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Piling on pounds during pregnancy, sleepless nights and constant worry about your offspring - is it any wonder some British women say motherhood adds years to their faces, writes Jill Foster.

Passive aggressive notes are an annoying feature of any shared flat or office environment. But these hilarious notes from around the web take the art to a whole new level.

A frisky couple, believed to be from Canada, have revealed how they perform online sex shows for quick cash. 'It's just us, naked...with a bunch of strangers cheering us on,' they said.

Melbourne pharmacist Danielle Di Pilla has made $1 million in just 24 hours selling Australian-made goat soaps to Chinese shoppers for last week's Singles Day.

Privileged people around the world have revealed their most common first world problems. They include poor WiFi connections, too much food and natural lighting being 'too bright' at home.

When it comes to popping the question, many get creative with candlelit dinners, rose petals and sweeping panoramic views. But this proposal trend is the most adorable and simple one yet.

Prince Harry's girlfriend appears in newly released pictures from London-based 2015 gangster movie Anti-Social. The US actress, 35, plays fashion model Kirsten in the 2015 film.


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Tiffany and Lara Trump attend dinner with Donald at 21 Club wearing SAME sweater 

The 23-year-old recent college graduate and her brother Eric's 34-year-old wife Lara both opted to wear a $385 embellished Alice + Olivia sweater to dinner with their family at 21 Club, a famous, a famous steakhouse in New York City, on Tuesday evening. Although they looked equally lovely in the trendy top, Tiffany donned the black version of the sweater, while Lara wore it in cream.

Dr Care is a fellow at Harris-Wellbeing Preterm Birth Centre in Liverpool. She says prematurity doesn't just mean having a small baby and the reality can be more distressing.

Today in the final part of our guide to looking fabulous is everything you need to know about anti-ageing. Our writers have put the latest treatments to the test including mud baths for legs.

In her column for every busy woman who's bored of the same old wine, Helen McGinn talks you through this week's best wine including a Graham's 10-Year-Old Tawny Port.

Prince William shared a joke with schoolchildren in Vietnam today after touching down in Hanoi. The Duke, 34, will address delegates at a wildlife conference about the Far East's illegal ivory trade.

The Internet is known for its brainteasers and the latest is incredibly tough. The image shows pink and red starfish and green seaweed - but somewhere hidden inside is a plane waiting to be spotted.

Michelle Obama's make-up artist has revealed the secret behind the First Lady's youthful skin - a £43 'organic Botox' gel recommended to her by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox reveals how family members can influence your relationships. She says that we do look for a partner that has similar traits to our parents.

EXCLUSIVE: Supermarket is the first on the high street to sell the stripy fruit. The bizarre variety, called 'Pink Tiger,' has pink flesh and yellow and green striped skin. Can you tell what it is?



French actress Clemence Posey looked Parisian chic in Breton outside the Burberry catwalk at London Fashion Week. She added some British flair with a classic Burberry trench. Here we show you how to emulate her style for a fraction of the price...

Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week Clemence Posey added some fabulous French glamour to London Fashion Week

Cambridge University students strip off for the annual Best Bum competition

Cambridge University students have stripped off for the annual 'best bum' competition, posing for photos in the buff in various public locations around the historic city. Clockwise from top left: Students Theresa and Michael pose aboard boats on the River Cam; languages student Nicola poses atop a rooftop; mathematics buff Liam bares his buttocks in front of a historic building; and architecture student Sarah reclines on her bed in nothing but black knee-high boots.

Images of the young Joe Biden have been taking social media by storm. With users dubbing him 'hot', a 'hunk' and looking like 'he'd steal your girl from you with ease'.

Harry Benson of The Marriage Foundation, said the show, which saw couples marry the first time they met, left those involved 'floundering' after the final episode saw three of the four couples split up.

Matt, 12, and Ashley, 8, were of a very young age when they began expressing desire to be the opposite sex. They appear in the Channel 4 documentary Kids on the Edge.

Viewers were 'speechless' during Planet Earth II last night by bird's-eye footage of a golden eagle swooping through the mountains at 200mph - which turned out to be a tame young eagle.

Katy Finn, 21, from Buckinghamshire, says her OCD drove her to 'opt out' of reality in favour of creating a world she could control. She invented a social group, even adding fake contacts to her phone.

Donatella Versace, 61, who is one of the world's most lauded female style icons, added: 'They are thinking of themselves. But themselves and the woman are not the same.'

Disabled actress Samantha Renke, 30, from Shoreditch, has revealed how starring in the high profile ads for Malteasers left her open to abuse on Twitter.

Mumsnet users have described the moments that made them feel they were 'handling' motherhood, from supporting a child getting exam results to washing vomit from their hair.

Children might look small and innocent but they can in fact come across as quite sinister. These hilarious pictures, compiled from around the web, show just how creepy kids can be.

Matt Gibson, from Ontario, Canada, took just seconds to split the fruit in half by carefully positioning the fruit between his thighs. A video showing him perform the feat has been viewed over 73,000 times.

Alicia Goss was labelled a medical mystery by baffled doctors who couldn't understand her sudden shaking. After being diagnosed with Wilson's Disease the teen began her road to recovery.

When you order groceries online, supermarkets will substitute out-of-stock items, but sometimes they get it hilariously wrong such as sending a stuffed toy chicken instead of a roasting bird.

EXCLUSIVE: The advert tells the story of a traditional British Christmas starring a waspish mother, bickering sisters and a son with a secret - and they're all played by children.

Rare PKAN brain wasting condition overwhelms Queensland boy in TEN DAYS

A little boy from Queensland will never walk or talk again after he was struck down by a rare neurological disease which causes the gradual deterioration of his brain and muscles. Miller Cashen (pictured), six, has battled the PKAN condition for just over a year and has already lost the ability to move or speak. Mother Sophie (inset with Miller) told Daily Mail Australia: 'It's happening quite quickly. Within 10 days last year he went from his normal self to not being able to do these things.'

Using flattering make up, hair styling and a range of props, photographer Chrissy Sparks can turn any woman into the next Betty Grable or Dita Von Teese inside her studio in Birmingham.

The in-demand toy is a £59.99 egg that contains an interactive furry bird - and it has sent every keen shopper into a blind panic that they won't get it in time for December 25th.

Planet Earth II has won the biggest audience for a nature programme in 15 years, with last night's episode pulling in 10.6million viewers... but many were fixated by Sir Attenborough's accent.

An Australian mum-of-two has spoken out about the moment she realised she needed help for her postnatal depression, and urged other parents to look for the signs of the illness.

The Silly Sausage game, which invites players to shake a giant plastic sausage, has sparked hilarity among mothers, who called it 'wrong on so many levels'. It's aimed at children aged from seven.

Bradley Martyn's mannequin challenge clocks up more than 20 MILLION views

The stunt was choreographed by US online fitness star Bradley Martyn, pictured top left and top right, in a gym. A video of the challenge shows men and women posing completely still upside-down and mid-air, pictured. The mannequin challenge is believed to have originally started last month in Jacksonville, Florida.

Rich kids from across the globe are constantly vying to outdo each other with their lavish displays of wealth and now a luxury weapon such as a gold AK47 is the latest must-have status symbol.

Jessica Van Zeil, 23, was diagnosed with a rare form of ocular melanoma last year. The Melbourne woman had her left eye removed, but has since been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer.

American mother Lauren Vinje has shared a photo of her premature baby girl smiling five days after being born. Since, hundreds of other mothers have shared snaps of their own smiling bubs.

Dog owners have been sharing pictures of their pets causing mischief, from pulling funny faces to knocking things over. One told how his golden retriever turned green after rolling on the grass.

Alice Husband, 42, from Lincolnshire, left, said Amy Asker, 33, right, has been punished enough as she will have to live with the fact she killed her son for the rest of her life.

The edible machine by Peboryon Bakery in Cornwall pumps out 300 mini Victoria sponges on a conveyor belt. The mammoth fruit cake contains 1,400 sugar paste rivets.

Warwick University's female rowing team has shared a glimpse of its 2017 naked calendar, which will go on sale next week to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Actress Charlotte Riley, 34, has been cast as the Duchess of Cambridge in the first major broadcast drama featuring the royal. The 90 minute one off BBC special nvisions a constitutional crisis with the Prince of Wales as king.

Melbourne-based model and aspiring personal trainer, Steph Claire Smith, 22, has taken a different approach by sharing with her followers what they shouldn't be doing when it comes to health.

From carrots and pumpkin to salmon and oats, our experts have revealed the foolproof guide to enhancing your beauty - and it's a lot easier than you think.