Michelle gets slimed: First Lady caught in green goo attack at children's awards

Michelle Obama got more than she'd bargained for when she turned up at last night's Kids' Choice Awards.

But perhaps it should have been no surprise when she was splattered with slime at the conclusion of Hollywood's zaniest awards show.

Drenching celebrities with green goo is a hallowed tradition at the KCAs, and the First Lady was lucky not to be directly in the firing line.

Look out! Not even the Secret Service could protect the first lady from getting splashed with Nickelodeon's trademark green slime

Watch out: Michelle Obama gets in trouble as green slime splashes from the stage at the Kids' Choice Awards

You've been slimed! The First Lady ended up with goo on her face at the awards ceremony

But sitting close to the stage at the awards, she did pick up a bit of slime when Will Smith and Justin Bieber were caught in the gooey crosshairs.

Mrs Obama, who attended the awards with her daughters Sasha and Malia, seemed to take the mess in good humour, laughing along with the raucous crowd and even dancing in her seat.

Earlier in the evening, the First Lady gave the 'Big Help' award for charity work to Taylor Swift.

Upon receiving the award, the pop star said, 'I am freaking out.'

Grand entrance: Michelle Obama took part in the Kid's Choice Awards in a shimmering silver frock

I give up: Michelle Obama gestures to some young fans as she sits with daughters Sasha (left) and Malia (right)

Getting close: Mrs Obama handed the 'Big Help' award to Taylor Swift in recognition of her charity work

Family: The First Lady attended the awards with her daughters Sasha (left) and Malia (right), who are perhaps a little closer to Nickelodeon's target audience

Host Will Smith opened the 25th annual Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles promising a record amount of the show's trademark green gunk.

Though some 20 awards are presented at the KCAs, the real suspense isn't who will take home a 'Blimp' (the show's Oscar), it's when and on whom the slime will spill.

It's like a baptism into kid-dom that can come at any moment: from a hidden bucket, dumped from the rafters or exploded from little orange blimps.

Star power: Host Will Smith shares the stage with Michelle Obama during the 25th Annual Kids Choice Awards

Presenter: Mrs Obama was possibly the most famous of all the stars handing out awards during the show

'No one is safe from the slime!' screamed Mr Smith. 'You have to earn the slime! It's an honour.'

The KCAs are Nickelodeon's annual celebration for kids, and it's often the most-watched children's programme of the year.

They draw a considerable roster of stars looking to thank their smallest fans and cater to their youngest demographics.

Tender moment: Will Smith and the first lady share an embrace during the festivities

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