Hollywood had seen nothing like it when Audrey Hepburn first burst on to the scene

A remarkable new book brings together rare and exclusive images of the iconic star who caused a sensation with her slender frame, petite bosom, short hair, prominent eyebrows and strong jawline in comedies such as Roman Holiday, Sabrina and Funny Face. Audrey Hepburn's gamine style established a new ideal of beauty, providing a look that was new and classic all at once, as her pixie haircut was recreated on women all over the world.

Collectively, the eight Harry Potter films took almost $8 billion at the global box office, and the Hollywood machine was never going to walk away from that sort of money-making potential...

Celebrated French trumpeter Maurice André loved to claim that the lung power required to play the trumpet as he did was sufficient to inflate a lorry tyre...

The task of the museum is to draw attention to good design, whether this means the chic, or the sort of well-designed objects that we all use every day without thinking about them.

At the posh, 'excellence-in-every-sense' prep school where School Of Rock is set, the children are taught to be seen but not heard. That is until wannabe rock star Dewey pretends to be a teacher.

When they first emerged, The Cure were a post-punk trio from Crawley, near Gatwick, whose first album peaked at No 44. You would have got long odds...

It's either a very brave or very drunk man who tackles Sinatra. 'I'll have a go at anything,' declares Bradley Walsh, an old-fashioned entertainment all-rounder by his own admission...

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Festive 20

From the heartwarming to the haunting and profound, here is your round up of the must-see shows on offer this Christmas.

Claire Goose already had an impressive CV before she was approached to play the lead in the daytime series The Coroner. Now, the show is spearheading a new wave of quality daytime dramas.

Roka is not an everyday sort of place (unless you made your billions at the end of the Nineties, from various Russian metals).

How can you fool your friends into thinking you have James Bond's cellar - but on a Premium Bond budget? Here's a few insider tips for you to track down wines for under a tenner.

She punched the boy who inspired her first hit, detested the father who deserted her and turned childhood trauma and teenage heartbreak into her signature tunes. The new Adele biography...

David Oyelowo talks about the love story told in his new film, A United Kingdom. 'The thing that cut a swathe through all the politics and prejudice was their love.'

Chef and owner Ben Chapman has Far Eastern form. The Smoking Goat, his first Thai barbecue place, refuses to rub off any rough edges, and here at Kiln, flavours are more rowdy still.