Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller 'is hospitalized for a psych evaluation after turning up barefoot in a bar with their twins, getting in a fight with the nanny - and then being spotted beating the children at a car wash'

  • Brooke Mueller is said to have got in a fight with the children's nanny after arriving barefoot in a bar in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • She left before police arrived and got a hotel room nearby
  • Police called Sheen who says he just wants to get his kids home safe
  • Mueller was subsequently seen at a car wash around 6am Wednesday
  • Dispatch audio suggests that she was 'beating her kids' while there
  • A family source claims she has agreed to go back to hospital for treatment  
  • The pair, who separated in 2010, have been embroiled in a custody battle
  • Bob and Max, seven, are now in the care of an undisclosed family member

Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife has reportedly agreed to a psych evaluation after a bizarre 24 hours in which she was seen arguing barefoot with her nanny in a Salt Lake City bar and then 'beating' her children at a nearby car wash.

Mueller's behavior in the late hours of Tuesday and early hours of Wednesday had prompted police to launch a search for her seven-year-old twins Bob and Max as well as her. 

She is said to have arrived barefoot in a bar with the boys and asked people for a cigarette late on Tuesday night, before getting in a fight with the children's nanny, according to TMZ.

Tracking them down: Police have called off a search for Charlie Sheen's children with Brooke Mueller, seven-year-old twins Max and Bob (pictured in 2014)

In police audio obtained by TMZ, a dispatcher can be heard describing an incident where a woman in black was seen 'beating her kids.' 

An eye witness had earlier told the website he recognized Mueller, saying she was 'swinging wildly at her kids', adding that she seemed 'high as a kite'.

He added that the twins were in pajamas with no shoes, with one of them begging: 'Don't call the cops, they are going to take my mommy away!'

Before police arrived, Mueller and the boys were picked up by a black Escalade along with a nanny.

Law enforcement sources reportedly that Utah's state police have spoken to Brooke and they no longer believe the children are in danger. 

Mueller has agreed to go to a hospital while accompanied by police, a family source told The New York Daily News. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that a woman claiming to be Mueller's mom asked Utah state troopers to determine if she was mentally unstable.

'Brooke and the boys are fine. She's getting the help she needs, and the boys are with their nanny,' the source said.

'She did go off her meds and she needs to go back on them. She wasn't on anything last night, at least that we know of.'

The source added that the boys were never without the nanny. 

Earlier, a hotel clerk at the Skyline Inn hotel, where Mueller checked in around 4am, claimed that she said three women had tried to rob her, adding that she 'seemed like she needed help,' according to E! news.

Police reportedly called Sheen about the situation after Mueller apparently told people in the bar that she was his ex-wife and gave them his phone number. 

Sheen told the publication before the car wash sighting: 'I'm just trying to get my kids home safe. I have no other details that relate to the ongoing event.' 

A Salt Lake City police official told ET online that the situation 'was basically a welfare check that got blown way out of proportion.'

'About 6.30 this morning, officers were sent on a disturbance at a different location of our city. When the officers arrived, they was nobody there for them to talk to.

'The information that we have was there was some kind of disturbance in that area.

'I do know that we are not looking for anybody at this time. The people we were sent to look for have been located and are being talked to by another agency, so as far as on our end, no crimes have been committed, the children are safe and the mother is safe.' 

Worrying: Early reports claimed Mueller (seen in 2009 with Sheen) arrived barefoot in a bar in Salt Lake City, Utah with the boys and Max and asked people for a cigarette, before getting in a fight with the nanny

Mueller and Sheen separated in 2011 after three years of marriage, going through a nasty divorce and custody battle. 

As recently as October, a source close to Mueller said she was 'on the right track' after suffering with addictions and multiple trips to rehab. She reportedly returned to rehab back in January - for the 20th time - just two months after Sheen revealed he is HIV-Positive. Both she and her sons are not HIV-Positive.

In August, he reportedly reached an agreement with both Mueller and ex Denise Richards (mother of his daughters Sam, 12, and Lola, 11) which will halve his monthly payments to them. 

Mueller claimed in April that Sheen sold off his profit right from Two And A Half Men to ensure his child support payments to her were reduced. Sheen netted $26.75 million, but it meant he lost his $613,000 in monthly income. She also accused him of owing her $89,000 in child support payments, calling him a 'deadbeat dad'.

In 2011, Max and Bob were removed from Sheen's home after Mueller obtained a restraining order against him.

'I'm just trying to get my kids home safe': Charlie, pictured last week at LAX, has been contacted by police

Two years later, custody of the twins was given to Mueller's brother Scott after officials took the children on a warrant, however the court returned full custody to Brooke in December 2014.

Mueller moved with the twins to Park City, Utah and earlier this year spent some time in rehab. She is said to have been in rehab 20 times to date.

Meanwhile, Sheen's third wife apparently has a new man in her life.

Nasty split: Charlie and Brooke, pictured here in 2011, have been involved in a bitter battle over child support

According to Page Six, Mueller has been dating skincare guru Peter Thomas Roth since the summer, following his separation from wife of 20 years Noreen.

'Brooke’s mother and stepfather introduced them in June,' a source claimed. 'He was in LA and they brought Brooke to dinner.

'He enjoys her company and has even visited her in Salt Lake City, where she lives. They are officially dating.'

New romance: Meanwhile it has been revealed that Brooke has been dating skincare guru Peter Thomas Roth since the summer, following his separation from wife of 20 years Noreen. They are shown here in September

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