On a wing and a swear: Gutter-mouthed parrot banned from the classroom because of foul vocabulary

It was hoped that he would be used to promote the environment in schools and universities.

But after being taken into a sanctuary for exotic animals, this parrot's keepers soon realised a problem -  he swears like a trooper.

Choice words and phrases which Mr T has picked up in the past include  ‘b***** off’, ‘s***’ and ‘you b*****’.


Foul-mouthed: It was hoped that Mr T would be used to promote the environment in schools and universities but he has been banned from going before schoolchildren until he learns to stop swearing

The gutter-mouthed green wing macaw's colourful language means rescuers Tropical Inc - a sanctuary which take in exotic animals - cannot use Mr T yet for their educational tours until he’s learned to stop swearing.

Its likely that Mr T picked up his filthy language from the private house which he previously lived in for seven years.

He is now going to undergo some intensive one-on-one training to try and help him kick his bad habit.

Steve Rowlands, 30, from Tropical Inc, said when Mr T went to the centre in Birmingham, it was apparent pretty soon he might need some training before seeing the public.

Mr Rowlands said: 'We show exotic animals in schools, colleges and businesses to promote understanding about these animals natural environment and encourage conservation.

'As well as parrots we also have wallabies, kangaroos, a team of meerkats, snakes and spiders and scorpions.

Discipline: Steve Rowlands from Tropical Inc sanctuary will now give Mr T some intensive training to prevent him from swearing

'Mr T is actually a very friendly parrot but he has never lived with other parrots and he has picked up some interesting phrases and words which are not appropriate for some venues we go to.

'It might be that some of the children and even adults we show animals to will find it amusing but it will take away from the message we are trying to get across of showing these animals acting as naturally as possible.

'You wouldn’t hear parrots f-ing and blinding in the amazon so we don’t want to show it here either.'

Mr Rowlands said he will now begin forming a relationship with the bird in the hope he can be trained to stop swearing.

He said: 'Parrots are very social creatures but they will usually only like one person, either a man or a woman, and it is hard to get them to change their mind.

'I will have to bond with Mr T and build that level of trust so that we can introduce him to our other parrots and learn from them and be more natural.

'Parrots like Mr T can live to 90-years-old so he’s still only a youngster at around seven years old, I’m sure he’ll grow out of this rebellious phase soon.'


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