The formula for success in any business starts with an exceptional product or service. Something unique to set it apart from the competition. Obviously, good management and administration is crucial. No business can succeed without carefully planned processes. But even after all of this, businesses still need more to survive and succeed, particularly in our modern markets with ever increasing competition. Every little resource counts and anything that can help you set your business apart is important. Making your business or your personal brand become recognized is about one of the best ways to guarantee business success. However, no business can achieve this without getting the word out. This entails investing in publicity for your business, but many business owners might be wary of this because they might have formed the idea that marketing and publicity for their business must be expensive. However, this is not necessarily true and certainly not true if you decide to use the services offered by 55printing.


55 Printing is a provider of printing services located in Los Angeles, California. Their services include everything from business cards, to door hangers, flyers, brochures, postcards, banners, car door magnets and much, much more. All of their services are very competitively priced and include a free design proof, to make sure the final product will be on par with your expectations, free printing product samples and a price match guarantee. This means their prices cannot be beat by any other competitor. Make your business stand out with a marketing and publicity campaign with a smartly designed flyer or brochure. It will guarantee reaching a wider audience and drumming up business for yourself. While word of mouth is great, it is not the most effective way of increasing your market share or making your product or service known. With just a small investment in publicity, you could potentially increase your business volume significantly, particularly if you purchase their EDDM printing packages.

EDDM stands for “every door direct mail”. It is a system offered by USPS, the United States Postal Service, that allow businesses or other service providers to send targeted advertising to specific customer bases, chosen by zip code or mail carrier route. 55 printing is able to take care of everything in your EDDM marketing campaign. Even for those with little to no experience in design, the EDDM services offered by 55 printing allows customers to upload their own design. Alternatively, customers can also choose to use their free online design studio or choose one from among many ready to use templates. Choose from among several sizes for your EDDM postcards in great quality glossy paper to give your marketing campaign a refined and elegant look. Remember that every little details counts, as it is carrying the image of your business. For all your printing needs, as well as hassle free marketing campaigns that will not break the bank and cheap EDDM printing services, choose the professional services offered by the experts at 55 printing.