'I don’t think he’s dead': The moment Shining star Shelley Duvall tells Dr Phil she believes Robin Williams is still alive as a 'shapeshifter' as she reveals her struggle with mental illness

  • Duvall's illness has long been rumored, but has only now been confirmed
  • In excerpts from Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, she reveals her sad delusions
  • She believes Robin Williams lives, and visits her in different forms
  • Williams starred alongside Duvall in 1980 movie 'Popeye' 
  • And she's scared that police and taxi drivers will hurt her at night 
  • Her illness, and how she can be helped, will be revealed on Friday's show  

She's best known as the terrified wife of Jack Nicholson's psychopathic caretaker in 'The Shining' - but today Shelley Duvall lives with a different kind of fear.

In these scenes from Friday's edition of Dr. Phil, the reclusive 67-year-old actress reveals the heartbreaking truth about how she sees the world.

That includes the belief that night workers want to hurt her, and that Robin Williams is a shapeshifter who has visited her since his death. 

Iconic actress: Shelley Duvall, almost unrecognizable from her appearance in 'The Shining' (pictured), reveals her struggle with mental illness on Friday's edition of Dr. Phil

Heartbreaking: Reclusive former actress Duvall believes that her 'Popeye' co-star Robin Williams lives on as a shapeshifter - and that he's visited her in several forms

While her mental illness was once the source of gossipy fodder for the National Enquirer, this is the first time the world has seen the 67-year-old in over a decade.

Duvall is clearly troubled, and seems to live a fearful life, reportedly living as a recluse in the town of Blanco, Texas, since her retirement in 2002.

But when Dr. Phil asks about Robin Williams - who she starred alongside, as Olive Oyl, in 1980's 'Popeye' - her face lights up. 

'I had a great time on Popeye. Robin' - she chuckes - 'I loved Robin. He was so much fun to work with. He came up with the best jokes outta nowhere, like off camera.'

Tragic: Duvall also told Dr. Phil that people were trying to hurt her at night - particularly bank security, off-duty police and taxi drivers. Her reason for displaying the pen was not clear

Struggling: Dr. Phil was visibly concerned as Duvall relayed her thoughts to him. Duvall disappeared from the public eye in 2000, and lives a reclusive life in Blanco, Texas

But when Dr. Phil says how sad he was to hear of Williams's death, Duvall says she doesn't believe he's dead. 

'What do you think happened?' asks Dr. Phil.

'Well beetles escapes,' she replies, her thoughts and speech clearly disorganized. 'I don’t know, stones escapes.' She gives a weary half-laugh.

'Where do you think he is?' the doctor asks.

'Shapeshifting,' she replies, with a little chuckle. 'He looks real good in some forms and in other forms he doesn’t.' 

'Do you see him?' Dr. Phil enquires. 'Half, yes,' Duvall replies. 

Help: Dr. Phil promised he is there to help Duvall - and his presence certainly seemed to comfort her. The nature of her illness, and how he can help, will be revealed on Friday's show

Dr. Phil asks how she's feeling physically, and her response is startling: 'Well, you know, damned if I do, damned if I don’t. 

'I mean, if I say I’m healthy, first thing they’ll do is hurt me tonight.'

The doctor asks who 'they' are, and she begins to ramble: 'Whoever is in the security... or at the bank...'

She pauses to pick up a black-and-white pen on a table, then holds it up mysteriously as she continues: 'Doing night work...'

With a conspiratorial look off-camera, she asks: 'Who’s doing off-duty police work - in black and white? Taxiing?'

'Well that’s what I want to help you with,' Dr. Phil says, 'because it sounds like you feel like you have some people that are trying to hurt you...'

'This is okay right now,' Duvall says, indicating the room. 'Good,' the TV host replies. 

Big role: Duvall played Olive Oyl in the 1980 film Popeye, opposite Robin Williams. In a lighter moment from the interview, she recalls how he would make her laugh on set

Friends: Duvall appears to believe she is still in contact will Williams, though she can only 'half' see him, because of his supernatural nature

It's not yet clear what mental illness the star is suffering from, but an earlier trailer for Friday's show does provide further insight into her fears.

'The man who is threatening me is the Sheriff of Nottingham,' she implores.

And pointing to her leg, the former Hollywood starlet also claims 'there's a whirring disc inside of me.'

In a moment of clarity Duvall looks at Dr. Phil and begs for help: 'I'm very sick, I need help.'

Dr. Phil replies: 'That's why I am here.'

Windows to the soul: Shelley (seen here left in 1970) was known for her doe eyes and waif figure in the late Seventies and Eighties but has been living as a recluse for over a decade. Robin Williams is pictured right in 1980

It has been 14 years since Duvall starred in a film, with National Enquirer reporting in 2009 that she was a recluse that believed aliens were living in her body.

The magazine went to Blanco, Texas, to collect stories from its 1,500 residents about the actress and insensitively titled the piece online as 'Shelley demented'.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a mental health issue and is in crisis, call US 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center. Or, to find support and resources, contact the National Institute of Mental Health Information Resources and Inquiries Branch on 301-443-4513. 

Sad struggle: Pointing to her leg, the former Hollywood starlet also claims 'there's a whirring disc inside of me'

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