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Tornado sweeps through a Welsh holiday village causing 'absolute carnage' 

Gusts of up to 95mph were recorded close to chalets flattened in Clarach Bay (pictured), near Aberystwyth, west Wales, while houses had their roofs ripped off today. More than 550 properties in Wales are without power amid yellow weather warnings for wind and dangerous driving conditions. All buses have been suspended in the area, and a road near the coast was closed, as trees were ripped from the ground and twenty caravans blown over.

Euromillions winner Neil Trotter outrages neighbours with barbed wire fence around his

A Euromillions winner has outraged his neighbours after erecting a barbed wire fence around his £5million estate in Kent. Neil Trotter, 43, won an £108million jackpot two years ago and purchased a Grade II listed mansion with its own lake and 400 acres of land in Cowden, Sevenoaks. However, his neighbours have said his new fence, which was put up several weeks ago, is 'revolting', 'unsightly', 'out of place' and it blocks access to a public footpath. The fence was brought up during a Cowden Parish Council meeting on Monday.

Oxford-educated Felicity Frederiksen was separated from her baby after her estranged husband, Henrik Frederiksen, took the little girl to his native Denmark.

Rachel Armstrong, from Durham, says little Zoe (pictured) asked her thoughts on Seann Miley Moore wearing a dress on the ITV talent show before revealing that she herself was transgender.

Iain Hayward (pictured), from Reading, claims his father was unable to write a valid will before his death from cancer after he left the lion's share of his £1.3million fortune to his daughter Fiona.

A project delved back as far as the Norman Conquest to examine 45,600 surnames that are carried by more than 100 people. It found that 40,000 had ancient origins in Britain and Ireland.


An article last week said the Department for International Development (DFID) gave £5.5 million in UK foreign aid for schools in Uganda which the Ugandan government has now closed. In fact ...

World Health Organisation worker committed suicide she was denied access to her baby

Oxford-educated Felicity Frederiksen was separated from her baby after her estranged husband, Henrik Frederiksen, took the little girl to his native Denmark. An inquest into the 33-year-old's death heard she could not face the prospect of being apart from her daughter and jumped from a balcony in Copenhagen after leaving notes for her family. At the end of an inquest in Hatfield, Hertfordshire Coroner Geoffrey Sullivan recorded a verdict of suicide.

Bretony Gallimore, of Manchester, booked a hotel room for Anthony Henry and allowed him to use her phone after he ordered a hit on Kieran McGrath.

Maurice Cooney, 33, of Telford, Shropshire, was forced to raise the alarm at an office building after getting stranded on a tram-only section of the Midland Metro, causing five hours of disruption to services.

Peppi Collings (pictured), from North Tyneside, was left scarred for life by Josh Gray and has called on women to make use of a law that allows them to check if a partner has a record of abuse.

Jobless couple Amanda Heseltine and Richard Connell, both of Nelson, Lancashire, gathered details of those living near them during door-to-door sales rounds to use in the scam.

Protesting pensioners are arrested as 'underhand' council workers move in

Beleaguered pensioners were arrested after they attempted to stop workmen feeling trees under the cover of darkness. A dozen officers made the arrests amid a bitter legal battle between council chiefs and residents in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, over the felling of trees in the city. Homeowners in the leafy Endcliffe suburb (far left) were woken around 5am this morning to the sound of chainsaws outside their properties - before they launched their fiery protest. Retired university professor Jenny Hockey, 70, (left) and Freda Brayshaw, 71 (right), stood beside one tree so workmen could not reach it and were arrested on suspicion of preventing lawful work before later being released from custody without charge. Bob Hockey, 72, (inset) said the arrests were 'absolutely disgraceful' and labelled the felling a 'covert and deceitful operation'.

A three-year-girl saved her mother's life after she blacked-out due to a heart condition. Sofia Hannington (left), of Clacton in Essex, dialled 999 after Patricia (right) collapsed while painting her kitchen.

Angus Cameron tried to kill 56-year-old Susan Brown outside their homes following the row in the village of Headley, Hampshire.

Christine Peggrem, from Dorset, had complained of abdominal pain for weeks but put off visiting her GP. She was later admitted to hospital and diagnosed with bowel cancer last month.

A 47-year-old woman has revealed she lived as a horse every day for seven years until she was a teenager. Kate Havord, pictured, would gallop on all fours, wear a bridle and eat grass as a youngster.

Laurian Bold, 31, said she was being assigned so much work at Hollingworth Academy at Rochdale, Greater Manchester, that she only slept for three hours a night.

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney, pictured yesterday, issued a grovelling apology after his drunken antics resulted in the Football Association banning England players from nights out.

Britain's last lion tamer is accused of animal cruelty

Thomas Chipperfield, right, has been accused of neglecting its pair of lions, Tsavo and Assegai, and trio of tigers, Nadi, Syas and Altai, by leaving them in a trailer close to the M6 toll in Staffordshire. For 300 years the Chipperfield dynasty have used big cats as part of their show, but Animal Defenders International (ADI) say their animals are 'traumatised' and ill-treated. ADI, who took the footage, say the animals were caged in cramped conditions, kept in the dark for more than 12 hours and on one day not let out to exercise at all. The constant noisy rumble of the M6 and the nearby A5 can also be heard. Travelling abroad with an Italian circus for four months this winter, Mr Chipperfield reportedly planned to return to the UK in the New Year for a new show - but in the meantime his five animals faced a miserable existance, confined mostly to their cages on the back of a truck.

As a result, more than 15million households in the UK get frustratingly slow access to the internet, emails and video-streaming services such as the BBC's iPlayer and Netflix.

Claire Fielding, 34, of Bolton, had been taking drugs and alcohol for her condition since 2002, an inquest heard, after 'retreating into her shell' due to the constant buzzing in her ears.

Jack Letts, from Oxford, became the one of the first white British coverts to travel to ISIS-held territory and is understood to have has changed his name to Abu Mohammed.

The Alzheimer's Society today says the neglect is 'happening behind close doors' and 'away from public attention' which was mostly focused on poor care in hospitals.

The 4ins tall jar (pictured) was bought as a present for the owner's parents from a London antique shop in May 1946 for £9 10 shillings - £200 in today's money.

The details released by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority underline the scale of concern for the safety of MPs and their staff following the death of the Labour MP on June 15.

The reforms were proposed after David Cameron suffered an humiliating defeat at the hands of peers over cuts to tax credits last year, but are now being dropped.

Theresa May insisted the usual procedure is not to discuss future Lords appointments in public when she was grilled about the prospect of giving Nigel Farage, pictured, a peerage.

Drone near Shard nearly collides with passenger plane headed for Heathrow Airport

The A320 aircraft with up to 165 passengers on board nearly collided with the remote-controlled drone while on its final approach to Heathrow. The pilot spotted the drone, which measured roughly 20in across, out of a cockpit window as the aircraft was flying just 650ft east of the Shard skyscraper. A report on the July 18 incident reveals how chance had played a 'major part' in the outcome as there had not been time for the pilot to take any action.

Theresa May has told Chancellor Philip Hammond to make middle and low-income families in the UK a priority in next week's Autumn Statement.

At PMQs, Richard Bacon put in a quirky plea for promotion. She flashed her eyes and gave a little lick of her lips before growling, 'perhaps he'd like to come up and see me sometime'.

The threshold at which personal injury lawyers can take cases to the small claims court would be raised from £1,000 to £5,000 - meaning legal costs are reduced.

Sir David Attenborough, 90, came under fire after he suggested it would 'not be a bad idea' to 'shoot' the president-elect in an interview with Radio Times this month.

Treasury ministers will allow Bank of England officials to intervene in the market by specifying how much landlords can borrow if they fear the market is overheating.

Deputy assistant commissioner Steve Rodhouse has been officially told he is under investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Bird-loving widower, 73, feeds robins from his mouth

Terry Taylor, a retired cabinet maker from Waltham Abbey, Essex, has become so close to his feathered friends that he speaks to them and even feeds them from his mouth. After losing his wife Marilyn in 2005, the 73-year-old has found comfort in feeding robins and managed to get one to pinch a worm from between his lips. Mr Taylor has been hand-feeding a pair of the red-breasted birds who he recognised as mother and baby and named them Susie and Monty.

Among the global hopefuls are Simon Berry, 24, from Sheffield. He can be seen dunking a Chocolate Hobnob into a cup of tea just as his bungee reaches its full extension.

The online retailer came in for a barrage of criticism from frustrated shoppers across Britain, many of whom took to the social media site Twitter to post pictures of their over-sized parcels.

The glamorous American actress has become the centre of attention on both sides of the Atlantic since the prince announced their relationship earlier this month.

Jo Cox was 'stabbed 15 times and shot' say witnesses to the MP’s murder 

A far Right-obsessed loner stood over bloodied MP Jo Cox (inset) and calmly reloaded his sawn off rifle after twice shooting her in the head - before 'blasting her' for a third time and walking off 'without a care in the world', a court heard. Unemployed gardener Thomas Mair, 53, also stabbed the Labour politician 15 times, according to one eyewitness, and said 'this is for Britain' as he murdered her in cold blood, jurors were told. The Old Bailey terror trial heard Mair then left the scene as 41-year-old mother-of-two Mrs Cox lay bleeding to death in the road, before calmly returning for his bag moments later. The Batley and Spen MP was shot three times with the specially adapted.22 weapon and stabbed 15 times with a dagger-like knife as she made her way to a constituency surgery at Birstall library, in West Yorkshire on June 16. Witnesses Rashid Hussain, (pictured left), David Honeybell (centre) and Louise Keskin (right) have given evidence today.

Liam Denner, from Atherton, Greater Manchester, has left medics baffled with the undiagnosed condition that makes his body attack itself when he eats or drinks.

The man, 33, and woman, 21, were found inside a property on Marldon Road, pictured, in Paignton, Devon. The pair have been named locally as Mitchell Valentine and Katie Wilding.

The fireplace that crushed Jack Miles, three, was attached to a wall 'not strong enough to support it' at a home in Gateshead, with the toddler suffering 'irrecoverable' injuries, an inquest heard.

The Isle of Skye won the accolade following a survey of nearly 24,000 people by property website Rightmove, in a list that heavily featured seaside locations.

Singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen died in his sleep after falling down in the middle of the night at his Los Angeles home on November 7, his manager Robert B. Kory revealed on Wednesday.

People born in Britain during the 1980s were the first generation since the war not to start their careers on higher salaries than their parents, warned the Social Mobility Commission.

Indonesian Dani tribe where women amputate a finger when relatives die

WARNING: PICTURES CONTAIN NUDITY. The Dani people (pictured bottom right) live in the remote highlands of Western New Guinea in Indonesia where they cling to their strong sense of identity by adhering to unique customs and traditional ways. One of their customs is the wearing of an unusual piece of underwear - the Koteka - worn by males which is commonly referred to as a penis sheath (pictured left) and women in the tribe have been known to cut off the end of their own fingers to mark the loss of a relative (pictured top right). As well as their quite liberal view towards clothing, the tribe are also well known for their unique practice of self mutilation with tribe warriors wearing huge hoops through their noses.

Video shows frantic effort to rescue seemingly-lifeless girl in Aleppo

The young girl appeared to be dead when she was found buried beneath the rubble of her home in the war-torn Syrian city of Aleppo. It followed a bombing which observers believed claimed the lives of six people, including a child. The girl, named Khadija, only started moving when she was put on a stretcher and rushed to a medical centre.

Kosovo police say they prevented simultaneous attacks by ISIS fanatics, including one on the Israeli national football team which played a World Cup qualifier in neighboring Albania.

Iraqi forces have piled pressure on Islamic State around Mosul, moving closer to cutting off the jihadists' escape route west to Syria and thrusting deeper into the east of the city.

Three children were reportedly among those killed by the unnamed boy's explosive device. He put the device on and went back to his home in the al-Wehda district of Mosul, where it later exploded.

Huge parts of the Souda camp on the eastern island of Chios was destroyed by fire and when police arrived they were attacked by migrants who were throwing stones at them.



The famous sculpture by Gian Lorenzo Bernini was damaged in an apparent vandalism attack earlier this week. Vandals broke off the tip of the elephant's tusk, which was recovered at the foot of the statue.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT The shocking footage shows the boy with a bloodied face holding his hands up as the mob surrounds him as he sits with his legs tied together

A criminal investigation has been launched into the attack on Mallika Sherawat, with detectives working on the theory that the assailants were attempting a robbery.

Timelapse video shows how Japan managed to fix mega sinkhole in a WEEK

Footage shows how dozens of construction workers laboured through the night using cement mixers, cranes and diggers to fix the 30m wide chasm in Fukuoka, south west Japan. Remarkably the 15m deep hole was filled and the road reopened in a week in an astonishing lesson in efficiency. Pictures taken at various intervals during the repair work show workers at the scene night and day (left and top right), while a huge crane was also brought in along with a seemingly endless stream of cement mixers. Gradually the hole is filled up before the road surface is relayed and the road reopened (bottom right).

The photographs show an contemporary tribal community near the Brazilian-Venezuelan border the circular shack-like structure is understood to be home to about 100 people.

Celebratory gun fire during a wedding ceremony in India went horribly wrong when one guest was killed and four others were injured, including an 11-year-old girl.

South Korea's financial markets have also been closed and candidates running late have been promised police escorts to help them reach test sites on time.

STEPHEN GLOVER: Two weeks have passed since three judges in the High Court controversially ruled that the Government must have Parliamentary approval to trigger Article 50.

In a report that shames Britain, the Alzheimer's Society today throws glaring light on 'harrowing' failings in the care of the 400,000 dementia sufferers who receive home visits.