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"The Legion must disappear." I like the sound of that! I hope more work is done to turn up these strange bedfellows of maciel.

Giselle, it's, "But he said he was not aware of the recent book La voluntad de no saber", (published in León, Guanajuato, on Saturday the 24th of March during the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Mexico),the book which reveals Vatican archive documents in which the abuses of Maciel are first reported, but he was aware of the group that has publicized the abuses for the last several years.

Joseph Beard should be Jose Barba

Hahahaha. I didn't look past the googlish, and wondered why I'd never heard of him (or that maybe a brother of the famous bread-maker went to bat for someone). Thanks for the correction!

OH, that is too funny! That IS the translation of the name....and I wondered why I had never heard of this Joseph Beard accuser!

This account by Mullor Garcia could be a mini-version of what was/is happening in the whole Church. Amazing. Horrible.

I think girolamo was a big figure at maciels 60th ordination celebrations in mexic in 1994, and he may have been a guest in ireland between 93 and 95 - well wined and dined.

Giselle, I love the title. Do you suppose you could leave this up as the lead article forever? It just warms my heart to come on here and see:
"The Legion Must Disappear"!

The article is very good also and I was wondering about "Joseph Beard" as well. Too funny!

I wish someone could help us get the exact interview since in the part where the article speaks about disappearing the LC the only word that actually Mons Mullor said is disappear, the rest belongs to the writter of the article, and unfortunately most of the times they interpret in the "noisiest" way they can.

Archbishop Mullor may be blackballed by his peers for being so forthright, but he is doing exactly what the Church given its structure needs to do- for the Bishops themselves to critique their own, and carry out clear investigations that give the faithful confidence that they too are capable of reforming themselves. If they do not do it- as the sex abuse crisis can attest- the press will do it for them and with much more pain to Catholics and much much less mercy for them.

I hope a few more ranking bishops jump on board, and openly begin to ask the right questions and not stop until the answers are found and made transparent to all.

While often looking at the Vatican curia for this debacle- there is still much to be unraveled in Mexico where most of MM's victims originate and the bulk of the order's works reside. There are clearly layers of cronyism to be unraveled there too.

@JRC: The word "disappear" fits the overall context of the Archbishop's comments given the LCs themselves caused him a lot of trouble and not just MM. However if he was grossly misrepresented in this piece, he will always be able to correct it in future reporting. I somehow think this story will not be the last on the theme. The language was strong and surely it will beckon followups.

Truth and courage go hand-in-hand here -- as always.

Thank you, Your Excellency!

I think Mullor is interesting above all for his innuendo about his predecessor in the job: Prigione. As a matter of fact, nobody has asked any explanations from Prigione about Maciel’s affair. Maybe he doesn’t have to give them… considering by the way that when he goes to Rome he lodges in the Legionaries’ center for higher studies. Finally, about the googlish “the town of San Pedro” is St Peter’s in Rome.

Perhaps Prigone gets the prettiest boys when he lodges at the center. One never knows!

Oh the corruption in our Catholic "government". As more and more Cardinals who were complicit or blissfully and woefully ignorant of the crimes of Maciel AND the Legion are publicly uncovered, the Roman Curia paints the Catholic Church as "Forgivers". Justice is unnecessary. "Leave that God" is the message.

What does this accomplish?

More importantly, what does this create? A society where the criminals are protected and the victims prosecuted?

Why are we suppose to ignore the men behind the curtain?

Toto has pulled the chain, yet "Oz" is still feverishly winding the crank.

What about a petition or a letter writing campaign? They have to know that we won't go away until justice is at least attempted to be served.

The excuse seems to be, "We are all sinners." I have heard from other priests that we must find it in our hearts to forgive. But everytime I think about the founder, I think, "What if it had been my child?". If my son had been sodomized and then threatened, I would have called the police. That is not consensual sex and it is a crime. They have ruined the innocence of children and have tampered with their faithfulness to the Lord. The LC priests have told me that homosexuality is a disordered act and yet they protect Maciel's name. They judged me for being too this and too that! The hypocrisy is unbelievable. Justice hit it right on the nose. The church turns a blind eye. Everything positive, nothing negative. There is a reason why people have left the Catholic faith and secularism is on the rise. Can you spell COVER-UP and CORRUPTION?

I'm not sure we should rejoice with this article.

Justo Mullor showed us in the past, in good Vatican diplomat, that he was very capable of fine lies and manipulations. And this is an inelegant manner to pass for a hero and a victim, by discharging all the faults on Prigione. He is washing publicly his hands.

In december 2010, Mullor did his first attempt by publishing a book :

Thanks to God, Joseph Beard... uh, sorry, Jose Barba reacted immediately with this article, denouncing the inconsistencies of the Papal Nuncio :

I fear Justo Mullor, like others, is quite not a hero, and tried, as many others, to cover up the scandal and discourage victims from speaking.

I'm not saying that everything he says is totally false. But it's a political speech, that serves other interests that truth and justice. And by a kind of hypnosis focusing on great words sentences like « the Legion should disappear », he is also defending the Pope, by protecting Pope's responsibilities.

But you know : the Legion will never disappear till Pope Benedict is in love with the order. He made all he could to protect his precious weapon against relativism and won't let it flee away so easily.

Defending the Pope is protecting the Legion.

Xavier, although I agree with you about the fact that probably Mullor is no hero, it is also a positive thing to have confirmation of the account of the victims about the accusations to Marcial Maciel. You tend to see things black and white and that explains your last statement which is a blatant and unfair generalization as if the Legion of Christ was THE problem about the Catholic Church and, consequently about the Pontiff.

As a side note, it would be interesting to know if any formerly accused diocesan priests had originally defected from LC. And how much contact is there between diocesan and LC priests? Do they socialize?

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