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I am a mother of two little girls. The Toddler and The Baby. (Was it a mistake to name the children from ‘The Kill Bill Book of Baby Names’?)

My name? I am Silly Mummy.  I once had another name, but now I am Silly Mummy. In fact, The Toddler believes – quite rightly – that all silliness must have been the fault of Daddy, even when Daddy is not present. Therefore, my full name is ‘Silly Daddy…no, Silly Mummy!’

I should set out my purpose in writing this blog. I should also acknowledge that ‘purpose’ may be something of an overstatement, suggesting a sense of direction that may yet turn out to be sadly lacking. Still, such as it is, the point of this blog is twofold. Firstly, to explore the fascinating world of toddler language and interactions, and share (should anyone be interested) what one Silly Mummy has learnt so far. Secondly, it transpires that The Toddler may be a comedy genius: her work must be recorded for posterity.

I am a Huffington Post Blogger.


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