'THIS is not okay': Emmy Rossum responds to anti-Semitic tweets from Trump supporters who use hashtag 'Sieg Heil'

Emmy Rossum has gone on the offensive against Trump supporters who have peppered her Twitter account with anti-Semitic messages.

The actress, 30, received a tweet from user @SpotEnemyBoats showing the main entrance to the Nazi's Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp with the Trump Tower logo above the gates. 

The caption read: 'This is in all of your ilk's future, you will all be seeing a train shortly. Hollywood days of subjugation is over! SEIG HEIL!'

The Shameless star responded: 'No matter WHO you voted for, I don't care, THIS is not okay.' 

Not okay: Emmy Rossum has been subjected to anti-Semitic attacks via Twitter that included this picture of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp with the Trump Tower logo on it

Emmy, who supported Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency, also revealed she's been sent an 'awful train pic' which was later deleted.

She tweeted: 'Telling anyone to "get ready for the trains" in reference to WWII is disgusting & offensive.Reporting you to twitter is not enough.Back off.' 

Emmy continued: 'This doesn't scare me. It doesn't cause me nightmares.'

'I find it sad to recognize that this kind of vicious underbelly was there all along.'

 Twitter has since suspended the @SpotEnemyBoats account.

The star of Showtime's Shameless responded with a series of tweets expressing sadness at the hate messages and describing references to the Nazi extermination of the Jews 'disgusting'

After the election last week, the pretty brunette who found fame as Christine in the movie version of the musical The Phantom Of The Opera, expressed her feelings about the president-elect's rhetoric.

'It’s hard to understand how so many people saw something so differently than you did. It feels personal to so many,' she tweeted. 

'I am a woman. I am Jewish. I am marrying an Arab American. My sister in law is handicapped. I’m a victim of sexual violence. It’s personal. We are in this together.'

Emmy is engaged to Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, an Egyptian-American screenwriter, producer and director.

Speaking out: Emmy, 30, supported Hillary Clinton's bid for the presidency and is engaged to Arab-American screenwriter and producer Sam Esmail, creator of hit show Mr. Robot

Actor Christian Slater, who stars in Mr. Robot, was among those who tweeted support for Emmy. 

'This is unacceptable, sickening, un-American behavior. Sorry that you are dealing with this @emmyrossum. #denouncehate.'

The Young Pope and Man In The High Castle star Sebastian Roche tweeted: 'Don't worry we are here to support you @emmyrossum and others against these low,pathetic creatures. #notok'

Supportive: Actor Christian Slater, who stars in Mr. Robot, came to Emmy's defense with a tweet denouncing the Twitter trolls and expressing support for the actress

Empathy: The Young Pope and Man In The High Castle star Sebastian Roche also tweeted his support

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