'Stop crying and man up': Fans blast I'm a Celebrity's male stars as 'emotional wrecks' as they face hunger and camp rows 

When they signed up to take part in I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, stars might have hoped that venturing into the jungle would bring out their rugged, survival instincts.

But for many of the men in the current series of the hit reality TV show, being trapped in the wilderness seems to have had the opposite effect and put them in touch with their sensitive sides.

Footballer Wayne Bridge became the latest male celebrity to well up last night as he became emotional after winning a challenge on his son's 10th birthday.

Footballer Wayne Bridge breaks down in tears in the I'm A Celeb jungle as campmates help him to celebrate his son's 10th birthday

Martin Roberts broke down in tears earlier this week after a row with campmate Danny Baker

His teary moment followed a series of blubbery episodes by the celebrities competing to win the ITV competition.

Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts sat loudly weeping earlier this week after an argument with DJ Danny Baker.

Wayne Bridge also cried on the shoulder of actor Larry Lamb shortly after the show started as the pair spoke about about their families.

Emmerdale star Adam Thomas also wept after coming into contact with spiders during a challenge, and Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo shed tears as he spoke of feeling homesick.

Adam Thomas said he was a 'broken man' and 'a bit of a mess' after a spider challenge

Dancer Jordan Banjo also had an emotional moment as he told of his homesickness

The almost nightly tears and tantrums have received a sympathetic response among many viewers, who say they enjoy seeing the stars opening up.

Scarlett Pickles wrote: 'I live for seeing grown men cry on I'm a celeb.'

Christina Healey added: 'I love Martin so much and him crying is making us cry! He's such a cutie #ImACeleb'

And David Steedman posted: 'As Larry Lamb, my guru, says - boys do cry. #WayneBridge #ImACeleb'

But others say the contestants should 'man up' and suggested the emotions are merely crocodile tears to get viewers and campmates on their side.

The teary episodes have elicited a mixed reaction from viewers, with some hailing the celebrities' ease at showing their emotions, while others calling for them to 'man up'

Catherine Dalby tweeted of Martin Roberts' meltdown: 'Seriously, am I watching a grown man cry because Danny Baker (of all people) 'had a go' at him? Martin Roberts needs to grow up.'

Another website user added: 'Stop crying and man up. You spoke to Scarlett like she was some sort of prat. You get told & then you blub. #manupmartin'

And Jack Poynter posted: 'How many of those who think men should show emotion and cry are looking at Martin and thinking he's a wet lettuce for doing so?'

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