to the YouTube channel will 'be eligible to enter contests to win something fabulous from my closet. Do you love that?'

'The closet's always been a special place for me': She revealed that 'I have padlocked deadbolts on the door' to which 'No one knows the combination'

'I'm going to show you some special pieces of mine': The 47-year-old teased fans that she'd 'open up my vintage box' to viewers

Next week's giveaway dress was shown blurred out, but as Dubrow hinted: 'I've worn it recently and it's bright pink. Hmm, what could that be?'

It most likely appeared to be the dress she wore to the Real Housewives Of Orange County's most recent reunion.

She went on to tease some of the secrets this web show would ultimately unveil. 'There's actually hidden rooms in this closet. There's hidden doors, hidden drawers.'

Giveaway: Subscribers to her YouTube channel have the opportunity to win items she wants to 'purge' from her closet

She's also 'gonna show you week by week' the manner in which she'd designed the wardrobe. Blueprints of various bits of the room appeared onscreen.

Mrs Terry Dubrow then began to reminisce about her childhood in Chappaqua, New York, the hamlet that's recently become known as the Clintons' upstate home.

During a section entitled 'My Special Place,' she recalled rather unsurprisingly that 'When I was a little girl, I - my closet did not look like this.'

Anon: Next week's offering, which was only hinted at on Heather's Closet, appears to be the pink dress she wore to the Real Housewives Of Orange County's most recent reunion

She slept every night in 'a small room, a twin bed, a desk and I had a little closet with that sliding door, you know?'

As she remembered it, 'if I was upset, I would go into the closet. Is that weird? Do any of you go in the closet? I don't know. That's what I did when I was a kid.'

To her, it was 'a cosy, safe place, and I could go in my closet and shut my little slidey-door and cry or just be alone or whatever I wanted to do, and it made me feel safe.'

Secrets: Mrs Terry Dubrow dished that 'There's actually hidden rooms in this closet. There's hidden doors, hidden drawers'

Gesturing about, she went on: 'Now, I've upgraded significantly, obviously, but I still feel the same way. This is the one room in the house that's mine.'

The Bronx native revealed: 'I have padlocked deadbolts on the door. No one's in - no one has the combination. No one's allowed to come in but the people that I bring in.'

During the next segment, which she'd called 'My Girl Cave,' she revealed that in their last house, she and her husband had shared a wardrobe she'd designed. 

'My Girl Cave': The Bronx native insisted that since her husband had a 'man cave' comprised of several rooms of the house catered to his desires, she wanted her own wardrobe

Per her explanation, 'Terry and I like to hang out in the bathroom and we like to hang out in the closet.'

And yet, 'when we went to build this house, I realised: "Oh, gosh. Terry's got his man cave. He's got his media room, and his private bathroom, and his movie theatre, and his thi- I was all like: "Where's my space? What do I have? Where am I going?"'

She put her foot down and 'said: "You know what? We are not sharing a closet! I'm having my own closet, my own space. This is my version of a man cave. It's my girl cave. It's Heather's Closet,' she added in a promotional flourish.

Dubrow slid into a deft tie-in to her reality series, showing off a present she'd gotten from a Real Housewifes Of Orange County confrère.

Check the cushion: Chanel branding made frequent appearances through the wardrobe

Let there be light: So immense is this walk-in wardrobe that it's got a chandelier

Holding it up, she described it: 'This beautiful red Baccarat butterfly was given to me for my birthday by Shannon Beador.'

Noting that 'Shannon and I have been friends for three years now,' she dished: 'We'll have her here. She'll come into the closet. We'll hang out with her, because she's got a really interesting story about her family and fashion.'

She closed out the episode by giving a preview of what future installments would look like. 'We're gonna talk fashion. We're gonna have fun. I'm gonna teach you how I pack! I'm gonna give you tips on how to take something that's not expensive and make it look really expensive, and how to protect your good things.' 

A brief tag saw her effervescing about her 'champagne doorbell,' which 'rings in the kitchen' and is a 'really, really handy thing to have in your closet.' 

'This beautiful red Baccarat butterfly': For the first episode, the centrepiece item she'd decided to show off was a birthday present from her fellow Real Housewife Of Orange County Shannon Beador

In the offing: Dubrow went on to tease Beador as a future guest on the YouTube programme




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