'Shut up old lady': Tamra Judge barks at Vicki Gunvalson as third and final RHOC reunion episode concludes

The Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion ended with a bang on Monday night with Tamra Judge barking 'shut up old lady' at Vicki Gunvalson.

Shannon Beador also stormed out in tears over rumours that Vicki spread accusing her husband David of beating her.

Tamra meanwhile was incensed that Vicki had suggested her husband is gay.

Strong point: Tamra Judge told Vicki Gunvalson to shut up during the third and final episode on Monday of The Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion

Shannon denied that David had ever hit her, but said she once fell over while they were arguing.

'In 2003 I called the police because we had an argument,' admitted Shannon, 52.

Adding: 'There was nothing physical, we had a verbal argument, I wanted the argument to end'.

Vicki claimed to have 'proof' about David's alleged violent tendencies.

Claimed proof: Vicki claimed to have proof that Shannon Beador was abused by her husband David

'What you're doing is so pathetic,' said Shannon, recounting 'the darkest place in her marriage' – a night when she got blackout drunk and fell over.

'It was right after I found out about David's affair,' she sobbed.

'You're despicable, I will never, ever speak to you again,' she screamed at Vicki.

In the middle: Andy Cohen hosted the RHOC reunion show

'I would never stay in a marriage if I was being beat up,' she continued.

'You are hurting my family,' Shannon bawled, before running out of the room.

'These women are so cruel,' she blubbered to Tamra, who had followed her outside.

Stormed out: Shannon stormed out of the show in tear as Tamra followed her

Showing support: Tamra encouraged Shannon to get back out there

'Spousal abuse is a very serious allegation,' Shannon told Vicki, after she'd calmed down a notch.

Heather Dubrow also screamed at Vicki, demanding that she kiss 'Shannon's a**' and 'beg for forgiveness'.

'She made me out like a con woman and a liar and I didn't lie, and I didn't go on a cancer scam and I'm tired of it,' growled Vicki, 54.

Not happy: Heather Dubrow yelled at Vicki for spreading rumours about Shannon

On the defense: Vicki growled about being called a con woman last season

Kelly Dodd sided with Shannon.

'She did it to herself,' she said, referring to the bruises Shannon had from falling over while drunk that night in 2003.

To aggravate tensions further Vicki said she still isn't sure if Tamra's husband Eddie is gay.

Sticking together: Kelly Dodd and Vicki presented a mostly united front

'How would I know?' she shrugged.

'Will you shut up old lady,' barked Tamra, 49.

'Stop spreading rumours about people,' scowled the fitness fanatic.

Gay rumours: Vicki also was accused of spreading rumours that Tamra's husband is gay

Kelly said that Heather had been condescending to her all season.

'Not now, not now that the whole world hates you,' she fumed.

'It's statements like that, that make you unlikeable,' said Heather.

Good one: Heather told Kelly that she made unlikeable statements

Kelly did apologise for baiting Tamra about her estranged daughter.

'I didn't mean to hurt you,' she regretted.

The show had opened with a dissection of the buggy accident that happened on the Imperial Sand Dunes in Glamis, California.

Bad accident: Tamra was behind the wheel of the accident in Glamis

Vicki was left injured after the crash, but no one visited her in hospital.

Meghan King Edmonds had doubted that Vicki was really hurt, saying 'all she's done is lie, lie lie'.

The former model also insinuated that Heather had played 'the morality police' on the incident.

Morality police: Meghan King Edmonds insinuated that Heather was the 'morality police'

'It was TV Heather, it didn't sound like you,' she shrugged.

Adding: 'Vicki exaggerates and makes stuff up'.

Tamra piped up by saying that Vicki's own daughter, Briana Culberson, had accused her of faking her injuries.

'She said to me 'my mom is over dramatizing everything, as soon as the cameras go down she takes her neck brace off and she runs around the house and drinks wine',' she squawked.

Faking injuries: Heather, Tamra and Shannon talked about Vicki faking her injuries

'I did drink a lot of wine,' admitted Vicki, who said she had played down her injuries so as not to worry her daughter.

Shannon called Vicki 'so bossy' but Vicki said she'd 'drive all day' if Shannon was ever in hospital.

The post mortem of the women's protracted catfight in Ireland grew equally acrimonious.

Ireland trip: Kelly was at the center of the Ireland trip drama

'I felt like Kelly was baited,' said Meghan, 32, who was pregnant with her first child.

Shannon insisted that she was not deliberately trying to get Kelly drunk on the trip.

'I never singled Kelly out,' she protested.

'It was 100 percent a set up,' Kelly retorted, calling 'lies' when Shannon said there was 'no ill intent'.

The reunion episode with the housewives and Andy doing a shot with the exception of pregnant Meghan. 

Drink up: The reunion ended with everyone at least getting together for a toast

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