Sarah Paulson plays yet another character on American Horror Story: Roanoke finale as Lee Harris last to die

American Horror Story: Roanoke ended its season on Wednesday with the death of the final lead character - and the destruction of the haunted house at the heart of it.

The final episode started with ex-cop Lee Harris as the only survivor of Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, the Big Brother-styled reality TV show that followed the documentary My Roanoke Nightmare and broke TV ratings records.

However, she became an O.J. Simpson-style figure of public obsession after being shown committing murders in the house - and getting acquitted of all charges, everything being played out in numerous TV specials and news reports.

Season finale: Sarah Paulson returned as Lana Winters on Wednesday's season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke

After a tabloid documentary called Crack'd showed all the details of her trials, she was then shown sitting down with journalist Lana Winters, making a return from AHS: Asylum and coming out of retirement for the huge live TV special.

Lana - another character this season played by Sarah Paulson - got drama she never expected when Lot Polk stormed the live interview with an assault rifle and swearing revenge for killing his mother, but being cut down by an officer just before his planned assassination of Lee, played by Adina Porter.

Extra drama during the interview had also come when, after a series of gentle smalltalk questions, Lana stunned Lee by asking her: 'Where is she, Lee? Flora?'

She then revealed that Lee's daughter - who gave damning evidence during her mother's trial, insisting she watched her murder her dad Mason - had gone missing just an hour before the interview started filming.

Special guest: Lee Harris, played by Adina Porter, was interviewed during a live special by Lana

Interview interrupted: Lot Polk stormed the live interview as he went after Lee

Technical difficulties: The live broadcast was interrupted by the gunman

Lee - who swore she knew nothing about the disappearance - had admitted that she had lost all contact with her daughter since the murder trial, and also that she was battling her way through court to keep custody of the child against Mason's family.

'It's always been about her,' Lee had insisted before knowing she was missing.

'At my darkest times, she kept me alive. The thought of her being alone in the world - the joy of seeing her again, to watch her growing up - has kept me going.'

Missing again: Lee was informed during the show that her daughter Flora was missing again

Talking sense: Lana tried talking sense into Lot who struck her with his assault rifle

Gunned down: Lot was gunned down before he could kill Lee

We later found out that Lee also went missing after the dramatic, deadly interview - turning up to the huge shock of the hosts of Spirit Chasers, a TV show that broke back into the Roanoke house to do a TV special during the terrifying Blood Moon period.

'Are you people crazy enough to be shooting another show here?' she asked the hosts. 'You stupid f***s - you deserve to die.'

When they asked why she was there, she said: 'I'm looking for my daughter and I'm running out of time. I've been searching everywhere for two weeks - this is the last place I want to be.'

Meta mania: A show called Spirit Chasers was introduced into the highly meta series

Controversial episode: The network decided to air the controversial episode of Spirit Chasers

Surprise appearance: Lee shocked the Spirit Chasers when they found her at the Roanoke house

After warning them that 'they will find us' and that 'this house has a strange way of ripping that frat smile right off of your face,' her warning came true in brutal fashion.

First, Piggy Man arrived and killed Ashley Gilbert, the actor who portrayed Cricket Marlowe on My Roanoke Nightmare and was helping the spirit Chasers crew after seemingly being upset at getting left out of the Roanoke reality show.

Then one of the show's hosts, Dave Elder, was grabbed by one of the Chens who crawled down from the ceiling - and as the others ran outside, the Butcher appeared and cut down the show's tech manager, Tracy Logan.

From above: Spirit Chasers host Dave Elder was grabbed by one of the Chens from above

Grisly end: The Butcher stabbed the show's tech manager Tracy Logan

Body count: Ashley Gilbert was killed by Piggy Man

The other host, Bob Kinnaman, had shown the most bravado until then - but ran terrified towards police who were arriving, shouting for them to get back in their cars.

As Bob and two officers turned around at the gates of the house, seeing the Blood Moon, a volley of arrows flew through the air, killing them all.

Once again, Lee was the sole survivor, going back in the house and crying out her daughter's name.

Hit the mark: Bob Kinnaman and two police officers were killed by arrows under the Blood Moon

'Mama,' Flora finally said, with thermal imaging footage from the Spirit Chasers' gear showing her entering the same room in the house as her mother.

Next, police and news crews were shown surrounding the house - with news announcers reporting that they were 14 hours into a standoff, with officers convinced Lee was holding her daughter as well as another girl hostage in the house.

Lana Winters, back home from hospital, appeared on TV shows during the standoff, insisting that she related to Lee, saying that 'when we latch onto something it becomes our destiny and we will do anything to see it through.'

TV news: Lana appeared on TV shows during the tense standoff with Lee

In the beginning: The show opened with the reality stars at Paley Fest

Together again: Audrey and Rory were close at the panel

Fan favourite: Dominic Banks was seeking love from the audience

Asked what that was for Lee, she said: 'Her daughter, of course. It's always been about Flora.'

Despite having a handgun, Lee was shown being gentle and loving with her daughter, who repeatedly talked about Priscilla, the girl only she had seen who everyone assumed was just an imaginary friend.

Details of Priscilla had also helped Lee escape the murder charge for killing Mason, with the court told it proved Flora's testimony should be dismissed as 'the words of an imaginative girl' obsessed with an imaginary friend because of the trauma of her parent's split.

Trial testimony: Flora testified against her mother but also mentioned her 'imaginary' friend on the stand

In the house during the supposed stand-off, Lee told her daughter that she had wanted everything to be 'so wonderful and flawless' in their lives 'but you can't ever live up to that picture you imagine,' Flora snapped: 'You killed daddy, with a rock. I saw you.'

'He was going to take you away from me,' Lee explained. 'A girl needs her mother. Your daddy never understood.'

She added: 'I am so sorry for the things I've done - but I am your champion, Flora. I don't care what the world thinks about me. The only damn thing I have to live for is to look after you.

Eye witness: The girl witnessed her mother Lee kill her father

'Please Flora - walk out of here with me. Give me that chance to make that perfect picture with you.'

But it was Flora, played by Saniyya Sidney, who was refusing to go - because she wanted to stay and help Priscilla fend off the Butcher.

After falling to dissuade her, Lee finally said: 'What if I stay and look after Priscilla? I fought off the Butcher twice - I can do a much better job of protecting her.'

Great idea: Lee came up with the idea of protecting Priscilla in place of Flora

Telling her to live with her grandparents instead, she told her daughter: 'Priscilla needs a Mommy. Let me do that for her, and for you.

'In time you may feel differently about me.'

'What do you think?' Flora asked - with Priscilla shown by the window, having listened to the whole exchange.

Listening in: Priscilla listened to the whole conversation

The police outside saw smoke and then an explosion from a gas leak, with Flora walking outside slowly, being taken off by an officer.

Lee was then shown kneeling in front of Prsicilla, handing her a gun and saying: 'It's gonna be OK.'

The gunshot sparked an even bigger explosion, destroying the house at the moment Lee was finally killed.

On fire: The Roanoke house was set on fire by Priscilla and Lee

It's time: Lee sacrificed herself to help protect Priscilla from the Butcher

Big blast: An explosion rocked the Roanoke house as Lee was killed

But as Flora looked out of the police car window she saw her mother and Priscilla standing together, with the ghost-like Lee waving tenderly at her daughter as she was driven away from the house.

Lee looked back one final time, seeming alarmed, before walking off hand-in-hand with Priscilla.

The episode ended with the camera zooming out, showing the Butcher on a hill high above, watching as the house continued burning.

Mother's love: Lee sacrificed herself and her ghost waved to daughter Flora

High above: The Butcher from high above watched the house burn down under a Blood Moon

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