From a decaying psychiatric ward to a neglected castle: The haunting beauty of Italy’s

Reportage photographer Eleonora Costi's spellbinding photo series of abandoned places across Italy includes a vandalised church (bottom right), a debris-strewn nightclub, a decadent villa frozen in time (main), opulent neglected castles, a crumbling former psychiatric hospital (bottom left) and a home suddenly ripped open by an earthquake (top right).

Rocked in Gibraltar! Extraordinary footage shows passenger plane being tipped violently

Extraordinary footage has emerged of a Monarch aircraft pitching and tipping dramatically as it comes into land at Gibraltar airport. The clip, uploaded to the internet on Monday, shows the aircraft approaching at a steady angle – then violently rocking as it comes closer to the runway. The aircraft then tips forward violently as heavy gusts batter it. With just 30 feet or so separating the aircraft from the runway the plane suddenly tips sideways, but the pilot quickly straightens it out and makes a safe landing.

From Bell End in England to Middelfart in Denmark, the world is littered with rude, lewd and innuendo-laden place names which have now been plotted on a global map.

The resort in the French Alps was given the gong at the World Ski Awards. It said Val Thorens had the best skiing and atmosphere, a breath-taking natural environment and a pioneering spirit.

World's cruelest dining experiences revealed

US restaurants have started to serve live animals like octopus, which joins a long list of cruel food practices such as drowned bird and boiled rat. Here are some of the worst offenders globally. Pictured clockwise from top left: Newborn rodents dipped in boiling oil and eaten live, an octopus dismembered in a restaurant, a live fish on a plate, a diner chooses a live fish to eat from a bucket, frog sashimi and the ortolan, which is drowned in brandy.

The crossing between Southampton and Boston would take up to 10 days. The firm behind the scheme says the project - using catamarans - will be an environmentally friendly alternative to air travel.

A new book, titled 'Hello, Is This Planet Earth?', reveals more than 150 incredible image taken by Chichester-born astronaut Tim Peake during his historic mission to space.

You're going to need a bigger bucket and spade! The monster 1,500ft-tall sand dune called

The Chilean port city of Iquique is bordered on one side by an enormous 2.5 mile-long sand dune, known as 'The Dragon'. It is the largest urban sand dune in the world. From its peak, the dune slowly edges down into a Pacific Ocean beach. Its unique geographical location makes it the largest urban sand dune in the world.

This colour-changing octopus is a master of disguise, and when it doesn't want to be seen it blends perfectly into the background.

Conspiracy theorists have posted a video on YouTube, in which they claim that US Secretary of State, John Kerry, visited Antarctica last week to visit an 'alien base' within the pyramid.

Breathtaking Banff, cinematic Kauai and serene Finland: Incredible pictures of the 21

National Geographic Traveler has released its 2017 list of the hottest cities and the best places to visit for nature and culture in the world. Canada’s epic wilderness, Hawaii’s Jurassic World splendour and Finland’s unspoiled beauty have been highlighted among 21 of the top destinations to explore next year. Pictured clockwise from top left: Via Dinarica, Western Balkans, Banff, Canada, Hamburg, Germany, Mexico's Baja California and inset, Switzerland’s Canton Uri.

Feel like royalty on the ultra-luxurious private island of Jumby Bay loved by Bieber and billionaires, writes MailOnline's Lisa Potter.

The Mail on Sunday's Diana Preston kicked off in Moorea and headed to Tahiti’s Leeward Islands, where she plunged underwater wearing a special air helmet and rode an aquabike.

ANOTHER leap of faith! Daredevil posts footage of his latest heart-stopping jump into a hotel pool

A thrillseeker has captured the terrifying moment he and a friend clambered over a hotel railing to scale a rooftop and leap into the swimming pool below. The mysterious jumper, who goes by the name of 8Booth frequently posts videos of his shocking stunts online and has a reputation for sparking panic among onlookers. His latest video, named ‘Pool drop 5’, was shot at a hotel in Mexico.

Chef Alfred Portale creates the first class dishes on Singapore Airlines. He says dry air in plane cabins dulls the tastebuds, so advises using extra salt and pepper and choosing bitter or sour meals.

Scored by cultural highlights, nightlife, happiness ratings and number of attractions, the UK’s 40 most entertaining cities have been revealed with Oxford topping the list and London coming 24th.

Inside the airport of 2040 where there are NO security queues thanks to super-fast

The miserable experience of fumbling for lost boarding passes and endless queueing at airports could finally be a thing of the past, as airports of the future will feature biometric tickets, virtual assistants (top right) and fast molecular security scanners (main). Designs for how airports could look in 25 years have been revealed, including descriptions of what passengers' experiences will be like using technology that is already being trialled and developed. The research shows how check-in - a major source of queues and frustration for travellers - will become an automated doddle by 2040.

The stretch of road  between Alberquerqe and Tjeras has rumble strips and when the wheels hit the strips, they cause a vibration that are heard as a rumbling melody through the body of the car.

The 656 foot diameter complex consists of around 3,000 feet of ditches. It was discovered in a village called Larkhill in Wiltshire, just 1.5 miles (2.4 km) north east of the famous site.

On a wing and a scare: The terrifying moment Storm Angus violently rocks an Emirates A380 and forces it to land SIDEWAYS 

The gigantic Emirates aircraft – the world’s biggest passenger plane – was filmed approaching the runway sideways at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. It can be seen moving sideways into the wind as part of a special 'crab' landing technique. A crosswind or 'crab' landing sees an aircraft drifting laterally as it approaches the runway in order to track the runway centerline, thereby enabling the pilot to safely bring the plane to the ground.

They hang along the façade, on the roof, in the garden and cover a hill at the back. The shop, in France, is festooned with the items to the extent that it was renamed The Watering Can.

Scientists at Copenhagen University analysed around 30 litres of seawater from where the animals seasonally gather to feed off the coast of Qatar in the Arabian Gulf.

'I was paralysed with fear': Novice diver - with a phobia of the sea - has a VERY close

MailOnline Travel's Sadie Whitelocks ventured to Guadalupe Island in Mexico to dive with great white sharks and ended up coming within inches of one specimen's razor sharp teeth in the spot where a YouTube shark video recently captured a great white thrashing around inside a dive cage. The six-day trip had the aim of showing the world’s most feared creatures in a different light.

Travellers shared their worst experiences of food abroad, with Britain, Nicaragua and Jamaica all shamed. Nepal and Mongolia were said to lack vegetables and the UK short on flavours.

Vahana, Airbus's flying taxi project, is set to launch by 2020 and in order to iron out any risks, the firm has awarded SOAR Oregon and MTSI the Flight Test and Range contract to conducting tests.

Praying, turning the engine off by accident and letting KIDS play with the controls: The

Pictured, top left, wreckage from the TransAsia Airways Flight 235 which crashed into Taiwan's Keelung River in 2015 after the pilot switched off the wrong engine; top right, the remains of Air Florida Flight 90 which crashed into the Potomac River in Washington because the pilots failed to properly de-ice the plane; bottom right, wreckage from the 1977 collision between two Boeing 747s at Tenerife Airport, the result of miscommunication with Air Traffic Control; bottom left, the site of Airblue Flight 202's crash in Pakistan in 2010, after which the pilot was blamed for his 'harsh' treatment pf his co-pilot; and, inset, in 1994, Aeroflot Flight 593 from Moscow to Hong Kong crashed over Siberia after the relief pilot's children took the controls, centre (stock image).

A national survey by a hospital in Florida revealed that a quarter of vacations involve a trip to an emergency unit. Doctors said that many patients are simply not prepared for the situation.

As this handy infographic displays, Finland's Oulanka National Park straddles the Russian border and hosts impressive waterfalls, while Croatia's Plitvice lakes are not to be missed.

Enda O Flaherty's eerie photos of Ireland's abandoned schools reveal rotting desks,

Photographer Enda O Flaherty, based in Ireland's Cork, has spent almost every weekend for the past year exploring the empty ruins of tiny 19th and early 20th century school houses across Ireland. Pictured, clockwise from top left - a cross-embossed book cover at the Gortahose school in Leitrim; a derelict classroom at Mastergeehy school in Kerry; cubicles at Drumlish National School in Longford; a surviving blackboard at Latton National School in Monaghan; and (inset) doodles on the wall of Drumlish, which was founded in 1930.

The Mail on Sunday's Shane Watson stayed in Austria's Solden resort at the five-star Das Central hotel, and found peace at the nearby Aqua Dome spa, which boasts steaming outdoor pools.

The Archers star Tim Bentinck tried his hand at horseback archery - a skill employed by Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire - at the Centre of Horseback Combat in Hertfordshire.

There was 'not an ounce of Christmas cheer' at the Bakewell event. People paid £13 for a ticket and parking but called it 'a shambles'. Some waited hours to see Santa whose grotto had not been built.

The Mail on Sunday's Caroline Hendrie cruised the Mediterranean aboard the lavish Regent Seven Seas Explorer, sailing from Barcelona to Monte Carlo in a balcony suite.

Great Continental Railway Journeys presenter Michael Portillo reveals Egypt's most enthralling destinations, from Cairo and the Pyramids to the temples of Luxor and Karnak.

The Daily Mail's Tony Rennell took a history-driven cruise aboard the Aegean Odyssey, a small ship which took passengers through Spain, France and then down to Italy.

Macdonald has opened its first resort in Portugal - and it's a slice of luxury with five-star suites, an Instagram-worthy outdoor pool and stunning views of the Monchique mountain range and Portmiao.

The Mail on Sunday's travel editor Frank Barrett delivers his opinion on Travelex's new Supercard, which doesn't charge bank roaming fees abroad.

The Daily Mail's Mark Palmer has high praise for Sierra Nevada, a Spanish mountain range which boasts good skiing and plays host to the charming El Lodge boutique hotel.

Hotel Hubertus' swimming pool juts out 40 feet above the ground and has a glass bottom

Overlooking the Dolomites, this terrifying infinity pool is suspended 40 feet above the ground (top right) and has a glass window to give brave bathers the sensation of swimming through the sky (left). The dramatic 82 feet long pool is part of a new extension at Hotel Hubertus, a wellness resort for skiers and hikers in South Tyrol, Italy.

The Daily Mail's Charlotte Pearson Methven eschewed her vices for five days at the Yeotown retreat in Exmoor, Devon, which offers a clean-eating, exercise-fuelled detox retreat.

The Daily Mail's hotel inspector was impressed by the brilliant food at The Bell in Horndon-on-the-Hill, Essex, but underwhelmed by its grim and dusty accommodation.

The Daily Mail's Jane Shotliff was blown away by the idyllic beaches on Malaysia's Perhentian Islands, where she stayed at the cheap and basic Matahari Chalet on Long Beach.

The young Briton man who fractured both his ankles leaping from the balcony to escape a horrific hostel murder near Townsville, Queensland, earlier this year is facing deportation.

The world's most extreme sports revealed

'Skyaking', pictured top left, is just one of the extreme sports you can partake in around the world, and here MailOnline Travel reveals the rest - including bodyboarding down Swiss glaciers, top right, camping on the side of cliffs in Colorado, bottom right, ironing under the sea off the British coast, bottom left, and unicycling on mountains, inset.

A new map reveals how countries around the world sell themselves - from ‘Visit Armenia, it is beautiful', and 'Yes, it's Jordan', to more gimmicky catchphrases like 'Ukraine – It’s all about U'.

The poll ranked the UK's most and least friendly cities. Research revealed that only half of Brits know their neighbour's name and only 29% say hello to them. York (pictured) has the best community spirit.

The most exciting places for petrolheads from the Utah Salt Flats to Italian hairpins

A new infographic lists 17 locations from the US to China deemed essential to visit for petrolheads. It lists epic races including the Pikes Peak 'Race To The Clouds', which sees drivers hair up a 14,000ft mountain in the Rockies, and Le Mans in France, where teams race for a staggering 24 hours. Other mindblowing drives on public roads also make the cut, such as cruising the German autobahn system, which only has 'advisory' speed limits and the Guoliang Tunnel in China (bottom left), which weaves perilously in and out of a sheer rock face. There's also the Bonneville Salt Flats (top left), where more land speed records have been broken than anywhere else in the world. Also featured is the Stelvio Pass in Italy (top right) and the Nurburgring (bottom right). 

Stars Instagrammed their exotic travels in various locations in 2016 and the general public will be sure to follow suit in 2017. Madonna's birthday party took place in Havana and Beyonce went to Hawaii.

From Cock Wash in South Australia to Thong in Kent, a comedy website, World Wide Interweb, has revealed the 50 funniest place names in the world.

Swedish central bank Riksbank is exploring the idea of a 'digital currency' to accompany its Swedish kroner notes, which could ultimately save tourists a trip to the currency exchange desk.

'The decision-making processes that Captain Sullenberger went through that day [in New York] were the result of years of training and a thorough understanding of the aircraft,' a pilot said.

Stephen Robson, 52 , and his wife Susan, 42, from Lowestoft, Suffolk, fell ill at the Dreams Resort in the Dominican Republic in 2012, booked through First Choice - and blames its 'unhygienic' food handling.

Airbnb's new guided activities include things like surfing lessons or a cooking class led by a local chef, a pub crawl through a trendy nightclub district or even a truffle hunt in Tuscany.

London commuters taken to work in five-star style Belmond British Pullman service

The Pullman service arrived at Ashford International station in Kent at 7.24am and then took a leisurely 90minute route into London Victoria, through Maidstone East and Swanley, so that the lucky 180 passengers who got to board could enjoy the five-star service and luxury trappings of one of the UK’s most famous antique trains.

There's more to Wisconsin than supermarket cheddar, says the Daily Mail's David Jones. On his Midwestern road trip, he discovers that the blissfully relaxed state has some of the best beaches in America.

If going on holiday by yourself sounds daunting then Just You has the answer - group trips for single people without any hidden nasties - including a glorious sunshine trip around Florida.

Vegetarian journalist Rahul Raghuvanshi, based in Boston, shared a photo of his grim discovery on Wednesday, which allegedly occurred on an Air India flight from Hyerabad to Chicago.

Tourists have taken to a US-based forum to share the unexpected rudeness and friendliness they've encountered abroad. France and Russia were criticised while Canada and Iceland were praised.

Forget summer… it’s WINTER that the animal kingdom loves best judging by these adorable

As these photos demonstrate, so long as you've got a decent fur coat, the first snow brings with it endless fun, certainly in the case of this frolicking horse, top left, rolling panda in China, top right, lounging polar bear in the Arctic, bottom right, a baby elephant at England's Whipsnade Zoo, bottom left, and a highly enthusiastic canine, inset.

An infographic examines the distance airports are from their namesake cities. Paris Vatry is 91 miles from the centre, while Gibraltar airport is 1.4 miles away and is a seven-minute drive.

Angry holidaymakers have reported poor hygiene at swimming pools at the four-star First Choice Holiday Village Be Live resort in Tenerife where guests have caught a gastro illness.

Patrick Dykstra, an American wildlife photographer currently based in Dubai, was filming his underwater excursion in the Norwegian ocean when the near-miss occurred.

US News&World; Report evaluated 15 top cruise lines across six categories with winners including Crystal Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean.

Jennie Bond and her husband Jim combine their three loves of wildlife, trains and wine, on a 2,000-mile Australian adventure on board the luxurious Ghan train.

Known as Saigon until the end of the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh City contradicts its communist rule with its Aladdin's cave of street restaurants and shops, says John McEntee.

Mountain photographer Karol Nienartowicz and his wife took a 45-day honeymoon heading into the wilds of Norway and Sweden to create a spell-binding series of bridal photographs.

Leonardo DiCaprio bought Blackadore Caye in Belize  in 2005 for $1.75million. New drawings show resort homes taking inspiration from ancient Mayan ruins, with thatched roofs and dark wood exteriors.

Filming locations for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey revealed

For Harry Potter fans, top centre, a road trip across England and Wales stops at the home used for 4 Privet Drive; a Walking Dead focused drive, bottom left, will take you through America's Georgia, culminating in 'Alexandria', and a Downtown Abbey drive, bottom right, is mapped from Scotland to the base of England. Other examples include a Friends tour of New York, top left, an American west coast Star Trek drive, top right, and an Irish Game of Thrones road trip, bottom centre.

Research has revealed the UK's five fastest airports for travelling from the entrance to the gate with Birmingham Airport topping the chart. Edinburgh and Heathrow also rank highly.

Travelodge, one of the UK’s biggest independent hotel chains with 18million customers, quizzed its teams across the length and breadth of the country about strange questions they’d received.

Inside the movie set for a devastated World War II ghost town that's so realistic it’s

A crumbling pharmacy, rubble-strewn streets and the buckled shell of a burnt-out bar – this town’s scars of war are clear to see. But all is not what it seems. This shocking ghost town is in fact just a film set, created by Russian movie studio Mosfilm for any productions featuring the devastation of World War II. The dilapidated set is so spellbinding that it’s started to attract tourists eager to explore and photograph its deserted streets, including Dmitry Christoprudov , who has produced a haunting set of images.

After swimming in Iceland's Blue Lagoon, seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza and walking the Great Wall of China were the most coveted travel experiences for 18-to-25-year-olds.

Swedish train passenger performs an amazing acrobatic flip to move rows

An acrobatic Swedish man - 'freerunning artist' Marcus Soderberg - has shared footage in which he performs a daring flip from one set of seats to another on a moving train in Stockholm. Freerunning, a discipline otherwise known as 'parkour', is the art of using slick motions to get from one location to another. In the case of Mr Soderberg's manoeuvre - it was a brief top-step flip, which he captioned: 'If you quickly need to change seat. Use your head!'

Claimed to be the 'world's fastest civil aircraft ever made', the XB-1 Supersonic Demonstrator created by Denver-based boom is due to take off on its first test flight in late 2017.

Japanese town of Beppu has 3,000 volcanic spring vents 

The Japanese town of Beppu on the island of Kyushu is perpetually shrouded in steam thanks to thousands of hot spring vents that eject over 130,000 tons of scalding water on a daily basis. The cause of this riot of geothermal activity is Japan’s largest active volcano – the 5,200ft-tall Mount Aso, which rumbles away 60 miles to the south west of the town.

Good Morning Britain and Lorraine correspondent Ross King paid a visit to the ultra-exclusive Rocky Mountain town to bring MailOnline this insider account of one of the glitziest resorts on earth.

Ballyfin is a country house in County Laois, Ireland, with just 20 bedrooms. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West honeymooned there and guests often liken the experience to staying in Downton Abbey.

Inside the Icelandic Phallological Museum – home to a 5ft whale's penis

The Icelandic Phallological Museum is home to the world's largest collection of penises. It contains an eye-watering 286 specimens carefully collected from 93 different species of animals. Inside the museum's large illuminated rooms there are penises and penile parts of all shapes and sizes from a huge array of mammals, from whales to bears, seals to cats, and even mice. Preserved in formaldehyde inside a huge plexiglass case at the museum's entrance is the phallus of a sperm whale (left). It is 1.70 metres tall (5ft 6in) and weighs 75kg (165lbs).

The haunting aerial photographs that make the earth look like it's deserted

The images were taken by acclaimed Polish photographer Kacper Kowalski from 500 feet above the earth in a paraglider, during Poland's coldest days. Kowalski, 39, from Gdynia, turns everyday locations into perfectly composed yet abstract images. They are scenes in which human presence is felt but never actually seen. He said that 'for years, my work looked at the complicated relationship between civilization and nature' and that his new project, being showcased in an exhibition called Fade To White in New York's Curator Gallery, 'imagines a time when that struggle is over, when there are no more humans on Earth'.


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