When parting really is sweet: Divorce cakes sparked by trend for separation celebrations

The end of a marriage has, until now, been a cause for commiseration rather than celebration.

But the official declaration of a break-up could now mean getting back in touch with the caterers - for the ceremonial cutting of a divorce cake.

Designed as the centrepiece for ‘divorce parties’, the fancy confections are apparently being ordered by newly-single men and women and their friends to celebrate a fresh start.

Sweet revenge: Baker Fay Millar has been doing a roaring trade in divorce celebration cakes

Some come decorated with warring couples made out of icing.

One depicts a wife desperately clinging on to a tier while her husband kicks it away. A caption penned in icing reads ‘Free at last’.

Another design shows a bride on top of a three-storey cake pushing the man off, while a third has a wife plunging a knife into her husband’s back with a pool of red-icing blood at his feet.

The icing on the cake: Miss Millar's quirky designs are based on traditional wedding cakes

The maker of the cakes, priced from £60 to £800, said they are designed to encourage a positive attitude to a failed marriage.

Fay Millar, 31, a mother of two from Brighton, said: ‘Some people might consider it crass and insensitive while others may view it as a fitting end to a period in their lives - as well as a chance to have a good party.

‘I like to introduce humour rather than something too sober or vindictive so I use lots of figurines interacting with each other.

'Divorce can be a horrible thing but I would like to think comical divorce cakes can help lighten the mood a little.'

Cake maker Fay from Brighton said she 'likes to introduce humour'

Till death do us party: An edible groom figurine kicks his bride off the cake

The owner of Pink Rose Cakes added that divorce parties are catching on in the UK after gaining popularity in the U.S.

‘I think people are definitely coming round to the idea of shouting to the world that they are back on the market.’

Glamour model Katie Price recently held such an occasion after her marriage to Pete Andre ended earlier this year.

Miss Millar added: 'I think it used to be taboo to have such a thing as a divorce cake because it is not traditionally viewed as an event to celebrate.

'However, with people like Katie Price throwing divorce parties I think people are definitely coming round to the idea of celebrating the end of a relationship and shouting to the world they are back on the market.'

Feud glorious feud: Parting shots to mark the end of a marriage

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