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Since Fountain Park Chautauqua was established over 100 years ago it has continued to be dedicated to the principles for which it was founded—bringing religion, education, culture, family values and fellowship to the people. This heritage has been enjoyed by generations and it is our purpose to continue to preserve this unique experience for future generations.

National and state pride is evident by the display of the American flag from the flag pole, from the tabernacle, and especially from every cottage. State flags are hung from the hotel balcony. This display shows "We Are Proud To Be Americans."

Fountain Park Chautauqua also serves the community in other ways. The park is enjoyed the year around. It provides a beautiful and serene place that many people use to relax and commune with nature. People of all ages walk laps or enjoy the playground equipment.

From May through September many family reunion, group meetings and picnics are held in the art buildings and the recreational hall. There have also been weddings and receptions held at Fountain Park.

Fountain Park Chautauqua has functioned continuously for over 100 years, preserving a historical part of our American heritage and keeping family values strong. At Fountain Park the generation gap is bridged by the fostering of love and respect for all ages. The strong bonds of lasting friendships and family ties are evidence of the great appreciation held for Fountain Park. When parents return, bringing their children to enjoy the pleasures they have experienced or families that have five or six generations back for a session one knows the love and appreciation felt for Fountain Park.