WWW Signal Scan

Function: Find and list homologies of published signal sequences with the input DNA sequence.
The analysis is done using the SIGSCAN Version 4.05 suite of programs developed by Dr. Dan Prestridge, Information on SIGSCAN is maintained at the Advanced Biosciences Computing Center, University of Minnesota.. This WWW Signal Scan is based on WEB version implemented by: Meena Sakharkar at Biocomputing Research and User Support Technology Group, National University of Singapore.

Signal Database source

Select signal classes to scan (at least one):
Mammal Bird Amphibian Prokaryote Virus (TRANSFAC only)
Insect Plant Other Eukaryotes Yeast (TFD only)

Display the Results: grouped by signal by sequence order mapped to sequence

Please enter or paste a Nucleic Acid sequence to analyze (most formats accepted):

Echo input sequence (generally recommended)

Credits: WWW implementation by Robin Hart & Rao Parasa

If you use this program in published research, please cite:

Prestridge, D.S. (1991) SIGNAL SCAN: A computer program that scans DNA sequences for eukaryotic transcriptional elements. CABIOS 7, 203-206.

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